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New York Film Academy New York Campus


New York

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About New York Film Academy New York Campus

The New York Film Academy was founded by veteran producer Jerry Sherlock in 1992, who produced such classics as "The Hunt for the Red October". Encouraged by friends of his who wanted to send their children to film school, but found the prices too costly, Sherlock designed a school that was not only affordable but more importantly, was founded on the principle of learning by doing.

Inspired by the idea that to learn how to make movies, one must actually make movies, Sherlock and his colleagues designed a truly unique curriculum. Blending a mixture of traditional film school instruction with a new approach, the Academy emphasizes coursework based around students actually going out and shooting films as part of their coursework. Students write, produce, direct, and edit their own original films while also serving as crewmembers on their fellow classmates’ films to gain extensive on-set experience.

This commitment to learning by doing applies to all of the programs the Academy now offers, with students working with industry standard equipment in world-class facilities. At the Academy, students can choose from a wide range of visual and performing arts programs that includes Filmmaking, Acting for Film, 3D Animation & Visual Effects, Broadcast Journalism, Cinematography, Digital Editing, Documentary Filmmaking, Game Design, Graphic Design, Musical Theatre, Photography, Producing, and Screenwriting.

The New York Film Academy is expanding its curriculum as well as its global presence, with five established campuses and many destination programs worldwide. At NYFA campuses in New York City, Los Angeles and South Beach, Miami, campuses students can earn their degree, while at NYFA Gold Coast, Australia, students can immerse themselves in long- and short-term conservatory programs and workshops.

NYFA New York City Campus
By volume alone, New York is indisputably the greatest center of independent film production in the world. The city is the iconic location for thousands of great films like The Godfather, West Side Story, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and acclaimed television series like Law & Order, Mad Men, Girls, and 30 Rock. Like so many other filmmakers, novelists, and playwrights, our students find that New York helps shape their artistic vision. The city is not only a setting for their stories, but also an active element in the lives of their characters. All told, New York City--dynamic, diverse, and always alive--is the perfect training ground for filmmaking and the related arts. The city will challenge and stimulate you on every shoot, every step of the way.

Our New York campus overlooks the Statue of Liberty at the southern tip of Manhattan, in the historic Financial District. A short walk north takes you into Tribeca, Chinatown, the Lower East Side, Greenwich Village, Tribeca, Little Italy, or SoHo. Harlem, or Coney Island, Central Park, and the Brooklyn Bridge are all a short train ride away. Our extensive facilities provide a haven from the hustle and bustle, and at the same time, give you a springboard from which to dive straight into the thick of the city's life.

New York Film Academy New York Campus Accomodation

Our New York Housing Coordinator assists students in finding safe and convenient accommodations in New York City.

Student Residence
For students who would like to live in a dormitory type facility, the New York Film Academy offers double room accommodations and a very limited number of single rooms. Room amenities include private bathroom, refrigerator, microwave, WiFi, cable television, room to study, and plenty of storage. These accommodations are a brief subway ride to the NYFA campus. Student resident housing fees are based on the length of their program, and average approximately $1800 a month per person. Please be aware that a refundable deposit is required to reserve a bed at the residence. Daily tours are given at the residence seven days a week. Please contact [email protected] for more housing and tour information.

Apartment Living
Our Housing Coordinator can assist students in finding other housing options such as a furnished shared apartment. The average cost for a furnished shared apartment in the New York City area generally range from $1000 - $2500/month per person. Furnished studio apartments can start at $2200/month. It is possible to find less expensive options at a longer commute from our campus. Students interested in apartment stays should plan to arrive a week or two early to visit places in person.

New York Film Academy New York Campus Services & Facilities

Students work with industry-standard equipment in world-class facilities as part of the learning experience at the academy. Students of all levels can address their long and short-term academic needs in a supportive and comfortable setting through the Academic Support Center at NYFA-LA, which provides learning support services and referrals. Individual tutoring in most academic topics, including English as a second language, as well as skill-specific coaching to assist students to establish and improve their study habits and writing techniques, is given on a regular basis.

The campus film library is a vital resource of the Academic Support Center. It is designed to provide students with access to independent study and guided research and improve their understanding of the art and history of visual storytelling. Students' instructional needs are met by the library, which provides a multi-media environment in which any student can participate in independent study in order to improve students' grasp of filmmaking and the fine arts, and hence the quality of their work.

New York Film Academy New York Campus Notable Alumni

Shaquille O'Neal (basketball player and actor), Gauri Shinde (Director), Hannah Quinlivan (Actress and Model), Kangana Ranaut (Actress), Luv Ranjan (Producer/Screenwriter/Director), Rekha Rana (Actress), Sharad Malhotra (Actor), Shirley Setia (Singer/Actress), Tushar Tyagi (Director), Kushal Tandon (model and actor), Athiya Shetty (actress), Imran Khan (actor), Rob Margolies (writer and director), Alanna Masterson (actress), Trevor Matthews (producer and actor) are among the popular personalities who graduated from the New York Film Academy.

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The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Program in Filmmaking employs a total immersion approach to the subject, where students develop a powerful arsenal of skills in directing, screenwriting, cinematography, editing, and producing. Students work in all formats from 16mm and HD to 35mm and RED Dragon as they write, direct, shoot, and edit their own films. A strong grounding in the liberal arts and sciences serves to inform students' work and give them a well-rounded undergraduate education.

The New York Film Academy's Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking is unlike any other film school; it is an accelerated intensive degree program that can be completed in three years. One benefit of this is that students may begin internships or professional work a year earlier than they would in a standard bachelor's program, and of course save a year of tuition and expenses. It requires a rigorous schedule; students are in class or production for eleven months of the year. There are short breaks between each each of the three years, and a two week winter break during the holiday season.

A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA) is distinguished from a standard Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree by its in-depth study of and professional training in the arts. In the BFA, two thirds of the degree is devoted to study and practice in fine arts and one third to general liberal arts and sciences (that ratio would be reversed for an art major in a traditional BA program). The BFA student has opportunity for deep exploration and mastery of their art.

Our BFA in Filmmaking offers a well-rounded collegiate education in the Arts and Humanities and Social and Natural Sciences, with a comprehensive study of — and practice in — the art and craft of filmmaking. During the three years of study, each student will write, shoot, direct, and edit 12 film projects of increasing complexity. In addition, students will work in key crew positions on their classmates' films.

BFA Filmmaking graduates will complete the program with a solid academic foundation in the arts and sciences, and an in-depth understanding of film production. They will enter the field with critical thinking and research skills developed in their academic classes as well as essential knowledge from the study of literature, art history, psychology, and philosophy. This specialized degree will prepare them to pursue their own paths in film and related fields as

36 month


$ 29938


New York Film Academy’s three-year bachelor's degree in acting for film is for highly motivated students who would like to enter an intensive, hands-on professional course of study. By completing the bachelor's degree in three years, students can:

  • Save one year of expenses
  • Enter the field of their choice a year early

The Academy makes this accelerated schedule possible by creating an extended academic year, allowing students to complete three full-length semesters in each calendar year. Students may also choose to complete the program in a traditional four-year time frame.

The New York Film Academy (NYFA) Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Acting for Film is an eight-semester conservatory-based, full-time study program. The curriculum is designed to immerse gifted and energetic prospective actors in all aspects of acting as a discipline. The program provides a creative setting with which to challenge, inspire, and perfect the talents of its student body. Students follow an intensive curriculum and achieve multiple learning goals.

Our prescribed eight semester acting curriculum serves to address the following core competencies necessary for the completion of a BFA in acting:


    • Demonstrate the ability to create a fully articulated, believable performance in scenes exhibiting emotional depth which are appropriate for actors' physical type and age range in both stage and screen.
    • Provide critical analysis of the global standard of literature for film and theater, demonstrating an advanced understanding of the vocabulary, history and writing trends within the industry.
    • Acting BFA students demonstrate an understanding of and basic competency in technical film/video production skills and standards relevant to today's film and television industry.
    • Demonstrate technical mastery in the selection and execution of movement, gesture and vocal elements that reveal the subtext and intention of a character.
    • Demonstrate critical analysis by researching the industry for their own marketing niche and create a personalized business plan to meet their vocational objectives.
    • Evaluate the core training skills practiced and synthesize these into the formation of a unique artistic product (vision), allowing for continued growth within the industry.

Overall, the first six semesters of the program concentrate on developing the tools required to create a believable character, while the final two semesters refine these tools for use in film/video projects, preparing students for their careers in the entertainment industry.

36 month


$ 29252




Academic Counseling


Accomodation (On Campus)


Campus Security


Campus Shuttle


Career Support


Day Care Centers


Financial Assistance


Food & Dining Sevices



New York Film Academy New York Campus Admission Requirements

There are standard requirements which students must fulfill to apply to New York Film Academy:

  • The student should be at least 18 years old when beginning the course.
  • Students from non-English speaking countries must have taken a language proficiency test like PTE, IELTS, TOEFL, or other equivalent exams.
  • Students need to provide original transcripts (translated if the originals are not in English) from all academic institutions attended.




Minimum Age

18 years

Language Proficiency test

  • IELTS Academic Test

Documents Required

Class 10th and 12th Mark sheets and/or Transcripts, Passport, Statement of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation


Note: Since international students are considered on a case-by-case basis, there can be additional requirements at the time of applying for a program at the New York Campus of the New York Film Academy.



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Mike Tyler

What is it about New York Film Academy that makes it so popular?

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Arjuna Sethi

There are lots of reasons for this, including a fantastic location in an urban setting, high-tech and comfortable campuses, innovative programs, many major and minor combinations, and so on.

Pooja Khanna

Through its five colleges, it offers over 70 undergraduate and graduate programs in education, business, psychology, culinary arts, and hospitality management.

Mike Tyler

Thank you!!

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What Alumni is saying

Henry Clark

Henry Clark

MFA Photography,, 2018


Employed part-time

Some students seeking part-time work can network with firms in their field of study and get experience by connecting with employers in their profession.

Piyush Deep

Piyush Deep

MFA Photography,, 2018


Part-time income

Working part-time allows students to earn extra money while acquiring useful work experience.

Willow Wood

Willow Wood

MFA Photography,, 2018


Great resource

The scholarship department is a great resource for students who are struggling financially and are looking for ways to make ends meet. I was very fortunate to be a recipient of a scholarship last semester and it helped me to pay for my tuition and books.



card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Inspiring environment

Faculty members and learning resources are my favorite aspects of College. Because they are competent, inspirational, and approachable, my teachers provided a lot of aid and mind-opening insights to students. Their dedication to education allows us to pursue academic interests and broaden our horizons. Their commitment to education aided in the development of my academic interests and intellectual development. Students also have access to a number of learning resources. These materials have proven to be effective in supporting us in overcoming academic obstacles. I feel proud and well-prepared because college has provided me with the necessary tools for future academic success.

Henry Clark

Henry Clark

MFA Interaction Design

card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Well educated professor

The campus is secure and welcoming. The library has a large collection of books as well as a book issue machine. The sports facilities are fantastic, including a large playing field. Professors are well-educated, encouraging, and always looking out for your best interests. Alumni and speakers from many disciplines are invited to share their knowledge and experiences.  College health services provide medical care and counseling to students on campus. Campus security is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep you secure. The college's well-equipped food courts serve freshly prepared food. There are various activities to get involved, meet new people, and have a good time.

Piyush Deep

Piyush Deep

MFA Interaction Design

card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Loved being a part

My experience in NYFA was great. I loved being in such an environment where everyone was interested in film. It really brought out the creativity in me and I started to get really involved in my projects. The teachers were pretty helpful and most of all I had a great college life. I made a lot of friends there and the parties were great. I'm sure you'll have a great college life too if you do join NYFA.

Willow Wood

Willow Wood

MFA Interaction Design

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