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What Documents Should You Have Ready When Applying Abroad

Studying Abroad can be a life-changing experience. Here is a list of the various documents that you should have ready when applying for a study abroad program.
Application Form
A good application form is the first thing an admissions committee will see from you! Fill out all given fields in the online application form accordingly, giving accurate information
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Valid passport
A passport that is still valid at least six months after the date you want to return is required.
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(Statement of Purpose)
Sop will talk about your academic and professional knowledge, the reason for choosing a particular course, and the reason for wanting to apply to a particular institution.
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Academic transcripts
Academic transcripts, which resemble combined mark sheets and consist of your academic credentials and previous degrees.
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The LOR provides details about the applicant's academic experience and introduces the participants to both their achievements and unique working styles.
LOR (Letter of Recommendation)
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Standardized Test scores
It's important for international students to provide evidence of their English language skills. IELTS is the most widely used test for this; some universities may also accept TOEFL or PTE.
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Proof of financial resources
To prove your financial stability at the time of visa application, you will need to provide evidence of your bank balance.
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(Curriculum Vitae)

The CV is a highly useful document that allows you to highlight your qualifications, employment history, and achievements.
If you are planning on applying to study abroad, prepare these documents and get accepted into your dream university.
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