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About Tulas Institute

Tula’s Institute was established in 2006, under the aegis of Rishabh Educational Trust, Dehradun with the vision of offering excellent academics along with fostering the professional and personal personas of every student of the institute.We encourage personal and professional development through respect, appreciation and commitment to general education to give a foundation for life-long learning. Tula’s has excellent academic programs from undergraduate to the postgraduate level.

Tulas Institute Accomodation

Tula’s Institute is one of the best engineering colleges in Dehradun, which provides the best hostel life; the hostel atmosphere forms an essential part of the young budding engineers and management graduates. 6 hostels are located in Tula’s campus, out of which 4 are boy’s hostels and 2 are girl’s hostels. Each room is on twin sharing; rooms are spacious, ventilated, airy, and well lit.


  • 24-hour WIFI facility
  • Separate table and chair for every hosteler
  • Separate Book Shelves
  • Attached Balcony for each room
  • Solar heated water 24×7
  • Single & Double occupancy rooms are available.

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Agriculture, Forestry & Animal Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

B.Sc. Agriculture is a four-year UG (Undergraduate) degree program that focuses on theoretical and practical training in various agricultural techniques. B.Sc. Agriculture offers a wide range of opportunities for graduates to work in various sectors of agriculture, from technical aspects to commercial opportunities, and from production to sales.

A bachelor’s degree in agriculture is a broad-based program with a lot of promise. It covers topics such as food production, gardening, animal husbandry, rural economy and development, environmental health and so on. Other businesses may face layoffs, but agriculture will never be one of them because “food” is a basic human need. There will never be a recession or a slowdown when it comes to feeding the planet. Truly speaking, advances in technology, research, and inventions in this field have greatly expanded the scope of agriculture.

A student pursuing B.Sc. Agriculture degree will study Agronomy, Soil Science, Horticulture, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Animal Science, Extension Education, Plant Biochemistry, Agriculture Economics and Fundamentals of Biotechnology, among other subjects.

48 month


$ 68000


The Department of civil engineering offers specialization in the field of Energy Engineering in UG program. Civil engineers work to sustain the natural environment while creating and maintaining the built environment. Civil engineers are essential to provide the necessities of human beings like water, shelter, infrastructure and energy in more efficient and renewable ways. If one has the zeal to take a new challenge every day, civil engineering will be the right choice.

48 month


$ 107500


Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering (B.Tech. CSE) is one of the most sought-after engineering degrees. The program teaches students about computer applications and systems in order to prepare them for a career in the IT industry. In this program, students learn about programming languages, digital and analogue electronic equipment, networking, Design and development of computer software and hardware and various forms of communication engineering. Students who have analytical and logical reasoning skills, as well as an interest in software development, testing, and programming, should consider a career in this field. 

The scope of computer engineer is to work with software systems to nurture a business and meet the needs of new forms of innovation in the field of technology. According to the definition of computer science engineering, this branch of engineering also deals with designing and developing computer algorithms in order to achieve specific business goals. In addition, students who earn a degree from this institute will be prepared to work as designers, developers, solution integrators, network administrators, database administrators, domain consultants, and software engineers in some of the world’s most prestigious companies.

48 month


$ 107500


B.Tech EEE is a 4-year undergraduate degree programme in electrical and electronics Engineering. This course covers various topics about application of electronics, electromagnetism and function of various electrical components to develop new and advanced electrical equipment etc.

48 month


$ 107500


Energy Engineering covers the utilization of different energy systems such as renewable & non renewable and different innovations in energy technologies & their management. Energy engineering is a field which combines different forms of energy like kinetic energy, radiant energy, potential energy, chemical energy, elastic energy & thermal energy to smear modern solutions for the energy generation, consumption and storage. New and  modern  engineering process also place  an emphasis on researching and developing new green  technologies with goal to diminish harmful and overused energy consumption. Energy engineers can design, develop, construct or implement energy solutions, including alternative energy system like wind energy, solar energy etc.

48 month


$ 107500



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