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What to do if a Study Visa is Rejected?

Proper preparation is required to obtain a student visa, as there are many reasons that can cause your visa to be rejected. And the good news is you can always reapply for a visa if your application has been denied for some reason.
Do countries reject student visas?
Yes, as even pro-immigration countries such as Canada have rejected student visas in the past. Thus, there are various reasons why a student visa might be rejected.
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How to reapply for a visa?
There are three steps involved that you must consider before reapplying.
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  • Common Reasons behind Visa Rejection
  • Lack of sufficient funds
  • Incorrect or false documents
  • Not told interviewer that you will return to India after study
  • Misbehavior during the visa interview
Understand the reason of rejection
Finding the reason for the previous rejection and then finding a solution for it should be your second step.
Overcome the Problem
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  • Visa reapplication can be done in two ways:
  • Apply to same country I
  • f you have multiple rejection in a same country, look for other country
Re-apply for Student Visa
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