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  • SAT Exam
  • Benefits of SAT Exam 
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  • Eligibility for SAT Exam
  • Registration for SAT Exam
  • SAT Exam Fees 
  • SAT Exam Pattern and Syllabus 
  • SAT Exam Scores Calculation 
  • SAT Exam Results
  • SAT Preparation Tips

SAT Exam

The SAT is a standardized evaluation that is necessary for enrolling in undergraduate courses in other countries. It measures the overall preparedness of students and can be used to anticipate the academic success of applicants. In India and other countries, it consists of three obligatory components: 

Writing & Language, Math, and Reading. The optional Essay part has been eliminated since this year. Usually, SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) scores range between 400 and 1600, which is the total of the scores in the Reading & Writing (200-800) and Math (200-800) segments. The entire exam takes three hours to finish.

The College Board administers the entrance test which is necessary for those wishing to attend a premier undergraduate school. Those who plan to enroll in universities in places such as Canada and the United States must sit for the SAT exam. The College Board set up the SAT after collaborating with numerous educational institutions in 2018. The cost for the test takers is roughly $104 (INR 7,673).

Benefits of SAT Exam 

Candidates should sign up for the exam because its results are key for gaining access to multiple top universities in India and also abroad. The scores are also taken into account when awarding academic grants. Over 30 Indian universities (and the number is increasing) acknowledge SAT scores as a piece of college applications. 

A single test can give access to numerous domestic universities, providing courses such as Journalism and Design, Business Management, Law, Engineering, and Liberal Arts. The SAT test scores are further accepted at nearly every college in the US and Canada in addition to educational establishments in the UK and Australia.

Types of SAT Exams

In 2019, the College Board carried out two kinds of SAT tests in the US and other countries, namely the Standard Test and the Subject Test. But, for 2020, the organization has ceased administering the SAT Subject Test.

SAT General Test: The SAT General Test is an exam that has been formulated to gauge the verbal, written, and numerical capabilities of students.


Eligibility for SAT Exam

The College Board has not declared any exact requirements for being able to take the SAT exam. There is no set age limit for this assessment, and research has found that the majority of test-takers fall in the 17-19 age range. 

Moreover, individuals may take the test as many times as they would like. In India, the SAT is given five times a year, which typically includes March, August, May, December, and October.

Registration for SAT Exam

Those intending to sit for the SAT should enroll in advance. Enlistment can be done either through the conventional postal service or via the more convenient and practicable online system. In the latter, applicants must create an account on the official website, and then they can follow the appropriate steps for enrollment. Here is a closer look at the process:

  • Go to the official website of the College Board.
  • Set up your account.
  • Provide all the essential data.
  • Select your exam and the testing center closest to you.
  • Upload a high-definition picture.
  • Submit the requisite application charges.

To sign up by mail, you need to get the Student Registration Guide for SAT, which can be found at educational facilities. The guide comes with a return envelope and registration form, both of which should be mailed in along with a demand draft. The USIEF is the SAT representative for India, and all mailed forms have to be sent to their regional office. Because there are only a limited number of seats available in each official testing center, it is recommended that people reserve their spots early on to avoid any issues.

SAT Exam Fees 

Individuals who wish to take the SAT are obligated to pay an amount of approximately $55 (approx. ₹4,058) for US regions and $49 (approx. ₹3,615) for non-US regions, accumulating to a total of $104 or approximately ₹7,673. In the event of cancellation, a fee of $26 (approx. ₹1,918) is charged, and only a $10 (approx. ₹ 740) refund is given. Moreover, an additional fee of $30 (approx. ₹2,213) is required for services such as altering the test center or date. Students in the 11th and 12th grades in the US and the UK can potentially be eligible for a fee waiver. US citizens living abroad may also be able to get the same.

SAT Exam Pattern and Syllabus 


  • Total Questions:44 questions
  • Essay Section: 25 minutes
  • Multiple Choice Sections: 25 minutes and 10 minutes

Critical Reading

  • Total Questions:52 questions
  • Reading Comprehension: 25 minutes
  • Sentence Completion: 25 minutes
  • Critical Reading (Paragraph-Length):  20 minutes


  • Total Questions:58 questions
  • Algebra and Functions: 25 minutes
  • Geometry and Statistics: 20 minutes
  • Probability and Data Analysis: 20 minutes

SAT Exam Scores Calculation 

Each part of the SAT will be given a score in the range of 200-800 points. The complete score is the combination of Evidence-Based Reading and Writing portion (a compilation of SAT Writing and Reading scores) and Math section scores.

Specific Grade Math Benchmark Threshold EBRW Benchmark Threshold Cumulative Benchmark
10th 480 430 910
9th 450 410 860
11th 510 460 970
8th 430 390 820
Ready for College 530 480 1010

SAT Exam Results

Retrieving SAT scores is not a difficult undertaking. They generally become visible three weeks after taking the exam. To access your scores for the SAT, these steps should be followed: 

  • Visit the My Organizer page.
  • On the left-hand side menu, select SAT Scores.
  • Click the Access My Scores option.
  • Supply the requested username and password information.
  • Scroll down until you find the My Test Scores option.

SAT Preparation Tips

  • It is important that you thoroughly examine the study materials available on the College Board's website, as well as take practice tests consistently.
  • You should carefully look over these tests and identify areas where you need to improve.
  • In addition to the College Board's official guide, you should also look into reliable books for preparation.
  • Adhering to your study plan is essential.

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