May Intake in Canada 2024 - Check Timeline, Universities & Colleges Requirement

May Intake in Canada 2024 - Check Timeline, Universities & Colleges Requirement

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Check out the deadline for May Intake in Canada 2024 along with the top Canada summer intake benefits, courses, document, exam, universities and timelines.

May Intake in Canada 2024 - Check Timeline, Universities & Colleges Requirement

Topics Covered:

  • May Intake in Canada 2024
  • Timeline to study in Canada for May/Summer Intake 2024
  • Benefits of May/Summer Intake in Canada
  • What is the Deadline to study in Canada for Summer Intake 2024?
  • What are the Pros and Cons of Studying in May Intake in Canada?
  • May Intake Colleges/Universities in Canada 2024
  • Courses to Study in Canadian Universities During the Summer/May Intake 2024.
  • What are the documents required for May intake in Canada?
  • When to apply for summer intake in Canada 2024?
  • What exams to take for summer intake in Canada?
  • Scholarships available in Canada Summer/May intake

In Canada, the summer intake is known as the tertiary intake or May Intake. The primary intake occurs in the fall, while the secondary intake happens in winter. Let's take a closer look at Canada's intakes.

The January/Winter intake is considered secondary and takes place from August to January. On the other hand, the September/Fall Intake is primary and occurs between December and March. Lastly, there's the May/Spring Intake which is tertiary and runs from January to February.

While fewer students opt for the summer intake in Canada, it serves as an excellent backup for those who missed out on earlier intakes.

The summer intake begins in May and continues until August. Admissions usually start between October and December. If you're planning to apply for the May 2024 intake, it's advisable to start preparing between July and August.

Due to its smaller scale, deadlines for the May intake can expire quickly. Staying updated on these deadlines is important by regularly checking university websites.

This blog will delve into specific timelines, universities, and everything else you need to know about spring intakes in Canada.

It can be difficult to determine which intake is best for you. When making a decision, think about things including the availability of your selected program, your academic records,  entrance test scores , acceptance rates, job chances, and your readiness to start the program. While most Indian students prefer the September intake, the January and April study abroad intakes are as good for specific programs. 

May Intake in Canada 2024

May intake in Canada 2024, also known as spring intake or summer intake, or we can say may intake is spring intake. Every year, Summer Intake Canada begins in May, with application deadlines in January and February.

The summer/May intake begins in April or May and is the least popular among study abroad students. Because the number of applications is lower during this intake, most May intake universities in Canada 2024 offer short-term courses, diploma courses, and restricted full-time courses. Summer Intake Canada allows overseas students to catch up with their classmates during the summer vacation. This intake is excellent for those international students who have had their applications deferred owing to delayed results or personal reasons. 

  • Application Deadline: January to February 2024
  • Classes start on : May 2024
  • Classes end on : August 2024

Timeline to study in Canada for May/Summer Intake 2024

 The deadline for Canada May intake 2024 is the end of February or starting of March. You must take a look at the final submission due date on the college's website. 

If you are aiming to submit an application before the cutoff date for the May intake in Canada for the year 2024, then you must apply for a student visa and be prepared to take part in standardized tests.

The schedule for enrolling in May of 2024 is addressed below:            

Months'             Timeline            
May 2023 to June 2023 Determine universities and may intake courses in Canada available.
July 2023 to October 2023 Appear for standardized tests.
November 2023 to February 2024 Collect all the required documents and submit an application for enrollment.
February to March 2024 Await the notification of your admission and finalize your registration. Examine all of your visa paperwork. Request your housing.
April to May 2024 Book your tickets to study in Canada.

Benefits of May/Summer Intake in Canada

  • One of the primary advantages of this season is the pleasant temperatures in comparison to the extreme cold of winter.
  • An alternate route you can take is to take a few engaging short-term courses while you prepare to apply for full-time programs in the forthcoming intakes. This gives you a different path to consider for your future education or job.
  • The quantity of applications that have been submitted in this intake is comparatively lower, which enhances the probability of your application being chosen.

What is the Deadline to study in Canada for Summer Intake 2024?

The last date for applications is the end of February, but many May intake colleges in Canada may require you to submit applications before mid-January if the student wishes to be accepted for the summer semester. The Canada May intake 2024 is available for fewer programs at a select few universities.            

Step-By-Step Guide to Apply for May Intake in Canada 2024          


May Intake in Canada 2024 - Check Timeline, Universities & Colleges Requirement   

  • Explore and shortlist colleges (April-May 2023) : Before applying for admission to any Canadian college or university, students should conduct extensive research on the institutions and the courses they offer and compile a list of universities they are interested in attending. Following the creation of the list, students should narrow it down to the institutions that would best meet their interests, academic ambitions, and future job goals.
  • Start preparing as soon as possible (MAY-August 2023) : Because most colleges and universities in Canada begin accepting applications early and provide admissions on a first-come, first-served basis, you should start your application process as soon as possible to apply when the admissions for the May intake in Canada start.
  • Start preparing early for tests (September-December 2023): Most Canadian colleges and universities begin taking applications early, and admissions are granted on a first-come, first-served basis; students should begin the application process as soon as possible in order to apply for the May intake in Canada 2024. Students should begin preparing for and taking examinations such as the GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS as early as possible, depending on the course and university they plan to attend. Students should begin studying for the required exam at least three months ahead of time in order to achieve better results.
  • Start applying (January-February 2024): Once students have narrowed down their college choices and produced their final application, which includes all required documentation as well as a Statement of Purpose (SOP), they should begin applying to those universities as soon as admissions become available.
  • Accept or reject the Acceptance letter (February-March 2024): Once you've applied for admission and been accepted into a particular college, the college will send you an email acceptance email, which you must accept or decline as soon as possible.
  • You should prepare for the interview (February-March 2024): Before accepting your application, some colleges require an in-person or online interview. You must give the interview and perform well.
  • You should apply for your visa (March-April 2024):    Once you receive an offer letter from a Canadian institution, you should urgently apply for your student visa, as processing student visa applications tend to be time-consuming.
  • Prepare for life in Canada (April-May 2024): Before you arrive in Canada, you must finalize your accommodation and transit arrangements, among other necessary items.
  • Reserve your tickets (April-May 2024): At least one month before your academic session begins in Canada; you should book your air tickets and depart to get used to living there.

Is May Intake Good for Canada?

Students do not prefer intake, which runs from May to September. Because very few May intake universities in Canada 2024 offer classes, this intake is not primary. The May intake is not particularly competitive. The applicant acceptance rate is higher than the September or January intake.

What are the Pros and Cons of Studying in May Intake in Canada?            

Advantages - Despite universities and colleges providing fewer courses, there are positives to this. The lower number of programs leads to fewer applicants and, therefore, less competition. Students can use their summer holidays to their benefit, and some of them may even have the opportunity to obtain a full-time jobs in Canada depending on the terms of their Canadian student visa . Additionally, the May intake gives those who missed the January intake another chance.

Disadvantages - Fewer programs offered and a shorter timeline could potentially cause delays in the application process. Oftentimes, the number of accepted applicants in May intake are those who have switched their January intake applications to the May intake. International students already residing in Canada are allowed to work full-time during the summer holidays, so if new students try to enter the job market, they may find it challenging to secure employment.            

Pros             Cons            
Weather (Summer) Less courses are available 
Various job opportunities Longer duration of semesters
Less competition for jobs Admission rate is quite low
Housing facilities are easily available Least competitive intake


May intake visa success rate in Canada

It's completely incorrect to believe that Visa approval rates are lower this year. No one will turn down your application if your file is adequately organized and represented. According to previous year reports, 95% of international students received Visa approval during May Intake.

International students are only mildly accepted in this school since it mainly accepts Canadian PRs or citizens.

May Intake Colleges/Universities in Canada 2024

Higher education in Canada can be quite advantageous due to the large number of excellent universities. However, there are only a few May intake Canada offer admissions. Check out the list of colleges in Canada for May 2024 intake below : 

College name  Annual Tuition fee  Final Application deadline 
Ryerson University $38,457 March 1
University of Waterloo $47,560 December 1
Vancouver Community College $19,900 March 31
Northern College $15,451 March 27
Centennial college $28,742 February 24

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Courses to Study in Canadian Universities During the Summer/May Intake 2024.

COURSES             UNIVERSITY             SUMMER 2024 DEADLINE            
Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Immunology, Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Neuroscience University of Ottawa January 1 
Agricultural and Food Sciences, Architecture University of Manitoba April 8-10
Anthropology, History,, and Classics, Interdisciplinary Studies, Education  University of Alberta October 1
Business, Design and Creativity, Engineering and Sciences, Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary, Information Technology, Marketing and Finance  Lambton College  December 31
Chemistry and Biochemistry, Communication Studies, Exercise Science, Journalism  Concordia University November 1

What are the documents required for May intake in Canada?

When to apply for summer intake in Canada 2024?

The May Intake is also known as the Summer Intake Canada. For the May Intake, individuals should submit their applications to colleges between October and December of the previous year. Most colleges that offer the Summer Intake for 2024 have their deadline set somewhere between October and February. It is recommended to check the university website frequently to stay up-to-date on the May intake in Canada 2024 deadline.  Make sure to apply before the due date.

Also Check: Canada September Intake: Deadline & University Requirement          

Winter (January) Intake in Canada          

What exams to take for summer intake in Canada?

Get ready for essential examinations like the GMAT , GRE , SAT , TOEFL, and IELTS two months in advance. Take the appropriate tests as needed by your college. Determine if your university needs you to take the IELTS/TOEFL exam before you start applying to institutions.

Scholarships available in Canada Summer/May intake 

Explore the various scholarships available for the Summer/May intake in Canada. 

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) , which provides a grant of $5000 (equivalent to INR 2.94 lakhs) per session for a total of three sessions. To apply, students must submit an online application before May, typically within two weeks after receiving their offer letter. 
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships , where recipients are nominated by the Government of Canada. This scholarship offers doctoral funding amounting to $50,000 annually (approximately INR 29.32 lakhs).
  • Humber International Entrance Scholarships,  there is a reward of $2,000 CAD, over the first two semesters of your study. There is a lot of 5 scholarship given to May intake applicants. To be eligible, you will require a confirmed Letter of Acceptance from Humber College for a full-time program and other documents as well.

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