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TOEFL Exam Fee: TOEFL iBT Test Fee 2024 in India

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  • TOEFL Exam Registration Fee 2024
  • TOEFL Exam Late Registration Fee
  • TOEFL Score Reporting Fee
  • TOEFL Home Edition Price
  • TOEFL Essential Test Fees
  • TOEFL Exam Fee – At a Glance
  • TOEFL Rescheduling Fee
  • TOEFL Cancellation Fees (TOEFL Refund policy)
  • TOEFL Exam Fee Reduction Service

The cost of the TOEFL exam fee in India varies from $100 to $190, depending on whether it is the TOEFL iBT or TOEFL Essential. After completing the TOEFL registration, candidates can conveniently pay the exam fee online. Payment options include credit card, e-cheque, PayPal, and others. In different countries, TOEFL exam fees can range from $120 to $194. Individuals planning to take the TOEFL exam can find the most up-to-date fee information for 2024 here.

TOEFL Exam Registration Fee 2024

The TOEFL iBT exam fee in India is currently approximately INR 16,000. (as per current conversion rates).

TYPES OF TESTS Fees in US Dollars Fees is Indian Rupees            
(as per Feb, 2024)
TOEFL iBT $195 Rs. 16,208
TOEFL iBT Paper Edition $195 Rs. 16,208
TOEFL Home Edition $195 Rs. 16,208
TOEFL Essentials Test $120 Rs. 9,974

TOEFL Exam Late Registration Fee

To register for a test after the deadline, there is a fee of approximately INR 3,900 . If you request a refund and have followed all normal registration procedures, this amount will also be reimbursed to you.

TOEFL Score Reporting Fee

To send extra score reports to an institution or agency, a fee of approximately INR 1,950 is required. However, there is no charge for additional score reports for the TOEFL iBT Paper Edition.

TOEFL Home Edition Price

Education Testing Services, the organization responsible for administering the TOEFL exam, recently established an at-home version of the test. This is available in all regions that typically administer the TOEFL iBT test, and its cost is equivalent to the iBT test at a rate of US$195. In Indian rupees, the TOEFL exam fee is INR 16,208

TOEFL Essential Test Fees

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, ETS has come out with the TOEFL Essential test. This shortened version of the TOEFL iBT test is just as powerful when measuring a person's proficiency. The TOEFL Essential Test costs US $100-$120.

TOEFL Exam Fee – At a Glance

Purpose Fees in US Dollars Fees is Indian Rupees (as per Feb, 2024)     
TOEFL Exam FEE $195   Rs. 16,208
Late Registration $40   Rs. 3,324
Rescheduling $60   Rs. 4,987
Reinstatement of cancelled scores $20   Rs. 1,662
Additional score reports (per institution or agency) $20 each Rs. 1,662
Speaking or Writing section score review $80   Rs. 6,649
Speaking and Writing section score review $160   Rs. 13,299
Returned payment $30  Rs. 2,493

TOEFL Rescheduling Fee

Test takers who want to change the date of their TOEFL iBT Test need to do so at least four days before the TOEFL test date or they will lose their registration fee. A fee is USD 60, i.e., approximately INR 4,987 must be paid to reschedule. It is not possible to reschedule by mail, email, or at the test center. To reschedule, individuals must either phone the Regional Registration Center with their full name and appointment number or log in to their ETS account online.

TOEFL Cancellation Fees (TOEFL Refund policy)

Those taking the TOEFL Test who want to cancel must do so no later than four days in advance of their scheduled date. Those who adhere to this requirement will be entitled to a partial reimbursement, which is equal to 50% (Fifty Percent) of the Test-Fee paid by you . Note that this refund will not be in the form of cash, but rather as a credit back to the same credit/debit card or bank account used to make the payment.

TOEFL Exam Fee Reduction Service

The TOEFL Fee Reduction Service is particularly beneficial for high school seniors in the United States with limited financial resources. This fee reduction voucher allows them to receive a 50% discount when taking the TOEFL test, which is required for admission at universities and colleges.

Country Wise TOEFL Exam Cost 2024

If you're not based in India, don't fret. The TOEFL exam is conducted worldwide, including all major countries. To find out the TOEFL exam fee in your country, please refer to the information provided below.

Country TOEFL Fees
USA $255
UK $245
Australia $273
India $195
Canada $240
New Zealand $275
Ireland $240
Mexico $225
Germany $265
South Korea $220
UAE $300

Modes of Payment for TOEFL Exam Fee

According to the method of registration, ETS accepts a variety of payment options. The following are all the payment forms that can be utilized:

●  American Express, China Union Pay, Discover, JCB, VISA, Diners Club, and Mastercard are accepted for registration.

●  ETS also accepts PayPal to process the test registration fee.

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