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What is the stay back period in Canada after Masters?

A post-study work permit allows international students to stay back in Canada after completing a course or program.
Students with 1-year study program, can stay back or settle in Canada for a one year period after the course completion.
Stay Back Options in Canada after Studies
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Student studying a program of two years, could stay back or settle in Canada for a period of 3 years.
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Post-study work allows students to remain in Canada for up to 3 years after they graduate from a Canadian post-secondary institution.
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Post-study work permits are not automatically granted to students with student visas; they need to apply within 180 days of completing their studies.
When should you apply to Post-study work permits?
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  • Either the student should graduate from a DLI (Designated Learning Institute) college or university.
  • Their respective institutes notify them they are eligible for a graduate degree.
Eligibility To
Stay Back in Canada
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