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What is a special needs education curriculum?

An individualized education program is provided to students with disabilities to help them reach their fullest potential and become independent and integrated into society.
Schools for special needs education cater to children with serious disabilities. These schools are divided into four phases, from kindergarten to high school.
Special needs education school
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  • Present new concepts and vocabulary
  • Guide students with the help of stories
  • Stregthen skills relating to the material through drills
  • Read aloud to students regularly
Strategies for reading skills
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  • Time should be allocated for writing
  • Expose students to a broad range of writing tasks
  • Let students form letters in wet sand.
  • Use colored directional cues
Strategies for writing
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  • Use manipulations such as buttons and beads.
  • Use visuals.
  • Try using tactile presentations.
  • Use color cues.
  • Provide a sample problem for each assignment.
Strategies for mathematics
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