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Sunstone Eduversity G.D Goenka University [GDGU], Gurugram Campus

Sunstone Eduversity  G.D Goenka University [GDGU], Gurugram Campus

Sunstone Eduversity G.D Goenka University [GDGU], Gurugram Campus



Topics Covered:
  • Accomodation
  • Scholarships
  • Services & Facilities

About Sunstone Eduversity G.D Goenka University [GDGU], Gurugram Campus

According to the 2021 India Skills Report, only 45.9% of Indian youth are considered employable. Despite the fact that there are many B-schools that offer management classes at a reduced cost, the employability of Indian youth continues to decline. Because of the constant need for a decent degree and high scores, job seekers cannot obtain the positions they desire. That is precisely what Sunstone Eduversity offers with #EducationThatWorks. Instead of providing industry-focused instruction, Sunstone Eduversity delivers job-ready skill sets via a combination of applied and theoretical learning. Students' needs are at the center of everything. This is a tech-driven approach that focuses on students’ needs.

G.D Goenka University [GDGU]

 This institution has become a leader in educational excellence as a result of its superlative learning experience for students. It has been a center of learning that has been dedicated to research and innovation.

Sunstone Eduversity G.D Goenka University [GDGU], Gurugram Campus Accomodation

The fees to stay in the GD Goenka Boys Hostel are listed below. 

  • ₹2,25,000 for four people, 
  • ₹2,40,000 for three people, 
  • ₹2,75,000 for two people, 
  • ₹1,50,000 for bunk beds. 

The fees to stay in the GD Goenka Girls Hostel are listed below. 

  • ₹2,65,000 for two people, 
  • ₹1,40,000 for bunk beds.

Sunstone Eduversity G.D Goenka University [GDGU], Gurugram Campus Scholarships

The Sunstone Eduversity Admission Test (S.E.A.T.) determines the amount of the scholarship. Students who pass the S.E.A.T. (Sunstone Eduversity Admission Test) will receive scholarships based on merit. 

The following restrictions apply to the Scholarship Test: 

  • To apply for a scholarship, candidates must have passed the 12th grade or equivalent courses in any stream from a recognized institution. 

The following conditions apply to postgraduate studies: 

  • Candidates must have a minimum 50% overall GPA during graduation. 
  • Those from SC/ST backgrounds must have a 45% overall GPA. 

Those who have graduated from a recognized institution in any field are also welcome to apply for the scholarship if they can provide proof of their postgraduate studies.

Sunstone Eduversity G.D Goenka University [GDGU], Gurugram Campus Services & Facilities

NIU provides students taking courses there with a variety of benefits, including wifi, libraries, infirmaries, cafeterias, air conditioning, and smart classrooms.

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  • The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program will prepare you for leadership on the global stage. This degree will provide you with in-depth knowledge and training from the perspective of business management.

24 month


$ 375000


Sunstone Eduversity G.D Goenka University [GDGU], Gurugram Campus Admission Requirements

An applicant must meet the institution's minimum standards in individual subjects or across all subjects, as required for each programme, to be admitted. Furthermore, the institution's minimum age requirement for admission must be met. Individuals must ensure that their eligibility matches their course requirements. Eligibility criteria vary from programme to programme.


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