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What special activities are in Canada?

Are you thinking which activities you can do in Canada? Check out top activities now!!
Vancouver's coast is home to orcas, whales, and dolphins. You may catch a glimpse of them from the shore, or take a wildlife tour to see them up close.
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You don't have to travel 350 km from Vancouver to the Okanagan Valley to enjoy a nice glass of wine; another worthwhile wine region near Vancouver is the Fraser River Valley.
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There is no better place to see nature than Canada, and you can see it while kayaking or biking! Being active while taking in the sights is the perfect experience.
Cycling and kayaking
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Sightseeing flights
Take an aerial view of Canada's west coast on a seaplane. Seeing these aircraft up close is an experience in itself.
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Want to study in Canada as an international student? Check it out!
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