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Kent State University Overview

Year of establishment


Also Known As


University Address

800 E Summit St, Kent, OH 44240, United States

University Ranking


No. of Campuses


Total International Students


Endowments Value

$129 million

Accommodation expenses

$12,676 per semester

Meal expenses

$2,448 each semester

On-Campus Accommodation


Average Estimated Annual Tuition Fee

$21,579 - $22,523 per semester

Admission Requirements

Admissions Deadlines

Spring - October 1

Fall Semester - June 1

Size of Campus

953 acres

Alumni Worldwide


Female to Male Ratio

61 : 39

Average GPA

GPA : 3.38

Admission Intakes

Fall , Spring , Summer

Average Exam Score Requirement

IELTS : 6.0


PTE Academic: 48

SAT : 510

ACT : 21 in English

About Kent State University

At Kent State University, people hail from every corner of the globe to do work that paves the way for a brighter tomorrow. Here, you’ll find world-class faculty serving as researchers and mentors. Alumni leaders in business, healthcare, education and beyond, and students unafraid to break the mold and push boundaries. Our family is true blue and gold.

Since its founding as a teacher-training school in 1910, Kent State has become an engine for economic, cultural and workforce development in the region and beyond as a premiere university in Ohio. This Ohio university has also earned acclaim for applying new knowledge to address the needs of the communities it serves and society as a whole through a vast array of continuing education courses and much more. To learn more about the university's history and what makes it one of the best colleges in Ohio,

Kent State University Accomodation

On-Campus Housing
Student Accessibility Services (SAS) works with the Department of Residence Services to provide housing accommodations for students with disabilities. Students requesting disability-related housing accommodations must register with SAS and renew their request for housing accommodations with SAS each academic year. Eligibility for disability-related housing accommodations is determined on a case-by-case basis. For information on SAS registration procedures and documentation guidelines, please visit the Requesting Accommodations section of our website.

There are a variety of accessible housing options in the residence halls, including single rooms, air-conditioning, roll-in showers, and various bathroom configurations. For more information about Kent State University's residence halls, please visit the Residence Halls webpage.

Off-Campus Housing
Kent State Tuscarawas is a regional campus and does not have on-campus housing units. Rather, our students commute to and from campus. This page provides information to help you locate an affordable, clean and safe place to live, should you need housing close to campus. 

The information and handbook below were created to assist in locating off-campus housing and navigating the landlord-tenant relationship. It should not be considered legal advice. You are encouraged to consult independent legal means should any questions or concerns arise during the course of the landlord-tenant relationship.

Kent State University Services & Facilities

The campus has an excellent infrastructure, with breathtaking architecture and a high-quality library. The classrooms are very well-equipped, with multimedia projectors and clean desks, perfect for taking notes and paying attention. Additionally, the campus offers a variety of recreational activities, including frisbee golf and swimming. 

The university has an independent placement department, it consists of experienced placement officers and internship coordinators. They give students the right direction and facilitate their placement.

Kent State University Notable Alumni

The university has a large network of more than 245,000 alumni worldwide. Many notable names are associated with the university. Michael Keaton is an actor, director and producer best known for his roles in the sitcoms like The Mary Tyler Moore Hour and All's Fair and the films Night Shift, Johnny Dangerously, Mr. Mom and Beetlejuice. Jeffrey Richmond is a popular composer, director, actor, and producer. James Harrison used to be a famous American football linebacker. Dav Pilkey is an illustrator and author of children's literature, well-known for the children book series and Dumb Bunnies and Captain Underpants. Louis Leo Holtz is a former football player, analyst, and coach. Dolph Ziggler is a renowned professional wrestler. Many other successful people are graduates of the university.

Fact & Figures


Year of Establishment


Total Students


View All

The Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Mathematics prepares students for the actuarial profession. Actuaries are professionals who manage risk. They predict the likelihood of future events and model the financial impact of future scenarios. They find creative ways to mitigate the undesirable effects of future events. Although most actuaries are employed in the insurance and financial industries, many others work in the transportation, environmental, medical and manufacturing industries, as well as in government.

The Actuarial Mathematics major is highly interdisciplinary, integrating substantial coursework in business, computing and communications with a solid core of mathematics and statistics. Kent State University is one of only four institutions in Ohio to receive the Universities and Colleges with Actuarial Programs-Advanced Curriculum designation from the Society of Actuaries. The Kent State program prepares students for the first four of a series of examinations to receive professional certification as an actuary.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Reason mathematically by using precise definitions, articulating assumptions and reasoning logically to conclusions.
  • Engage effectively in problem solving by exploring examples, assessing the correctness of solutions and interpreting solutions in an actuarial context.
  • Define, interpret and apply standard actuarial notation, terminology and formulas.
  • Analyze various streams of cash flows, both certain and contingent.
  • Apply methods from probability, statistics and stochastic processes to the solution of problems in actuarial science, finance and economics.
  • Communicate solutions of mathematical problems clearly, both orally and in writing.
  • Employ commonly used computer programming languages and software packages to solve problems in actuarial science, finance and economics.
  • Demonstrate fundamental knowledge of finance, economics and accounting.

48 month


$ 20613


The Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising gives students the chance to connect with people through different media forms, by selecting the right audience, uncovering consumer insights and developing strategic and creative messaging, all with a digital-first mindset. Curriculum focuses on the advertising industry and the social responsibilities associated with this exciting form of persuasive media.

Coursework is supplemented with an internship. Other opportunities for experience include news, production, management, sales, performance and advertising positions with Kent State’s award-winning student media. Positions may also be available with IdeaBase, a student-run, full-service integrated marketing communications firm just down the hall from classrooms. Students teams also have the chance to participate in national competitions and make professional connections in the Franklin Advertising student group.

Students graduate ready for a career planning, buying and creating materials for digital and traditional outlets.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking, grounded in a legal and ethical framework.
  • Gather information, analyze it, and make informed judgments using methods and tools appropriate to their professions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply theory and research appropriate to their professions, including quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply basic ethical principles to their professional work.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply laws and regulations applicable to their professional work.
  • Write correctly and clearly in forms and styles appropriate for the communications professions, audiences and purposes they serve.
  • Demonstrate understanding of how media and their professions evolved historically, their role in societal development and their global interaction today with institutions and individuals.
  • Demonstrate appreciation for diverse cultures and individual differences, and reflect that appreciation in their work.

48 month


$ 20613


The Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Systems Engineering Technology prepares graduates to enter careers in the design, installation, manufacturing, testing, evaluation, technical sales and maintenance of aeronautical/aerospace systems. Students gain technical expertise in engineering materials, statics, strength of materials, applied aerodynamics, applied propulsion and electronics. Graduates  have strengths in the analysis, applied design, development, implementation and oversight of more advanced aeronautical/aerospace systems and processes.

Information on the program’s education objectives and student enrollment and graduation data can be found on the college website.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge, techniques, skills and modern tools of mathematics, science, engineering, and technology to solve broadly defined engineering problems appropriate to the discipline.
  • Design systems, components, or processes meeting specified needs for broadly defined engineering problems appropriate to the discipline.
  • Apply written, oral, and graphical communication in broadly defined technical and non-technical environments; and an ability to identify and use appropriate technical literature.
  • Conduct standard tests, measurements, and experiments and to analyze and interpret the results to improve processes.
  • Function effectively as a member as well as a leader on technical teams.

48 month


$ 20613


Engineering & Technology

Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics

The Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautics provides an education in aviation that produces professionals to operate the National Airspace System in the 21st century.

The Aeronautics major comprises the following concentrations:

  • The Aeronautical Studies concentration prepares students for entry-level technological positions in aviation and related areas. Although focused on a broad foundation of aeronautically related subjects, the program also provides a significant number of electives that allow students to explore other areas of interest or earn a minor in a particular area of study. It is well suited for those entering the program with previous flight experience or transfer credits from an accredited university.
  • The Air Traffic Control concentration prepares students for professional work in air traffic control and management. Originally, as part of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Traffic–Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI), the concentration provides practical simulation-based training in air traffic control that enables the CTI graduates to work as air traffic controllers and managers in the National Airspace System.
  • The Aviation Management concentration prepares students for entry-level management supervisory and administrative positions in aviation and other aviation-related professional fields. This course of study combines technical and aeronautical courses with courses in management and information systems. Students entering this program should have a technical interest, mathematical proficiency and an ability to develop analytical and communicative capabilities.
  • The Professional Pilot concentration is designed for students who aspire to become professional pilots. This concentration stresses subjects associated with flight systems, propulsion, structures and electronics. Students entering this program should have a strong desire for excellence in aviation as well as the flying skills required of a professional pilot.
  • The Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight Operations concentration is for students who aspire to become professional Unmanned aircraft pilots (drone pilot).  This concentration is focused on the safe operations of unmanned aircraft systems, regulations, the technology of autonomous systems and policy regarding the operations of unmanned aerial elements. 

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of math, science and the applied sciences to aviation-related disciplines.
  • Analyze and interpret data.
  • Understand and master the fundamental concepts and skills of airplane flight.
  • Communicate effectively through written and oral means.
  • Recognize the need and develop the cognitive abilities to engage in life-long learning by successfully contending with changing technologies, regulatory policies and procedures, market forces and the highly dynamic operational environment of commercial flight and professional aviation.
  • Understand contemporary issues that affect aviation.
  • Use the techniques, skills and modern technology necessary for professional practice.
  • Understand the national and international aviation environment.
  • Apply pertinent knowledge in identifying and solving problems.
  • Know and understand the technical details involved in the effective management of employees and operational systems in professional aviation.


48 month


$ 20613


The Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering focuses on the application of engineering principles to the design, manufacturing, and functionality of aerospace vehicles such as aircraft, missiles and spacecraft, to include autonomous and semi-autonomous unmanned aerial systems. Students gain an in-depth knowledge of aerodynamics, engineering materials and processes, structures, propulsion, flight mechanics, and control, while being exposed to orbital mechanics, space structures, and rocket propulsion.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Identify, formulate, and solve complex engineering problems by applying principles of engineering, science, and mathematics
  • Apply engineering design to produce solutions that meet specified needs with consideration of public health, safety, and welfare, as well as global, cultural, social, environmental, and economic factors
  • Communicate effectively with a range of audiences
  • Recognize ethical and professional responsibilities in engineering situations and make informed judgments, which must consider the impact of engineering solutions in global, economic, environmental, and societal contexts
  • Function effectively on a team whose members together provide leadership, create a collaborative and inclusive environment, establish goals, plan tasks, and meet objectives
  • Develop and conduct appropriate experimentation, analyze and interpret data, and use engineering judgment to draw conclusions
  • Acquire and apply new knowledge as needed, using appropriate learning strategies

48 month


$ 20613




Academic Counseling


Accomodation (On Campus)


Campus Security


Campus Shuttle


Career Support


Day Care Centers


Financial Assistance


Food & Dining Sevices



Kent State University Admission Requirements

Admission to Kent State University is dependent on meeting certain criteria, which vary depending on the program to which a student applies. 


  • Student should be at least 18 years old before taking admission.
  • Student should be proficient in English and must have taken IELTS, TOEFL, PTE or other equivalent exams.
  • Students are required to submit their original transcripts from all the academic institutions they have attended. If the transcripts are not in English, then students need to submit the translated copies of the same along with the originals.




Minimum Age

18 years 

Language Proficiency Test


Documents Required

  • original transcripts from all the academic institutions
  • SOP: Needed for a few courses
  • Additional documents: Required


Note: International students are considered on a case-by-case basis, therefore there can be some additional requirements while taking admission to Kent State University, depending on the program a student applies to.


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Kent State University, USA - Reviews(25)







What Alumni is saying

Neha Bagga

Neha Bagga

MFA Photography,, 2018


Part-time income

Working part-time allows students to earn extra money while acquiring useful work experience.

Amber Stamos

Amber Stamos

MFA Photography,, 2018


Pay for your education

The University has a number of scholarships and bursaries available to help students pay for their education.

Sheetal Gusain

Sheetal Gusain

MFA Photography,, 2018


Helped me in managing my finances

I am a student who got help from the university to help me survive in college. I am thankful for this financial help, it helped me in managing my finances and I was able to finish the semester.



card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Great career opportunities

At the university, I had a wonderful time. My classmates were fantastic, as were the instructors and staff. Students' well-being is important to the teaching team, which assists them throughout their academic careers. When it comes to assisting pupils who are perplexed, they are always willing to go above and beyond. There are numerous chances for employment. I would strongly recommend students to visit a career fair that is organized. The amenities of the college are outstanding. Students can get a lot of help with their well-being and health.

Neha Bagga

Neha Bagga

MFA Interaction Design

card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Furnished campus housing

The campus is lovely, the food is delicious, and the professors are wonderful; they go out of their way to support you. The courses are also quite good. The majority of my lecturers have been pleasant to work with. Students can engage with professors and classmates by providing cheap education and keeping class sizes small. By patrolling and monitoring using surveillance systems, and reporting suspicious activities, security officers ensure the safety of campus buildings. Housing and rooms are often large and well-equipped, including a kitchen, bathroom, and small living area.

Amber Stamos

Amber Stamos

MFA Interaction Design

card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Truly Impressive

The instructors seemed more like faculty members and the curriculum was not industry oriented. I had always been interested in technology, so I decided to study computers. When I came to this campus, I immediately noticed a difference. All the instructors were very supportive and helpful, the curriculum was industry-oriented, and the campus life was great. The campus has many clubs, a gym, and intramural sports. There are many people to meet and activities to participate in, so you never get bored. The school offers many academic and career assistance tools. The advisors are extremely helpful, and the school provides many resources for students, such as free tutoring. I have been truly impressed with this campus, and I highly recommend it.

Sheetal Gusain

Sheetal Gusain

MFA Interaction Design

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