CGPA Calculator - How to Convert CGPA to Percentage?

CGPA Calculator - How to Convert CGPA to Percentage?

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The calculation for converting CGPA to percentage is as easy as multiplying CGPA by 9.5. This is based on the most common scale, where the maximum CGPA is 10.

CGPA Calculator - How to Convert CGPA to Percentage?

Topics Covered:

  • What is CGPA?
  • CGPA to Percentage Formula
  • How to Calculate CGPA?
  • CGPA to Percentage Conversion Chart (9.5 Grading Scale)
  • What is CGPA Grading System ?
  • Why Convert CGPA to Percentage?
  • Benefits of the CGPA System
  • CGPA to percentage formula for different Indian Universities

CGPA to Percentage Calculator


Percentage to CGPA Calculator


Colleges and universities worldwide utilize various grading systems. For instance, in India, students receive a percentage determining their division. In contrast, the United States uses a 4-point GPA (Grade Point Average) system, while Europe employs a 10-point CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) system. The process of convеrting CGPA to a pеrcеntagе involves multiplying your CGPA by 9.5. It's essential to note that this formula is specific to the CBSE board and may not apply to all еducational institutions. In rеcеnt timеs and gradе points havе bееn usеd to calculatе thе acadеmic pеrformancе of undеrgraduatе studеnts. 

What is CGPA?

The Cumulativе Gradе Point Average (CGPA) is a measure of the student’s performance in an educational program or course. It is the average points scored by a student in all courses or subjects taken within one semester or academic year.

It is common in most academic institutions to assign grade point values for each of the grades that a student receives, which are typically between 0 and 4 or from 0 to 10. For instance, an “A” would get a grade point of 4 while the one getting a "B" gets 3. First, all the grade points from courses taken are added up and then divided by how many classes were attended to calculate CGPA.

CGPA to Percentage Formula

Ever scratched your head trying to figure out how your CGPA translates to a percentage? We've all been there - students, parents, and teachers alike. That's why we've put together a simple  CGPA-to-percentage converter. Handcrafted by educators who've faced the same challenge, it's your go-to tool to make sense of those numbers and truly understand your academic journey.               

To convert CGPA into percentages, you must multiply your CGPA by 9.5. This is based on the most common scale, where the maximum CGPA is 10. For example, if your CGPA is 9.4, the equivalent percentage would be 9.4*9.5 = 89.3%.               

The Conversion Formula: Percentage = CGPA*9.5               

How to Calculate CGPA?

You can calculate CGPA  by dividing the total grade points you scored in all major subjects by the total credit points. 

CGPA = ∑ (Ci*GPi)/ ∑ Ci                   

where ,                

Ci- Credit Points                  
GPi - Grade Points                  

Suppose a student has the following grades and credit values for four courses:

Course                      Grade Point                      Credit Value                     
Mathematics 9 4
English 8 3
Science 7 3
Social Studies 9 2

To calculate the CGPA, we follow these steps:                                                                  

  • Multiply the grade points by the credit values for each course:                
  1. Mathematics: 9 × 4 = 36
  2. English: 8 × 3 = 24
  3. Science: 7 × 3 = 21
  4. Social Studies: 9 × 2 = 18
  • Sum up the products of grade points and credit values : 36 + 24 + 21 + 18 = 99
  • Calculate the total credit value: 4 + 3 + 3 + 2 = 12
  • Divide the sum of grade points by the total credit value: 99 ÷ 12 = 8.25

Therefore, the student's CGPA is 8.25.

Steps to convert CGPA to percentage

Step 1: First, you must add the marks obtained in all the subjects.   

For example , the total grade points are:

  1. Subject 1: 8     
  2. Subject 2: 7
  3. Subject 3: 9
  4. Subject 4: 7
  5. Subject 5: 8 

 Add the total score obtained: 8+7+9+7+8= 39                                                                  

  • Step 2:  Now divide the total by the total number of subjects

         For example, CGPA = 39/5 = 7.8

  • Step 3 : The  CGPA is 7.8                                                                 
  • Step 4: To calculate the percentile, you can multiply the CGPA with 9.5                                                                 

         Percentage=  CGPA*9.5                                                                 

  • Step 5:  CGPA is 7.8, multiply it with 9.5

         Example : 7.8*9.5=74%

This is how you need to calculate your CGPA.                                                                 

CGPA to Percentage Conversion Chart (9.5 Grading Scale)

CGPA                      Equivalent Percentage (%)                      CGPA                      Equivalent Percentage (%)                     
10 95 7 66.5
9.9 94.05 6.9 65.55
9.8 93.1 6.8 64.6
9.7 92.15 6.7 63.65
9.6 91.2 6.6 62.7
9.5 90.25 6.5 61.75
9.4 89.3 6.4 60.8
9.3 88.35 6.3 59.85
9.2 87.4 6.2 58.9
9.1 86.45 6.1 57.95
9 85.5 6 57
8.9 84.55 5.9 56.05
8.8 83.6 5.8 55.1
8.7 82.65 5.7 54.15
8.6 81.7 5.6 53.2
8.5 80.75 5.5 52.25
8.4 79.8 5.4 51.3
8.3 78.85 5.3 50.35
8.2 77.9 5.2 49.4
8.1 76.95 5.1 48.45
8 76 5 47.5
7.9 75.05 4.9 46.55
7.8 74.1 4.8 45.6
7.7 73.15 4.7 44.65
7.6 72.2 4.6 43.7
7.5 71.25 4.5 42.75
7.4 70.3 4.4 41.8
7.3 69.35 4.3 40.85
7.2 68.4 4.2 39.9
7.1 67.45 4.1 38.95
4 38

What is CGPA Grading System ?

According to the grading scale, a grade of D is required to pass the board test.  So, to pass the exam, you need at least a D  or A, B, or C  grade. Within a month of the results being released, students who received grades of E1 or E2 must retake the exam. Refer to the table below to check the grades and grade points for the marks obtained:

Marks                      Grades                      Grade Point                     
91-100 A1 10
81-90 A2 9
71-80 B1 8
61-70 B2 7
51-60 C1 6
41-50 C2 5
33-40 D 4
21-32 E1
20 & below E2

Why Convert CGPA to Percentage?

The CGPA Grading system lets students and teachers check students’ academic performance and work on their strengths and weaknesses to maximize their results as this factor allows educators to identify the strengths and weaknesses of students in studies.

Converting CGPA to Percentage is:

  • Simple to Use
  • Easy to Interpret
  • Concise
  • More Continuous than letter Grades
  • Combined with letter Grades 

Benefits of the CGPA System

The CGPA system offers several benefits for both students and educational institutions:

  • Reduced Pressure: The CGPA system reduces the pressure of scoring high marks, allowing students to focus on learning without undue stress.
  • Advanced Grading Pattern: The grading pattern used in the CGPA system is more advanced, providing a more accurate assessment of a student's performance.
  • Identification of Strengths and Weaknesses: The CGPA system helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to work on areas that need improvement.
  • Simpler and Continuous Evaluation: The CGPA system provides a more continuous evaluation of a student's performance, making it easier to track progress over time.

Advantages/Disadvantages of the CGPA System


The advantages of the CGPA approach involve combining the various topics' marks and providing a general representation of the applicant's performance. Furthermore, the individual grades allow students to recognize their strong points and improve on their weaker ones.


Even though CGPA has many advantages, there are a few disadvantages we should be aware of with this grading system. 

  • Due to the fact that they are simply given a cumulative grade, the level of competition among students is reduced. Given that getting a higher grade is not required, some students could become demotivated. 
  • Given that the students who had scores of 90 and 98 received the same grade, the grading system may be regarded unfair. 
  • The grades are thought to reward a greater percentage than the actual marks scored. 
  • The scores might not be accurate because those students who scored 89 and 90 are in two different grades, and there is a huge gap between the two. The performance of the students overall may be impacted. 

CGPA to percentage formula for different Indian Universities

The CGPA grading system is commonly utilized by Indian universities for assessing a student's academic performance throughout the course of a semester as well as the entire program. We've provided the conversion of CGPA to the percentage for some of the leading universities in India.

CBSE - CGPA to percentage calculation

The CBSE board uses the standard formula of multiplying the CGPA number by 9.5 to convert CGPA to percentage. The student's performance in classes IX and X is determined using this percentage approach.

For example:

If you have CGPA= 9            
Percentage is 9*9.5 = 85 %

CBSE revised  CGPA to a percentage calculation           
Subject-wise percentage calculation = 9.5*GPA of the individual subject           
Overall exam percentage calculation = 9.5* CGPA

Anna University CGPA to Percentage Calculator

The Anna University CGPA to percentage calculation applies only to Anna University and its affiliated colleges. To convert your CGPA to a percentage at Anna University, multiply your CGPA by 10. 

Percentage = CGPA *10    

For instance, if your     

CGPA= 7.6

Then your percentage will be  CGPA * 10

7.6*10= 76


Referring to the Anna University grades and credit points for semester exams is a good idea. 

Marks Grade Credit points
>91 S 10
81-90 A 9
71-80 B 8
61-70 C 7
57-60 D 6
51-56 E 5
<50 U 0

VTU CGPA to Percentage Calculator

The grading system employed by VTU relies on two metrics: SGPA and CGPA. SGPA represents the Semester Grade Point Average and reflects the student's academic performance per semester. To calculate CGPA, one can employ a formula that involves SGPA.

Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) students can follow this formula to calculate their percentage using the CGPA:

CGPA = ∑ (Ci*Si) / ∑ Ci     

Ci- Credit Points     
Si = SGPA     

VTU conversion = (CGPA - 0.75) * 10    

Percentage = (Aggregate percentage / 10) + 0.75

CGPA Calculator - How to Convert CGPA to Percentage?

KTU CGPA to Percentage Calculator

Kerala Technological University, or APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University, has a 10-point Grade system. The results are given on SGPA and CGPA basis.  KTU's calculation technique specifies a specific formula for calculating CGPA and converting it into a percentage only for KTU students. Check out the KTU CGPA to Percentage Conversion formula.

CGPA = (Ci*GPi)/(Ci)     
Ci = Credit granted to a certain course     
GPi = Grade Point Average for the Course     

Then, after, you can calculate the percentage by multiplying CGPA with 9.5.

GTU CGPA to Percentage Calculator

The Gujarat Technological University offers both two-year and four-year courses, and they use the CGPA and CPT scoring systems. Their students can convert their grades to percentages using a formula provided by the Board.

Gujarat Technological University (GTU) students can convert their CGPA to a percentage by using the following formula:

Percentage = (CGPA/SPI/CPI - 0.5) * 10)

SPI =Semester Percentage Index      
CPI = Cumulative Percentage Index    
CGPA = Cumulative Grade Points Average      

 SPPU CGPA to Percentage Calculator

The SPPU uses a 10-point grading scale. The CGPA and SGPA are used to assess students' performance. For each grade point, a different formula is used to convert CGPA to a percentage SPPU. The college tries to have a perfect scoring system because the grades earned during the semesters are crucial for future education and employment opportunities. As a result, multiple formulas are utilized for the conversion.

Grade wise SPPU conversion formula              

For Grade D                    

(4- 4.75 CGPA)                    
Percentage = (CGPA*6.6)+13.5           

For Grade C            

(4.75 - 5.25 CGPA)           
Percentage = (CGPA*10)-2.5            

For Grade B            

(5.25 - 5.75 CGPA)           
Percentage = (CGPA*10)-2.5

For Grade B+                    

(5.75 - 6.75 CGPA)           
Percentage = (CGPA*5)+26.25

For Grade A                                                                                         

(6.75 - 8.25 CGPA)            
Percentage = (CGPA*10)-7.5           

For Grade A+                     

(8.25 - 9.50 CGPA)            
Percentage = (CGPA*12)-25           

For Grade O           

(9.50 - 10.00 CGPA)     

Percentage = (CGPA*20)-100

BPUT CGPA to Percentage Calculator

The Biju Patnaik University of Technology uses its own CGPA when calculating percentage scores. Only their college students may use this BPUT CGPA to Percentage conversion method.

percentage = (CGPA-0.50)*10 

RGPV CGPA to Percentage Calculator

RGPV applied the credit-based scoring approach. The conversion formula that applies to this university multiplies the grade point average by ten.

Percentage = CGPA * 10    

WBUT CGPA to Percentage Calculator

For converting the CGPA to a percentage, WBUT doesn't have a set formula. This assessment system uses a 10-point grading scale. As a result, the formula will be as follows.

Percentage = (CGPA-0.75)*10    


MG University CGPA to Percentage Calculator

The basic percentage conversion is followed by the calculation of the CGPA at MG University. Here, to calculate the percentage, the CGPA score will be multiplied by 9.5.

Percentage = CGPA*9.5   

SRM University CGPA to Percentage Calculator

The SRM students can use the following table to see the grades they received with respect to the marks they received. Based on the grades received for each individual semester, the overall CGPA will be calculated. Here, the CGPA ranges from 0 to 10. In order to calculate the percentage equivalent, the CGPA result is generally multiplied by 10.

Percentage= CGPA*10                    

HNGU CGPA to Percentage Calculator

In HNGU, the calculation for converting CGPA to percentage is as easy as multiplying CGPA by 9.5.

Percentage = CGPA*9.5    

Mumbai University CGPA to Percentage Calculator

Mumbai University's conversion mechanism was recently revised in 2018 and now specifies multiple-point scales for different programs. MU has made the following key recommendations:

  • A 7-point scale is used for programs in Pure Sciences, Arts, Commerce, and associated subjects. It calculates the student's "actual marks" as a percentage.
  • For Engineering, the conversion is accomplished using the 10 Point Grading System, which is as follows:

  Percentage = 7.25 * CGPA + 11    

MAKAUT CGPA to Percentage Calculator

MAKAUT, also known as Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, employs a 7-point grading system that is comparable to the one used by VTU.

Percentage = [CGPA-0.75]* 10    

How to Convert CGPA to Percentage for Engineering?

To calculate your CGPA from a given percentage in engineering, divide the percentage by 9.5. 

For instance, if you scored 70%, multiply it by 9.5 to get your CGPA, which would be 7.3 out of 10. 

Score: 70%



CGPA=7.3 out of 10. 

Other Calculator :   

SGPA to Percentage  

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