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Reasons to Study in Canada

Canada has a well-deserved reputation as one of the world's top study locations. It is North America's largest country, with ten provinces and three territories. Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec are the most popular Canadian provinces for overseas students, as they are home to many of the country's finest colleges. With its welcoming immigration policies, studying in Canada has never been easier. It is also a popular destination for overseas students seeking vocational and diploma courses.

Canada's elegance comes from its vibrant cities, world-className education, welcoming people, and huge wilderness. Canada, which is known for its high quality of life, has been attracting a large number of international students to its top universities and colleges. The ease with which a student visa can be obtained in Canada, as well as the possibility of getting permanent residency, make studying in Canada an attractive idea.

Benifits in Canada

Benefits of studying in Canada

Due to its high academic level and low tuition fees, Canada is one of the most attractive study locations. Whether you study in one of the large, bustling cities or on a small campus in a friendly, inviting setting, your experience will define your life. It could lead to a profession and a future in Canada, or better job opportunities at home. At the very least, you will have access to four magnificent seasons, wide-open spaces, abundant wildlife and a multicultural climate.

Canadian universities are among the most popular choices for international students. Canada's educational quality is world-renowned, attracting students from all over the world. All of the institutions are beautiful and administered differently, yet they all provide prestigious degrees and the top courses in Canada.

Canadian education is a safe bet because the country has an excellent economy, multicultural society, and excellent institutions.

The benefit of studying in Canada is that it offers a worthwhile and affordable education that's globally recognized. In recent years, the number of international students attending colleges across the country has steadily increased due to Canada's vibrant and welcoming culture, low visa requirements, variety of work opportunities, and high standard of living.

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Why Study in Canada?

Canada has given its students numerous reasons to feel that the place is a home away from home. Being geographically the second largest country in world, it hosts one of the largest student communities. The reasons to why it has become a popular choice among study abroad aspirants can be found in the culture and values that it boasts.

Excellent Universities

Universities in Canada typically have outstanding facilities and faculty, in and are been nationally recognized. They frequently appear in international rankings, such as the 'Times Higher Education World University Rankings.' The multicultural environment on Canadian campuses promotes basic values like inclusion and sharing, and studying abroad in Canada broadens your perspective to include a wide range of experiences.

Welcoming environment for students

The people are friendly and welcoming, and the rules and policies for students make studying and establishing a profession in this city a breeze. Living away from home is made easier for overseas students because they are eligible to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours per week after finishing six months of the program, in which they have enrolled.

Earn while you Learn

International students in Canada are allowed to work while studying without a separate permit. Part-time employment opportunities include librarian, accountant, teacher's assistant, freelancer, and many more. In Canada, international students have the opportunity to work up to 20 hours per week, and full time during the summer and winter break.

Safe Environment

Canada is not just one of the friendliest countries to live in, but it is also one of the safest. Campuses also maintain safety by providing security 24 hours a day. As an international student, you'll feel comfortable and have fun living in a community with people from all over the world who speak different languages and embrace different cultures.

Numerous Research Opportunities

According to the National Research Council, international students are encouraged to participate actively in research in medicine, biology, and physiology. International students will have numerous opportunities to collaborate with a variety of scientists in their specialities. Industry partners with universities to support increased research and development, which is one of the most significant advantages of the Canadian educational system.

Canada's Cooperative Education

In Canada, co-operative education is a program that allows you to work in a field related to your studies while you study. Co-op students often alternate between four months of schooling and four months of full-time work for the organization they are working for. Co-op programs are offered as part of the academic curriculum at almost all post-secondary institutions in Canada. In reality, you'll have a co-op teacher who will assist you in gaining access to a workplace that most other students do not.

Cultural diversity

People in Canada are extremely friendly and welcoming, coming from a wide range of ethnic groups, each with its own culture and way of life. Canada's diversified environment encourages kindness and peaceful living like no other country. You can also participate in a variety of festivals and rituals. The region is welcoming students of all ethnicities from all over the world, which is a testimony to its open-hearted invitation for all students to study there.

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Ishita Bansal

Is Humber College - North Campus public or private?


Manya Gogia

Humber College - North Campus Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, or simply Humber College - North Campus, is a public College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Ishita Bansal

When was it founded?


Miranda Micheal

Humber was founded in 1967 and has two main campuses


Oliver Salt

Does Humber College - North Campus provide metro pass?


Veruca Manger

At the beginning of each month, discounted Metropasses are offered at Humber bookshops for part-time, continuing education, and faculty.

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