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What is OPT and CPT in the USA?

International students can obtain CPT (Curricular Practical Training), OPT (Optional Practical Training), or on-campus employment authorization in order to work in the United States.
Non-STEM graduates may obtain up to 12 months of employment authorization and STEM graduates may receive an 24 months of OPT in addition to the initial 12-month period.
What is optional practical training (OPT)?
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An international student with F1 non-immigrant VISA status can participate in internships, co-ops, etc., until the employer is in a cooperative agreement with the school.
What is curricular practical training (CPT)?
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  • 2 passport-size photographs
  • I-765 (original)
  • Passport copy
  • I-94 printout
  • Copy of OPT recommendation and I-20
  • Copies of issued I-20s
  • Issued EAD cards' copies
  • F-1 visa stamp copy
Documents required for OPT
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  • CPT online workshop completion certificate
  • Academic recommendation
  • Training certificate from employer
  • I-20 present
  • copy Electronic form I-94 printout
Documents required for CPT
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