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What makes some Indian students quit studies after entering the UK?

A lot of students in the United Kingdom have been exchanging their student permits for skilled worker visas, and are choosing to end their education soon after they've arrived in the country.
What is the reason behind visa conversion?
Shortage of workers in multiple sectors in the United Kingdom leads to plenty of employment openings and numerous Indian students who meet the requirements are eligible.
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How many students are converting their student visas to skilled worker visas?
Currently, around 10% of students have converted their visas to become skilled workers and are engaged in regular employment.
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Is this legal?
The UK is looking for workers with specialized proficiencies, and if any student meets those criteria, they can change their visas as they lawfully migrated to the UK.
Will this benefit students?
A number of students aspire to work in the UK instead of pursuing their studies and if their visas can be changed, they are not obligated to finish the program.
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