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Liwa College of Technology

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi

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Liwa College of Technology Overview

Liwa College of Technology provides a diverse range of educational opportunities with 25 programs available in both bachelor's and diploma levels. These programs span various faculties, including Business, Engineering, Information Technology, Media and Public Relations, and Medical and Health Sciences. Liwa College of Technology fees range from AED 990 to AED 1400.


About Liwa College of Technology

The Liwa College of Technology was founded in Abu Dhabi in 1993 and was officially recognized by the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates. Its primary objective was to keep up with the latest advancements in technology and business for modern times. Currently, it is one of the region's oldest and most distinguished institutions. Along with various diploma courses, Liwa College offers bachelor's programs in business administration, financial sciences, public relations (in Arabic), health information management, and industrial management. The school educates students to cope with the changing demands of local and international markets.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the United Arab Emirates has accredited Liwa College of Technology. The college boasts a diverse teaching staff from over 16 countries, and they significantly contribute to the development of knowledge, professional service, teaching, and supervision. Students can choose their preferred schedule, including weekends, weekdays, mornings, or evenings, to adjust their programs according to the curriculum. 

Additionally, Liwa College's academic programs, including future offerings, provide an excellent opportunity for students who prefer studying in their own country to earn a diploma. Liwa College graduates can pursue postgraduate studies in baccalaureate programs offered in the college itself or in local, Arab, Western, or other international universities, such as Canada and America.

Liwa College of Technology offers a wide range of educational opportunities with 25 programs in bachelor's and diploma levels. These programs cover faculties like 

  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Media and Public Relations
  • Medical and Health Sciences.

Liwa College of Technology prioritizes academic achievement alongside ethical principles and a continuous and organized pursuit of knowledge. Additionally, the college boasts a supportive community that provides top-notch education, fosters personal growth, facilitates lifelong socialization, and encourages pursuing passions. The institution is a significant hub for research and education and are dedicated to making a constructive impact within the communities the college serves and engage with.


Liwa College of Technology Services & Facilities

Liwa College of Technology offers a unique and authentic educational experience beyond traditional classroom learning. From the very beginning, the college prioritize developing practical skills and knowledge that are highly sought after by employers. Their exceptional academic community allows students to learn from renowned experts and gain a diverse range of academic experiences that will remain valuable throughout their lives. Upon graduation, the students feel fully equipped and self-assured to embark on a successful career path regardless of where they begin.

Liwa College understands the significance of a student's involvement in extracurricular activities as an integral part of their university experience. The college fosters a diverse community, allowing students to make lifelong friends and participate in various social, cultural, and athletic events, which help them develop into professionals with a strong sense of self.

The college provides students with an exceptional curriculum, excellent professors, top-notch infrastructure, and amenities, enabling them to envision their future, showcase their distinct abilities, and take pride in being a member of a thriving community.

Liwa College of Technology Accomodation

There is no accommodation offered by the college but you can look for various off-campus accommodations near the college. You can opt for transportation services and can look for cafes and other facilities in the college premises.

Liwa College of Technology Scholarships

Liwa College of Technology provides scholarships to students who fulfill specific requirements. The scholarships are accessible for individuals wanting to enroll in the college's programs. Students who wish to apply for the scholarships must satisfy the admission standards for the program they intend to pursue. Furthermore, the college emphasizes the significance of teaching and learning scholarships, implying that students who receive scholarships must exhibit exceptional academic performance.


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Year of Establishment

Liwa College of Technology Admission Requirements

  1. The original high school certificate or a true copy certified by the Ministry of Education in the country or its equivalent.
  2. A copy of a valid passport (and residence visa for non-Emirati students).
  3. A copy of a recent family book (for Emirati students).
  4. Original Emirates ID card.
  5. Two (2) recent personal photos (suitable for passport size).
  6. Original Isol, IELTS, TOEFL or IMSAT certificate (if available).
  7. Official transcript and course syllabi from the other university to transfer credit hours, if any.
  8. Foreign school applicants who follow the education systems in their home countries with a two-level secondary education must finish their higher secondary education to be considered for acceptance.

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