What is an Academic Transcript, and how to Get a Transcript Certificate to study abroad?

What is an Academic Transcript, and how to Get a Transcript Certificate to study abroad?

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Academic transcripts - In order to attend college, we need a certificate that shows we have completed our undergraduate degree. Check here what are Academic Transcripts?, types, document required, sample, self-evolution and more.

What is an Academic Transcript, and how to Get a Transcript Certificate to study abroad?

Topics Covered:

  • What is an  Academic Transcript?
  • Types of Academic Transcripts
  • Importance of Academic Transcripts
  • What is the Purpose of a Transcript? What is the Best Way to Use it?
  • What is an Academic Transcript in India?
  • What information does an Academic Transcript include?
  • Common Names Given to an Academic Transcript
  • When Does a Student Need Transcripts?
  • What is a Transcript of Records?
  • Verifying the Accuracy of Your Academic Transcript
  • Which Course Requires Which Transcripts?
  • How to Get a Transcript Certificate?
  • Documents Required for Academic Transcripts
  • What is the difference between a Marksheet, Certificate, Diploma, and Degree?
  • Academic Transcript Sample
  • Self-evaluation in an Academic Transcript
  • Conclusion

When you apply to universities abroad, you must provide extensive documentation to support your application. You need to provide academic transcripts, official records of education showing personal information, institution details, and course curriculum. You may wonder what distinguishes an academic transcript from a mark sheet or other certificates. We can assist you with this.

In this post, we have addressed some of the most frequent issues with academic records: What is an academic transcript? Why are they important if you are planning to study abroad ? How can I receive a certified copy? How can I send official transcripts to universities? And so on.

What is an  Academic Transcript?

You may have heard of mark sheets, report cards, academic certificates, grade records, and other achievement documents during your academic career. An academic transcript is comparable to that.

Institutions want to see the same information on their course transcript, whether the term is academic transcripts or course transcript of records. The transcript of records provides considerable information about the student, institution, course, subjects, and grading system.

Types of Academic Transcripts

  • Official Transcripts: When a student requests it, these records are sent out by the school and feature the institution's emblem and the registrar's signature. These documents contain details of the examinations completed, transferred courses, and any qualifications achieved. 
  • Unofficial Transcripts: This transcript is not as dependable as the official one, and does not necessitate a university mark or a certified signature.            

Importance of Academic Transcripts

Academic transcriptions are required for a variety of reasons, including:            

  • Pursuing higher studies
  • Submission of visa applications
  • Getting a job
  • Completing a college transfer process without any issues.

What is the Purpose of a Transcript? What is the Best Way to Use it?

When applying to a foreign university for their selected course, you need to have a transcript ready. Transcript should be prepared with digital versions of the documents to upload on the application form. On the other hand, some universities may need prospective students to post physical copies of the transcripts via reliable carriers, such as DHL. Therefore, it is suggested that they go through the institution's prerequisites carefully before they send out the papers.

In order to comprehend the significance and purpose of certified transcripts in India, we must first become familiar with what they are.:

What is an Academic Transcript in India?

  1. Marksheets
  2. Academic Certificate
  3. Statement of Learning
  4. Cumulative Record File (CRF)
  5. Record of Achievement
  6. Transcript of Records (TOR)
  7. Grade Card
  8. Diploma Supplement
  9. Report Card
  10. Mark List

What information does an Academic Transcript include? 

Let's define what an academic transcript is before we answer that question. An academic transcript usually contains the following:

What is an Academic Transcript, and how to Get a Transcript Certificate to study abroad?
  1. Name of the Academic University/ Institution
  2. Accreditation
  3. Name of Student
  4. Name of Student's parents
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Year of graduating
  7. Roll Number of Student
  8. Name of Degree
  9. Duration of Course Taken
  10. List of Courses
  11. Marks/grades obtained in all courses
  12. Total Aggregate of the Marks/Grades       

Common Names Given to an Academic Transcript

Academic transcripts can be referred to by various names depending on the school or college. Here are some common terms used to denote an academic transcript:

  • Mark sheet
  • Mark list
  • Academic record
  • Report card
  • Record of achievement
  • Cumulative record file
  • Permanent record file
  • Transcript of Records

When Does a Student Need Transcripts?

Transcripts are necessary for higher education admissions, particularly when applying to colleges or universities abroad. It is recommended to have official academic transcripts of records ready when you apply for undergraduate or master's programs. Typically, you will receive your transcripts upon graduating from high school, and these will be requested as part of your application.

What is a Transcript of Records?

Having learned about academic transcript meaning, let us now discuss Transcript of Records, also known as ToR. ToRs record the courses a student has taken, the number of credits and exam passes, and grades and course durations.

What is the Purpose of a Transcript of Records?

Let's look at why getting a recorded transcript is essential now that we understand its significance:

An academic transcript consists of the following characteristics:

  • Transcripts provide legitimate information about your academic history.
  • Transcripts also contain details of the grading scale, which vary significantly as per the country.
  • Universities use transcripts to convert your results according to their education system and process them for admissions.

Confused where to study abroad?


 How can Final-Year Student Get Transcripts of Records?

Transcripts include a comprehensive record of your education and final grades. Universities' last documents are, therefore, transcripts. Let us look at how final-year students may obtain their degree transcripts.

  • After the final exams are over, you can request your professor for transcripts.
  • Since the timeframes for accepting scores vary across nations, universities may not accept your scores in time for admission if only a brief time has passed since the exam. In such situations, universities accept interim transcripts with the most recent exam scores.
  • Students in their final year can obtain provisional transcripts until their final grades are posted. Universities will accept provisional grades as proof of degree completion until the final degree is awarded.

What Transcripts do you Need to Include While Applying?  

While the specific requirements may vary depending on the university and program you are applying to, here are the common transcripts you will likely need to include in your study abroad application:

  • High School Official Transcript : This is required for undergraduate admissions and provides a comprehensive overview of your academic performance during high school.
  • Undergraduate Course Transcript: When applying for a master's program, you will need to provide your undergraduate course transcript to demonstrate your academic background and performance.
  • Backlog Certificate: If you have any backlogs or incomplete courses in your academic history, it is essential to submit a backlog certificate alongside your transcripts.

It is important to carefully review the application guidelines of each university to ensure you include the required transcripts.

Verifying the Accuracy of Your Academic Transcript

Once you receive your transcripts, it is crucial to double-check the following details to ensure accuracy:

  • Date of issue : Verify that the date of issue is recent and falls within the required timeframe for your application.
  • Signature of the administration officer: Look for the signature of the authorized administration officer to ensure the authenticity of the transcript.
  • Official stamp of the institution: The transcript should bear the official stamp or seal of the educational institution, further validating its authenticity.

It is essential to review your transcripts meticulously as any inaccuracies or faults could lead to complications in your application process.

Which Course Requires Which Transcripts?

Universities are clear about the academic transcript requirements for each course, so you don't need to worry about sending the right documents. Here is a list of the sorts of transcripts required for different programs:            

  • Universities require high school transcripts to evaluate applications for undergraduate level programs such as bachelor's degrees, diplomas, and certificates.
  • To apply for graduate degrees such as a master's or graduate diploma, you must provide transcripts from the institution where you studied.

How to Get a Transcript Certificate?         

Students often misunderstand the concepts of transcript and mark sheets. The distinction between a transcript, a mark sheet, a certificate, a diploma, and a degree are explained below.            

  • An academic transcript is considered official only if it has the official institution seal, signature, or stamp on it. Therefore, you may request an academic transcript from the institution where you studied. Once the institution issues academic transcripts, students are informed about them and asked to pick them up.
  • Universities in different countries accept official transcripts in different ways. There are three options for delivering official transcripts electronically, through the university's website, or by post.

The suitable styles of an Academic Transcript that are accepted are listed:  When determining foreign applications, universities will generally accept the following academic transcript formats. 

A scanned version of an authorized transcript: It will include a signature or stamp to authenticate it. It should be legible, but marks of scanning or photocopying may be permissible.

An authorized e-transcript taken from a third-party digital system: If you have access to an online platform such as Digitary, you can also supply an official transcript which will then be added to the remainder of your application.

An electronic replica of a provisional or interim transcript provided by your organization:  If you are unable to offer an official transcript because you are still registered or studying and end results have not been declared, you can provide an interim academic transcript            

Screenshot images : This will be allowed if you cannot get a transcript document

  • A Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).
  • Bachelor of Medicine certificate

Documents Required for Academic Transcripts

You must have a backlog certification to demonstrate whether you have finished all the subjects or not. It is essential to keep a long list of documents when you apply to various universities, and a transcript is just one of them. You will not be issued a backlog certificate if you have completed the coursework for all your subjects. Some universities, however, require a Blank backlog certificate.

Having familiarized ourselves with the definition of an academic transcript and the procedure for obtaining one, let's look at the other paperwork required for applying:

What is the Approximate Time Required for Obtaining a Transcript Certificate?

It usually takes 25-30 working days to obtain a transcript certificate from a university. Some institutions provide a faster service, but this may require an extra fee. Delays in receiving documents are usually due to the lack of or incorrect information included in the request. To avoid any hold-ups, ensure all your details are accurate before submitting your application. 

Moreover, you cannot directly send your transcripts to a desired destination. The documents must be sent through the university. This can take longer than usual, so it's important to apply as soon as possible to prevent further delays or to complete the process on time it is best to take guidance from study abroad consultants.

Getting transcripts can be a lengthy process, as it requires obtaining documents from different institutions for different courses. To prevent any further issues, make sure to apply as soon as you can.

What to do if your Transcript Gets Delayed?  

In some cases, transcripts may be delayed due to various reasons, such as delayed exams or administrative processes. If you find yourself in such a situation, you can use an interim transcript approved by your educational institution. This interim transcript can serve as a temporary document until your official transcript becomes available.    

What is the difference between a Marksheet, Certificate, Diploma, and Degree?            

When students apply to universities outside India, one of the most common queries is whether academic transcripts and mark sheets are the same. Since we now know what an academic transcript is in India, we can distinguish between an academic transcript and other academic records such as mark sheets, certificates, diplomas, and degrees.

Difference Between Transcript and Marksheet

Marksheets is the most popular term for transcripts in India. A consolidated mark sheet includes all the information from multiple mark sheets from different years of education, whereas a transcript contains the grading scale information. You must have a mark sheet and a final degree transcript to compile a recorded history.

Difference between a transcript and a certificate

A university transcript comprises all the information from your previous degree programs. A certificate is included in the transcript as a compiled list of your prior learning. In India, a certificate is given to a student who completes a degree program. A degree certificate is not necessarily equivalent to a transcript.

Difference between a transcript and a diploma

According to what was said, an academic transcript is a record of all the classes a student has taken. On the other hand, a diploma is an educational credential listed on the transcript as a component of the coursework information, including the subjects studied, grades received, and course duration, among other things. A transcript and a diploma differ in this way.

Difference between an Academic Transcript and a Degree Certificate 

 While the degree represents the final certificate you receive upon completing your educational qualification, the transcript goes beyond that. It is an official statement from your high school or university that compiles all your academic records and achievements. While the degree showcases your completion of a specific program or course, the transcript provides a detailed breakdown of your academic performance.

S No.      Academic Transcript      Degree Certificate     
1 In the transcript you get see your academic performance of your degree. Degree is the certificate that you get from the university after completing the course.
2 It acts as proof of your qualification,  education, as well as performance It is a proof of education and qualification.
3 You can get interim transcripts before completing your education at college/university. You can get a degree only after completing the entire course.
4 Transcripts consist of your academic and non-academic achievements A degree does not include any achievements.
5 Transcripts have subject-wise grades and total scores in the end. The degree is proof that you have completed a course. It does not include any grades.
6 The transcript is mandatory if you plan to study abroad. If you are already providing your academic transcripts, you not need to provide degree.

Academic Transcript Sample 

Now that we are familiar with what an academic transcript is let's see what one looks like and what information it contains:

  1. Institution name
  2. Institution address, city, state, and country
  3. Address of the institution
  4. Accreditation held by the institution
  5. Name of the Student
  6. Unique student ID number
  7. Name of the Student's parent
  8. Date of birth of the student
  9. Name of degree earned
  10. List of subjects taken
  11. Duration of the course
  12. Date and year of graduation
  13. Marks or grades earned in each subject
  14. Consolidated marks or grades earned in the course

College Letterhead    

This certificate verifies that Mr/Ms. ABC attended ABC Institute as a student from July 2015 to August 2016. They successfully obtained a bachelor's degree in B.Sc. Economics after completing the three-year program at the ABC campus in August 2018.

Mr/Ms. ABC is currently seeking admission to your institution for postgraduate studies. They possess strong analytical skills and a deep understanding of Economics. Below, you will find detailed information about the B.Sc. Course in Economics offered by ABC Institute, including their performance chart for each examination conducted during their undergraduate studies.    


Duration of course: July 2015 to August 2018    

In the final semester, students are required to complete a dissertation, along with mandatory subjects. The course is divided into six semesters, each spanning 16 weeks. Each lecture has a duration of 45 minutes. Internal assessments contribute to 30% of the overall marks and include oral exams and presentations. The remaining 70% is based on university examinations conducted after the completion of each semester's 16-week period.

To progress to the next year, students must earn a minimum of 24 credits based on their academic and extracurricular performance. ABC University provides up to 10 grace marks that can be awarded to assist students in clearing exams or improving their scores according to specific criteria.

ABC University assigns grades using GPA ranging from A+ through D- for different levels of achievement, with F indicating failure in passing the exam.


Marks (GPA)     Grade    
3.7 and above A+
3.4 to 3.7 A
3.0 to 3.4 B+
2.7 to 3.0 B
2.4 to 2.7 C+
2.2 to 2.4 C
2.0 to 2.2 D+
1.7 to 2.0 D
Below 1.7 F



Signature of Registrar

College Letterhead    

Course: B.Sc. Economics                                                      

1st Year (July 2015 to August 2016)

Name: ABC

Roll Number: XXXXXXX064

Date of Passing: 19th August 2016

Semester I    

Subject  GPA Grade Credits
Microeconomics 1 3.2 B+ 3
Statistics 1 3.5 A 3
Mathematics 1 3.8 A+ 3
Indian Economy 3.2 B+ 3
Macroeconomics 1 3.7 A+ 3
Econometrics 1 2.8 B 3

Semester II    

Subject      GPA     Grade     Credits    
Statistics 2 3.7 A+ 3
Microeconomics 2 3.1 B+ 3
Econometrics 2 3.8 A+ 3
Mathematics 2 3.9 A+ 3
Macroeconomics 2 3.4 B+ 3
Indian Economy 3.6 A+ 3

Total CGPA for the 1st year – 3.51/4


Signature of Registrar    

Self-evaluation in an Academic Transcript

While most academic transcripts do not include a self-evaluation section, some universities may require applicants to provide a brief self-assessment along with the transcript. Here are some guidelines on what to include:

  • Describe your favourite subjects in the course and explain why you enjoyed them.
  • Discuss any challenges you faced in certain subjects and how you overcame them.
  • Evaluate the practical experiences gained during the course and their impact on your development.
  • Provide insight into how the course has made you a more capable individual.

Keep your self-evaluation concise, within 150 words, and aim to create a positive impression. Even when discussing weaknesses, frame them as challenges to demonstrate personal growth.


We hope this article helps you grasp what an academic transcript is, how it differs from other academic documents, how to get a transcript certificate, and more. But the best way to satisfy university deadlines is to prepare all your documents in advance and ensure that you send all the necessary details.

The Edmissions team is here to provide you with help throughout the college application process. Before you submit your application to your desired college or university, it is recommended that you get in touch with a Edmissions specialist by registering on the website edmissions.com .    

To learn more about application processing, contact our Edmissions specialists at [email protected] .

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