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Which diploma course is best after BCom in Canada?

The demand for diploma courses in the commerce stream continues to be high around the world. The cost of a diploma in Canada is relatively low
Diploma in Commerce and Business Administration
• Career opportunities
• Administrative officers
• Executive Assistants
• Administrative clerks
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Diploma - E-Commerce and Business Administration
Possible career opportunities:
• Digital marketing manager
• Social media manager
• Advertising Consultant
• Marketing Coordinator
• E-Commerce consultant
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Diploma in Business
Possible career opportunities: 
• Administrative Assistant 
• Entrepreneur
• Merchandiser
• Marketing Assistant
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Diploma in Global Supply Chain Management
Possible career opportunities: 
• Demand Forecasting Lead 
• Distribution Logistics Analyst
• Inventory Control Analyst
• Inventory Manager
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Diploma in Accounting and Payroll
Possible career opportunities: 
• Payroll administrator
• Payroll accountant
• Small business accountant
 Office manager
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