GMAT Exam Results 2024: Results Dates, Average GMAT Score, How to Check it?

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  • How to check GMAT Results? 
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  • GMAT Score to Percentile for GMAT Exam 2024
  • How is the GMAT Scored?
  • Average GMAT Scores
  • What is a Good GMAT Score?
  • GMAT Results and Statistics 2024

GMAT scores are mandatory if you wish to get admission into a university abroad. The exam assesses a candidate’s skills in five categories:  Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment, Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and a total.

Furthermore, the quantitative and verbal reasoning sections were scored on a scale of 6-51, and the total GMAT score is based on these two sections. The GMAT score range starts at 200 and goes up to a maximum of 800, with increments of 10 points. The scores candidates get in the Analytical Writing Assessment and Integrated Reasoning do not affect the score.

Verbal Reasoning scores + Quantitative Reasoning scores = GMAT Total Score

Candidates will also receive percentile scores, which compare their scores to every 100 candidates taking the GMAT. 

For example, if a candidate scored 85 percentile in the Verbal section, it means that 15 % of candidates performed better than you and 85 % did not perform as well.

Candidates can take the GMAT exam 5 times a year, and results can be viewed online 21 days after the exam.  The exam score validity is for 5 years from the exam date.

GMAT Result Dates

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) handles the GMAT exam and is the body that releases the results and associated scores. There is no set timeline for when the scores are published, but the scores are typically available around 20 days after the exam. To view the scores, candidates must log into their accounts. They should take their time to review all the information on the scorecard, and if they see any discrepancies, they should contact GMAC. Additionally, they should check the cut-off marks for the institutions they applied to.

How to check GMAT Results? 

Prospective test-takers can access their GMAT results and scores online, and they have the opportunity to take the exam up to five times annually. The official scores will be available for viewing 21 days after the test and will remain valid for a period of five years from the date of the examination. In the event that the individual is not satisfied with their performance, they can retake the exam.

GMAC sends out notifications of when the official results are available through email. This communication contains step-by-step instructions on how to access the scores on the internet. If desired, the results can also be sent through the mail when signing up for the GMAT. The scores are divided into categories such as those received within three weeks of taking the exam, the provisional/official scores, and the expanded scores.

GMAT Focus Edition Scoring

Introducing a much-needed revamp to the scoring system of GMAT Focus Edition, GMAC has updated its algorithm and adapted it for an increasingly diverse global test-taking population. Significant score shifts over the years resulted in uneven distribution, posing challenges for schools in differentiating candidate performance. Addressing this issue is the updated score scale that guarantees a more equitable assessment accurately mirroring the evolving composition of GMAT test-takers. The scoring system undergoes some major changes.


  • The total Score comprises all three section scores: Quantitative; Verbal; and Data Insights and this guarantees a more comprehensive assessment.
  • The evolving scoring scale now allocates higher ability levels to correspond with higher scoring levels, thereby fine-tuning overall test scores to align better with the current population's performance.
  • The Score Range for the GMAT Focus Edition lies between 205 and 805; it is important to note that all GMAT score values within this range will culminate in '5'.
  • The Score Interval for the GMAT Focus Edition is 10 points.
  • The Section-wise Score Range for the GMAT Focus Edition is 60–90.
  • The GMAT Focus Edition Section-wise Score Interval is 1 point.

Here is an overview of the GMAT Focus Edition scores:

GMAT Focus Edition Section Score Range Score Interval
Quantitative Reasoning 60 – 90 1
Verbal Reasoning 60 – 90 1
Data Insights 60 – 90 1
Total 205 – 805 10

Here are a few additional points that the students must be aware of:

  • GMAT Focus Edition Percentile:  The GMAT Focus Edition Percentile provides students with their total score, section-wise scores, and a comparative metric known as the GMAT percentile. A percentile of 80% implies that you outperformed 80% of your fellow test takers on this exam.
  • Enhanced Score Report:  Candidates will receive an Enhanced Score Report (ESR); this report provides detailed information about a candidate's GMAT exam performance in each section. It offers insights into the question types, skills demonstrated, content domains covered, and effective time management, specifically response time versus review time.
  • Sending GMAT Focus Edition Score: Students can send their official GMAT Focus Edition score to up to five  B-Schools within 48 hours of receiving their score at no additional cost.

GMAT Score to Percentile for GMAT Exam 2024

The GMAT score ranges from 200 to 800, and each score is then converted to a GMAT percentile. 

Check out the following GMAT percentile table 2024 to understand how to convert GMAT scores into percentiles.

Also, note that the GMAT scoring pattern of converting the score into percentile might change as they are recalculated every summer using the test takers' data from the past three years. Thus,  your GMAT score will remain constant but the GMAT percentile may fluctuate.

The GMAT score distribution categories wise:

  • Below average scores:200-450
  • Average scores: 450-650
  • Above average scores: 650-730
  • High scores: 730-800

Scaled Score


Scaled Score


760-800 99 520 37
750 98 510 35
740 97 500 32
730 96 490 30
720 94 480 27
710 92 470 25
700 89 460 22
690 87 450 20
680 85 440 18
670 83 430 17
660 80 420 15
650 77 410 14
640 73 400 12
630 71 390 11
620 68 380 10
610 65 370 9
600 62 360 8
590 58 340-350 6
580 55 330 5
570 52 310-320 4
560 49 280-300 3
550 46 250-270 2
540 43 220-240 1
530 39 200-210 0


How is the GMAT Scored?

A fixed scale is used to determine the GMAT exam score and the results can be found on the GMAT Score Report. It is imperative that applicants comprehend the data on their record. To make it easier for them, a GMAT score chart is provided for their reference.

Section Score Range Basis of Score calculation Score Intervals
Analytical Writing 0.0 - 6.0 The test's essay components are scored by a machine algorithm and qualified essay raters. These scores are shown in a 0.5 interval.
Integrated Reasoning 1-8 A grade is calculated according to the amount of inquiries answered correctly. To get the best grade, it is essential to complete all elements of a question that has multiple components. Scores are calculated in 1-point intervals.
Quantitative and  Verbal Reasoning 6-51

Three elements affect scoring in these item-level adaptive sections:

  1. Number of questions answered
  2. Correct answers
  3. Difficulty level of answers

Students who satisfy all three requirements receive higher grades.

Scores are reported in intervals of 1. The standard error measurement is 3 points. 
GMAT Total Score 200-800 Prior to attempting the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning portion, scores were calculated. Scores are shown in 10-point intervals. 30–40 points make up the typical error measurement.

Average GMAT Scores

According to the GMAC's data, the minimum score that a test taker can receive on the GMAT is 200 while the maximum is 800. Most of the people who take the exam fall in the 400 to 600 score range, as two-thirds of test takers score within this bracket. The overall average score of all GMAT test takers is also reported.

Section Average GMAT score
Integrated Reasoning 4.6
Verbal 27.26
Quantitative 40.7
Analytical Writing Assessment 4.43
Overall Score 568.21

What is a Good GMAT Score?

A good GMAT score can range from 650 to 690, with most test-takers scoring between 400 and 600. However, if you receive a score of 700- 800, it is considered a great score. If you think the GMAT score you received is the requirement for applying for the MBA or MIM program, then you must go ahead with it. 

Along with the GMAT scores, universities look for students with strong academics, relevant work experience (not for MIM), extracurricular activities, etc. Moreover, the candidate’s other documents, such as SOP, resume, LOR, essays, etc., also play a crucial role in the admissions. 

Check out the list of some of the top universities, along with GMAT scores around the globe.

Business School Average GMAT Score
Harvard University 730
Dartmouth College 726
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 730
Columbia University 729
University of Chicago (Booth) 732
Stanford University 737
Northwestern University 729
University of California 727
Yale University 725
New York University 733
University of Michigan—Ann Arbor 722
University of Chicago 730
University of Pennsylvania 733
Georgia Institute of Technology 690
Boston  683
Cornell University 710
Carnegie Mellon University 702

GMAT Results and Statistics 2024

The most advantageous aspect of the GMAT 2024 result is that candidates can view their scores immediately following their exam. Upon its conclusion, an option exists to accept or reject the non-official score. Typically, within seven business days, candidates will find their official GMAT Exam Score 2024 available in their account. In certain cases, the delivery of their unofficial GMAT exam score 2024 might extend to a maximum of 20 days; nevertheless, candidates can expect it immediately after concluding the GMAT 2024 exam.

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) establishes the average GMAT score at 574.51; it derives this statistic with a standard deviation of about 113 points – from data collected between January 2019 and December 2021, encompassing over 414,618 test takers. All these test-taker scores form the basis for distributing all GMAT scores.

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