Summer Intake in USA May 2024: Deadline & Universities

Summer Intake in USA May 2024: Deadline & Universities

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Check out the deadline for Summer Intake USA May 2024 along with the top US Summer intake benefits, courses, document, exam, universities and timelines.

Summer Intake in USA  May 2024: Deadline & Universities

Topics Covered:

  • Timeline for Summer Intake in USA 2024
  • Why study in USA?
  • What are the Upcoming Intakes in the USA?
  • When is Summer intake in the USA 2024?
  • Is it beneficial to take Summer Intake in the USA?
  • Step-by-Step Process to Take Admissions in Summer Intake in USA 2024
  • Top Summer Intake Universities in USA
  • List of Universities Offering Summer Intake in USA 2024-2025
  • Documents Required for the Summer Intake in USA 2024
  • Conclusion

 The  summer intake in USA typically begins in May and concludes in August. The number of applicants during this period is generally lower compared to other intakes.    

The US, like every other study destination, has different admission intakes for international students, of which the primary one is the Fall or September intake, followed by the Spring intake. Summer intake in USA 2024 deadlines is usually set between January and April when competition is less and classes are typically accelerated.                       

May intake offers opportunities for students to pursue a range of undergraduate, graduate, and research programs at different universities throughout the country.

Additionally, fewer universities offer courses specifically tailored for the summer term, with most programs being short-term in nature.    

Prospective students interested in enrolling in a US college for the summer term can access information about various universities, including application deadlines and available courses. Pursuing a degree in the United States offers students a wide range of academic disciplines and opportunities for professional achievement.  This article provides information on summer intake  universities in USA  , the application procedure, and course availability.

Our study abroad experts can simplify your study abroad journey by helping you shortlist the right  summer intake in USA  2024 universities for you.

Timeline for Summer Intake in USA 2024

The timeline for the Summer 2024 intake in the USA is as follows:

Timeline                             Activity                            
Research (April-August 2022) Learn which universities offer summer intake if your course of choice is available, and what the admission requirements are.
Take the Required Standardized Tests (September-November 2022) Take the required tests, such as the GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, and TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, and other English proficiency exams.
Apply to Universities (November 2022-January 2024) Apply to American universities for the summer intake in USA 2024 deadlines and submit the required documentation.
Wait for Your Admission Decision (February-March 2024) Wait for the universities to respond to your application. 
Apply for Your Visa and Finances (April-May 2024) Apply for the appropriate US student visa and education loan, if needed. Make sure you are eligible for any scholarships offered by the university
May 2024 You are ready to fly to the US.

Why study in USA?

The United States has a unique and diverse education system. An American degree from the United States is vital for a successful profession. American educational degrees are renowned for their academic excellence and higher education experiences worldwide. Study in USA enables you to select from a range of graduate programs, training, and teaching opportunities that enable you to become teaching assistants to graduates and research assistants on special projects in your field of study.

What are the Upcoming Intakes in the USA?

  • Spring Intake USA : The January intake in the USA is known as Spring Intake. It begins in January and ends in April or May.
  • Fall Intake USA The Fall Intake in USA begins in September and ends in December
  • Summer Intake USA: The Summer Intake begins in April or May and ends in August. 

When is Summer intake in the USA 2024?

In the USA, the summer intake begins from May through August. Therefore, March 2024 is the deadline for  summer intake in USA.

Is it beneficial to take Summer Intake in the USA?

  • There are various short-term courses, certified programs, and vocational programs available in summer at USA universities.
  • There are very few students who apply for summer school. Therefore, getting admitted is fairly simple.
  • A higher acceptability rate makes the admission process simpler.
  • Summer sessions at USA universities offer online classes.
  • Summer internship programs are offered at universities in the United States.

Step-by-Step Process to Take Admissions in Summer Intake in USA 2024

Studying abroad is as big an undertaking as it is a major decision that requires careful deliberation and a well-constructed timetable. Here is how long it will take to process applications for the Summer 2024 intake in the US:

Summer Intake in USA  May 2024: Deadline & Universities

April-August 2023: Take a Look at Every Possibility

You should make sure that the universities you shortlist for summer intake in USA 2024 offer the course you want to study and the method of delivery. Once you have identified a few universities that fit your needs and have a basic understanding of their admission process, you can proceed to the next phase. Despite the fact that there are fewer universities than in the Fall or Spring intake, you must research carefully which universities you may apply to.

Make sure to note down the application deadline for the summer intake colleges in USA. Universities accepting applications for the summer session usually open their application windows between January and April.                          

September-November 2023: Take the Required Exams for Admission

You can now attempt the required admission tests, such as the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and English proficiency tests like TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Academic, Duolingo, or any other applicable exam, knowing all the requirements of your chosen universities for summer intake USA 2024. Please keep in mind the deadline for summer intake USA 2024 universities when booking these dates.

Within five to seven days after the test date, scores of these tests are released and administered offline.                          

November 2023 -January 2024: Apply to Universities

You may begin applying to May intake 2024 universities in USA that you listed down in the first phase. If the application window has not yet opened, you can wait until March-April 2024 to apply.

There are several requirements to apply to the best summer intake universities in the USA. You must pay the application fee, take the required admission test (SAT, ACT , GMAT, GRE, etc.), and prove your English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Academic, or Duolingo English Test ).                          

February-March 2024: Wait for Universities 

It's nice to be able to sit back and wait for the university's decision. Usually, US institutions take about a month to either accept or reject your application, but it might take longer. You may also ask the university whether your application has been processed, as usually notification would be sent via email.                          

April-May 2024: Apply for a US Student Visa, Education Loan or Scholarships

You can now apply for a US student visa once you have received your acceptance letter. You must also attend a SEVP-approved institution, which is a requirement for obtaining a visa. You will normally receive your visa within five weeks after submitting your application. You should also know what a conditional offer and an unconditional offer are and how they differ prior to applying for an F1 visa .

The time to apply for an education loan for summer intake USA 2024 is now, if necessary. Universities in the US typically grant scholarships to international students as part of the admissions process. However, you may need to fill out a separate application form and send in the required materials along with it.

In May 2024, Fly to the US

It's vital to know what you're getting into before booking your flights to the US. On-campus housing is the most popular option for international students in the US for the first semester, at least. After the first semester, you can also look for off-campus student housing in the city.                          

Top Summer Intake Universities in USA

University                        Annual Tuition fee in INR                        Application Deadline  
Stanford University 25 to 52L May 12
Bridgewater State University  7L to 17L Rolling admission
University of Oregon 16L March 1
University of Michigan-Dearborn 12L to 21L April 1
Boston University 27L to 50L April 7
Western Illinois University  6L to 10L. March 31
University of Central Missouri 7L to 9L March 1
Illinois State University   11L to 17L May 1
Cleveland State University                       10L to 15L April 1
Lamar University 15L to 17L April 15
University of North Texas 28L April 15

Check also:  Universities in USA that do not charge application fees          

List of Universities Offering Summer Intake in USA 2024-2025

Course                            University                            USA Summer 2024 Intake Deadline                            
Mathematical foundation of computing programming abstractions, banking, money, and machine learning. Stanford University 27th April
MS in Finance, BS in Accounting, MS in business law, MS in American Studies, BS in Computer Science, MS in Economics, etc. Bridgewater State University  Rolling admissions
Journalism, Business. Design, etc. University of Oregon 21st January
Arts, Education, BS in Finance, History, Engineering, etc. Boston University 15th January
BS in Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Business in Accounting, BS in biology, MS chemistry. Western Illinois University  15th January
MS Biomedical Engineering, MBA, MS Chemistry, MSW Cleveland State University 13th April

Documents Required for the Summer Intake in USA 2024

Check out the documents required for summer intake universities in USA for international students below:

What exams to take for the summer intake in the USA?

Students wishing to study in the USA must meet certain criteria established by the universities. Students must qualify for the English language test and university entrance tests to be admitted into the USA summer program in 2024.

English test:                           

  • TOEFL It is a standardized English proficiency test for students wishing to study in the USA.
  • IELTS : The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a standardized exam that evaluates a person's English proficiency level. It is frequently taken by students prior to arriving in the United States.
  • PTE : The Pearson English Test or PTE is an English language proficiency test that students taking English classes in the USA must pass.

Entry-Level Tests:                           

  • GMAT : Aspiring students who want to take an MBA program in the United States take the Graduate Management Admission Test, commonly known as the GMAT.
  • GRE : MS students who want to study in the USA can take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) as an entry-level test.
  • SAT : The SAT is a standardized test that is used for college admissions in the United States.

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International students have a fantastic opportunity to study in the United States and benefit from internships and part-time work during the US summer intake. The United States is a global education leader; each year, its universities welcome thousands of students who want to study abroad. The finest colleges in the world, including the US, provide education of the highest caliber.

Are you prepared to start? At edmissions.com, you can talk to an overseas education consultants about your plans to study abroad. Any queries regarding study abroad or USA application, please contact our expert counselor only at [email protected]                           

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