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Topics Covered:

  • Type of SAT exams
  • SAT Subject Test (Discontinued)
  • SAT Exam Sections
  • SAT Exam Syllabus for Indian Students,
  • SAT Exam Pattern

The SAT syllabus is composed of material that students have learned during their schooling. Therefore, if you have excelled academically, you should have no issue prepping for the SAT. The examination has two categories: the General Test and the Subject Test (no longer available). It encompasses three sections - The Reading Test, the Writing and Language Test, and the Math Test. The SAT allows for 43% more time per question than the ACT.

Type of SAT exams

The SAT General Test is the more widely used of the two SAT exams, often utilized by undergraduate universities when choosing applicants. The Scholastic Assessment Test evaluates the applicants' abilities in writing, speaking, and mathematics.

SAT General Test

The SAT General Test is the more standard of the two SAT exams and is usually demanded by universities for admission purposes. This assessment is used to gauge the written, verbal, and mathematical abilities of applicants.

SAT Subject Test (Discontinued)

There are a total of 20 SAT Subject Tests which have been divided into five major subject areas. These large categories are then further broken down into smaller, more specific topics. The various SAT Subject Tests consist of:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English
  • History and
  • Languages

SAT Exam Sections

Writing This section consists of 11 questions in which the candidates have to rectify the errors in the sentences.   After rectifying the errors, candidates have to replace the sentences with suitable alternatives.
Reading This section too has 11 questions that are based on reading passages. It tests the ability of the candidate to comprehend the written text. 
Mathematics In this section, candidates are required to answer 58 questions in 80 minutes. Mostly, the questions are related to Algebra, Geometry, Statistics and Probability.

SAT Exam Syllabus for Indian Students,

1. Reading

The ability of a potential employee to communicate in English is assessed through this test, with a score range of 200 to 800. It is necessary for them to demonstrate a mastery of the language and be able to articulate sophisticated ideas. To pass the exam, they must be able to comprehend the given material, recognize the author's purpose, and provide pertinent remarks.

This Reading section of the SAT examination lasts for 65 minutes and consists of 52 multiple-choice questions based on five passages. These passages are comprised of four individual passages and a combination of two passages that should be read together. Each of the passages is between 500-750 words in length. The paired passages will include infographics such as tables or charts. The questions are designed to test a candidate's comprehension of the passages and fall into three categories: factual, rhetoric, or synthetic. Factual questions will be linked to the primary idea of the passage, rhetoric queries will evaluate an individual's comprehension of the tone and meaning, and synthetic questions will require them to detect connections between the ideas in the passage or make deductions from the extra graphics and information presented. The topics for the Reading section of the SAT exam are:

  • An excerpt from a text on sociology, psychology, economics, or any other branch of social sciences.
  • A selection from either the Great Global Conversation or from the U.S. founding document, the Constitution, can be used. This Global Conversation contains texts from all around the globe and explores themes such as human dignity, justice, and freedom - for example, a discourse delivered by Nelson Mandela.
  • An excerpt from a piece of literature that is a work of fiction.
  • It is necessary to study two excerpts from the scientific literature to analyze the basics and advancements in biology, earth science, physics, or chemistry.

2. Writing

The Writing section is allocated 35 minutes, with 44 multiple-choice questions to be answered based on four passages. The exam will evaluate the examinee's capacity to understand the text and rectify mistakes with regard to grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. It will also assess their capability of recognizing misinterpreted graphical content, providing evidence to prove it, and adding suitable information to strengthen the argument. The four passages may range from 400-450 words and the difficulty may differ, with some being more difficult than others. These passages can be of various kinds such as narrative, argumentative, informative, and explanatory.

The passages in the exam encompass a broad spectrum of subjects, including science, jobs, the arts, and history and social studies. They vary in form and purpose, with the following being some examples:

  • The Writing section of a test usually contains at least one narrative which is written like a story. This passage might include a description of the steps taken in a scientific experiment, and though it is not fabricated, it could be an accurate narrative of a real-life event.
  • The other components of the text require the candidate to provide facts, explain them, and make a convincing case to the reader.

3. Mathematics

The SAT Math section is an 80-minute-long portion that assesses a candidate's mathematical skills. It has a score range from 200 to 800 and is composed of 45 multiple-choice questions and 13 grid-in questions. The grid-in questions require circling a number after the problem is solved. This section is also divided into two parts: one with 15 multiple-choice questions and 5 grid-ins and another with 30 multiple-choice questions and 8 grid-ins. Before beginning, the test-takers are given a list of formulas for reference.

Helpful Calculators:

SAT Exam Pattern

The SAT assessment is composed of three main parts: reading and writing based on evidence, and mathematics, all of which are based on the subjects that students have already studied during their time in school. The following table provides a deeper understanding of the SAT exam layout and topics covered:

Sections Questions Duration Score range
Reading 52 multiple-choice questions 65 minutes 200-800
Writing 44 multiple-choice questions 35 minutes Calculated with the Reading section

38 (With 8 Grid-in)

20 (With 5 Grid-in)

With calculator- 55 minutes

No calculator- 25 minutes

Total   180 minutes 400-1600

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