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Who is eligible for an M1 visa?

A degree or diploma-granting institution or university in the United States where international students can study if they have an M1 visa.
A M1 Visa is granted to international students who want to study at a post-secondary institution, a private elementary school, or a high school in the United States.
What is an M1 visa?
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Difference between an M1 and J1 Visa
Students with an M1 visa can study degree, or diploma courses. A J1 visa is for cultural exchange programs participants sponsored by Institutions, nonprofits, etc.
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Difference between an M1 and F1 student Visa
The F1 Visa is a student visa for foreign nationals to participate in vocational training in the U.S., while the M1 student visa for degree/diploma programs.
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- Acceptance to an SEVP-approved   school.
- TOEFL test scores.
- Strong ties to home country.
- Ability to pay for education and be   able to financially support   themselves.
Who is eligible for an M1 Visa?
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