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Which course has the highest salary abroad?

There are a variety of courses offered abroad, some of which help graduates land lucrative job offers once they finish their studies.
Graduates of this program can find work as Mechanical Engineers and can earn between $83,590 and $85,880 per annum after graduation.
Mechanical Engineering
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Civil Engineers projects include from designing to supervision, and operations to maintenance. Graduates can earn an average annual salary of $62,498 to $82,220, maybe more, varying among countries.
Civil Engineering
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Actuarial Science uses advanced statistics and modeling software to assess risks in insurance and finance. Professionals, across the globe, can earn a median salary between $84 575 - $97,070.
Actuarial Science
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A Biomedical Engineering degree combines the disciplines of biology and engineering. Professional can earn an average annual salary of $56,590 to $149,440.
Biomedical Engineering
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Computer Network Engineering relates to planning, designing, and implementing computer and information networks. Graduates may earn an average annual salary of $75817 - $100,240, depending on the country of employment.
Computer Network Engineering
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