PTE Results 2024: PTE Score Chart, Band Descriptors and Calculator

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Topics Covered:

  • What PTE score do I need?
  • How do our PTE scores compare with IELTS and TOEFL?
  • PTE Score Chart 2024
  • How is the PTE score calculated?
  • Steps to Calculate PTE Score With Example
  • What details are included in the PTE Scorecard?
  • How to Check PTE Results? 

After completing their PTE exams , candidates can access their PTE Result 2024 within 48 hours . An email notification will also inform them when their PTE exam scores 2024 are ready for viewing. To check their results, candidates can simply log in to their myPTE account online . PTE scores remain valid for two years, allowing candidates to send their scores to multiple universities during this period.

The PTE Academic score is widely recognized by universities in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Ireland, the UK, Germany, and Singapore. It holds particular importance for individuals seeking a student visa or immigration to New Zealand or Australia. The test evaluates candidates' proficiency in writing, reading, listening, and speaking. PTE scores are reported on a scale of 10-90 for all four sections.

What PTE score do I need?

Each institution sets its own minimum PTE score requirements. Generally, the minimum scores you'll need to achieve are as follows:

Course Type  Requirement for Minimum Score
Foundation Course 36-50
Undergraduate Course 51-60
Postgraduate Course 57-67

To determine the exact minimum PTE score requirement for your chosen institution, please refer to their website.

How do our PTE scores compare with IELTS and TOEFL?

The tables below provide a comparison of PTE scores with two other widely recognized English proficiency tests: IELTS and TOEFL.

PTE Scoring Comparison with TOEFL iBT

PTE Academic Score TOEFL iBT Score
62 91–92
63 93
64 94
65 95–96
66 97
67 98
68 99–100
69 101
70 102
71 103–104
72 105
73 106
74 107–108
75 109
76 110–111
77 112
78 113
79 114
80 115–116
81 117
82 118
83 119
84 120
85 - 90 None
38 40–44
39 45–47
40 48–51
41 52–53
42 54–56
43 57–59
44 60–62
45 63–64
46 65–66
47 67–69
48 70–71
49 72–73
50 74–75
51 76–77
52 78
53 79–80
54 81
55 82
56 83–84
57 85
58 86
59 87–88
60 89
61 90
10-37 None

PTE Scoring Comparison with IELTS

PTE Academic Score IELTS Band Score
10-22 None
23-28 4.5
29-35 5.0
36-45 5.5
46-55 6.0
56-65 6.5
66-75 7.0
76-83 7.5
84-88 8.0
89-90 8.5
Not Applicable 9.0

PTE Scoring Comparison with CEFR

PTE Academic Scores CEFR Levels
85 - 90 C2
76-84 C1
59-75 B2
43-58 B1
30-42 A2
10-29 A1

PTE Score Chart 2024

PTE Band Score PTE Band Score Description
10-29 This rank implies that the applicant is conversant with regular expressions and basic expressions. They are able to respond to inquiries concerning their daily life and particulars. It is important to observe that the individual is only able to communicate and provide information if the other person converses in a straightforward language and speaks slowly.
30-42 This rating denotes that the applicant can identify language and phrases and articulate words from their immediate surroundings. It implies that the individual has a fundamental comprehension of their environment including school, hospital, and the shopping mall. The contender can converse in a standard and mundane way.
43-58 The score range indicates that the individual has the ability to comprehend topics encountered on a regular basis in everyday settings such as in the home, workplace, school, or park. The person is able to respond to related topics that are of personal interest to them. They are able to articulate their goals, views, and strategies pertaining to subjects they are familiar with.
51-58 According to the score range, the individual is proficient in the language and is capable of expressing their views on typically familiar scenarios, however they may repeat errors. Additionally, they are able to give facts and supply detailed information, as well as comprehend the details of the content.
59-75 The scale of marks indicates that the applicant is capable of comprehending complicated materials related to different subjects and communicating fluently in the language. Furthermore, they can easily converse with native speakers without any uneasiness and voice their opinions on timely matters while also elucidating their merits and drawbacks.
76-84 A score within the specified range demonstrates that the examinee can comprehend a variety of extended texts and comprehend their implicit connotations. Furthermore, they are able to communicate fluently and utilize the language in a versatile manner. Additionally, they can draft well-organized, intricate writings on intricate issues and topics.
Above 85 The score range indicates that a person is able to understand, compose and verbally communicate in the language with no issues. They have the capability to comprehend details from varying resources and articulate their thoughts clearly. They can address and manage intricate matters and subjects with ease.

How is the PTE score calculated?

The performance on all test items determines the calculation of the overall score for the PTE. The PTE score report includes two main factors: communicative skills and enabling scores. The PTE band calculator utilizes the sum and average to derive the overall PTE score. Understanding the PTE score calculator can be achieved through the PTE Score reporting. Individuals can register for the PTE exam and receive PTE Academic Score Reports, which contain the PTE Score Calculator for each module.

PTE Reading Score Calculator

The duration of the PTE Reading section is approximately 29 to 30 minutes. Within this module, various question types require different scoring criteria. To better understand how the PTE Reading Score Calculator works, refer to the table provided below.

Types of Questions  Marking Scheme  Total Questions 
MCQ-Based Correct/Incorrect 1-2
MCQ Questions with Multiple Answers Partial Credit 1-2
Rearrange  Partial Credit  2-3
Fill in The Blanks Partial Credit  4-5
Complete the Summary Partial Credit  5-6

PTE Listening Score Calculator

The duration of the PTE Listening Section for test-takers ranges from 30 to 43 minutes. In this section, individuals are required to listen to various audio passages and speeches in order to respond to the provided questions. Candidates will be assessed and scored based on their proficiency in listening skills. To understand how to utilize the PTE Listening Score Calculator, please refer to the accompanying table.

Types  of Questions  Marking Scheme  Total Questions 
Summarize the Audio  Partial Credit  1-2
Written Content 

+2 for excellent writing quality.

No negative marking.

Form Based on the word count, marks will be awarded. 
Grammar And Vocabulary  Based on proper grammar and vocabulary, marks will be awarded. 
Spelling  Spelling mistakes will result in a deduction of marks. 

PTE Speaking and Writing Score Calculator

The duration of the PTE Speaking and Writing Section ranges from 54 to 67 minutes. This section assesses an individual's ability to speak and write in English. The written assessment encompasses various topics, requiring the production of well-structured content and the expression of personal opinions. For a better understanding of the PTE Speaking and Writing Score Calculator, please refer to the table provided below.

Types of Questions  Marking Scheme  Total Questions 
Read Aloud  Partial Credit  6-7
Sentence Repeat  Partial Credit  10-12
Image Describe Partial Credit  3-4
Convey the Lecture  Partial Credit  1-2
Short Questions  Correct/Incorrect 5-6
Summarize the Text Partial Credit  1-2
Essay Writing  Partial Credit  1-2 

Communicative Skills in PTE Score Calculator

The PTE score calculator encompasses the evaluation of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. The assessment of these specific abilities determines the calculation of the PTE score. The score for communicative skills ranges from 10 to 90 points, considering various subskills within each category.

Enabling Skill Scores in PTE Score Calculator

The PTE score calculator assesses various enabling skills such as grammar, spelling, pronunciation, vocabulary, oral fluency, and written discourse. Each enabling skill is assigned a score ranging from 10 to 90 based on the performance in these areas. These enabling skills play a crucial role in evaluating proficiency in the productive skills of writing and speaking. Repeated practice is key to developing these skills effectively. Explore PTE exam preparation for further guidance.

Steps to Calculate PTE Score With Example

The PTE score is the result of a calculation of the average of the sections of the assessment. Here are some key facts to help you comprehend the computation process better.

1. The mean of the enabling abilities is determined. These competencies include Grammar, Oral Fluency, Pronunciation, Vocabulary, and Written Discourse.

2. The enabling abilities are viewed as the fifth contributor in the four parts of the PTE exam.

3. The primary four sections are - Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

4. The mean of all five contributors is thought of as the concluding PTE score.

For example,

Suppose you got these scores in your PTE exam.

Enabling skills: Communicative skills:
Grammar - 89 Listening - 82
Oral Fluency - 76 Reading - 80
Pronunciation - 74 Writing - 86
Vocabulary - 81 Speaking - 75
Spelling - 87  
Written discourse - 82  

Add the average score of the enabling skills and divide the total by 6.

89+ 76 + 74 + 81+ 87 + 82 = 489/6 = 81.5

Add the communicative skills scores with the enabling skills average (take it as the fifth component)

82 + 80 + 86 + 75 + 81.8 = 404.5/5 = 80.9

What details are included in the PTE Scorecard?

The  PTE score chart includes the following components: 

1. The personal information and photo of the test taker. 

2. The registration ID and code of the person taking the test. 

3. The total PTE Score of the examine. 

4. A comprehensive record of the examine's performance.

How to Check PTE Results? 

Only the registered PTE account has access to the Pearson PTE result. To obtain their PTE exam results, candidates must follow the instructions listed below.

Step 1 - Visit the My PTE result official website as soon as you receive the mail.

Step 2 - To check your PTE results, sign on to the PTE website with your username and password.

Step 3 - To get the Pearson PTE test results, click the “View PTE Scores Reports link.”

Step 4 - The PTE score will be displayed on your screen.

Step 5 - You can review your total score and store your PTE score for future use.

Step 6 - Upon completion of the PTE exam result check, you can download the PTE scorecard for future reference.

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