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Where Can You Study Abroad for Free?

Nothing is better than getting a high-quality education at zero or negligible cost to ease the financial burden. All you need to consider is the cost of living abroad.
If you plan to pursue bachelor's or master's courses, you must pay the tuition fee, but Ph.D. courses are free.
Germany is known for quality education, and if you apply to public universities, you will not be charged any tuition fees.
International students in highly ranked and leading universities do not need to pay tuition fees.
France is a top choice among international choices as most institutions offer free education.
The Czech Republic offers free education to students who know the Czech language, and students who want to study in English need to give a nominal tuition fee.
The Czech Republic
It is one of the best countries with free education but with a few conditions. Programs in Finnish and Swedish are taught with zero tuition fees in public universities but to study in English, you need to pay a nominal tuition fee.
Education is not free but reasonable as the education the country offers, lifestyles, and other attractions.
  • Universitat Hamburg: Germany
  • Tampere University: Finland
  • Nord University: Norway
  • Free University of Berlin: Germany
  • Humboldt University of Berlin: Germany
Top 5 Universities Offering Free Education
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