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Crandall University Overview

Crandall University Moncton, Canada provides a range of courses and programs that lead to accredited higher education degrees, including bachelor's degrees and master's degrees in various fields such as Art, Education, Business Administration, Science, and Organizational Management. The tuition fee for international students to study at Crandall University ranges from CA$ 16,000- CA$ 25,000. As per the QS World Ranking 2023, the university ranks #12692.

About Crandall University

Established in 1974, Crandall University Canada is thriving on cultivating academic learning, skills and developing an overall vision of a better society. It started as a Bible school and now has grown into a large establishment with quality education. The university is based in Moncton, New Brunswick, and provides high-quality training and education programs to national and international students in northeastern Saskatchewan. The university offers various courses in management, education, science, business, and arts. Among all, the International Bachelor of Commerce is one of the most sought-after programs. In addition, a certificate in business is also a common choice for international students.

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Crandall University Scholarships

The university offers financial aid to international students in the form of bursaries, scholarships and awards. In addition to this, multiple on-campus and off-campus job opportunities are available for students to help them in managing their finances. The scholarship includes Ontario Graduate Scholarships Ogs Western University with $15,000 reward, Doris Dixon Scholarship Which rewards $1,500, and Ontario Graduate Scholarship Masters Program with $5,000 reward.

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Crandall University Services & Facilities

Crandall University Canada has state-of-the-art facilities and amenities that cater to the requirements of all its students. In fact, Crandall University facilities are considered among the top in the country that provide a positive learning environment to students. The quality of education imparted by the expert faculty at college is unparalleled and the student-industry engagements are industry-specific and enrich students with exposure to varied working environments.

In addition, students can enjoy multiple recreation activities on campus like cross-country, soccer, ACAA basketball etc. University has formed a separate association known as the Crandall Student Association to look after the well-being of international students. On top of it, the university provides students with a range of opportunities to work on campus.

Crandall University Accomodation

University provides two options to live on-campus: Mitton Court Apartments and Colburne Residence. Colburne house offers single, double and live-in pods. Students who are in their third or higher year of study are eligible to live at Mitton Court apartments. Both options are perfectly suitable for international students.  

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Crandall University Notable Alumni

Graduates from Crandall are spread all over the world. Its alumni network is what makes it unique. Some of Crandall’s notable alumni are: Ralph Richardson, first chancellor of Crandall University, Ken LeBlanc, entrepreneur and David Alward, Canadian politician.

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English at Crandall
Great works of imaginative literature, old and new, are at the heart of Crandall’s English program. We study novels, poems, and plays because of their power to move us and help us draw closer to goodness, truth, and beauty. As students experience and explore this richness, they develop the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills they will need in their professional careers.

English students can choose from a wide range of exciting courses, including specialized courses on classic authors such as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Austen, and Eliot, as well as survey courses in Canadian literature, American Literature, and contemporary literary criticism. Crandall’s English program also offers unique upper-level courses that explore the ways in which a Christian worldview informs and enriches the work of best-selling authors such as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.

The Benefits of a B.A. in English from Crandall
Crandall’s B.A. in English is excellent preparation for careers that require expert levels of reading, writing, and research, as well as for those that require strong analytical and communication skills.
Recent graduates from Crandall’s B.A. in English have continued their studies at some of Canada’s best known graduate schools and have pursued careers in administration, education, Christian ministries, creative writing, journalism, law, public relations, and public service.

Program Highlights

  • Professors in the program are passionate about literature and about the success of their students. They get to know their students personally and work with them both in class and individually to encourage excellence and facilitate success.
  • Program courses cover works from a wide range of historical periods and genres, including literature from Britain, Canada, the United States, and other countries that have contributed to the English literary canon.
  • Introductory courses train students in the knowledge and skills needed to successfully complete a  degree in English, while upper-level courses allow students to specialize in the literature of some of their favourite periods, authors, and themes.
  • The Creative Writing option within the degree encourages students to explore their creativity as they study the art of writing fiction, poetry, and  drama, and then practice writing works of their own.
  • The Oxford Study Programme offers students the opportunity to spend one semester in England, studying Shakespeare and drama as Associate Students at Regent’s Park College of the University of Oxford.
  • The university’s TESL Certificate Program, popular among English majors, offers students the chance to become certified teachers of English as a Second Language, and provides assistance in finding teaching jobs overseas.
  • The English Society creates opportunities for students to meet other students with similar interests.

48 month


$ 17900


Explore Civilization’s Rich Past with a History Degree from Crandall
Learning to ask the right questions, to think logically and express yourself clearly and succinctly are all hallmarks of Crandall’s history degree program.  The major encompasses the study of Western civilization and focuses on the rise of the West within the world context.  Through interesting guest speakers, lively class discussions and extensive readings, you’ll expand your understanding of humankind and your faith as it relates to other religions and world events, both past and current.  The skills gained through this challenging history degree curriculum will prepare you well for a broad range of career pathways, including graduate or law school.

Special Program Highlights for a Bachelor of Arts in History

  • Get to know their professors and classmates well by being a part of small classes that engage in lively group discussions.
  • It’s not about memorizing dates with a history degree at Crandall! Explore the “why” and “how” behind historic events to give them context on the world stage.
  • Study history overseas at Oxford University for a semester, if you wish, exploring the settings of many events they study in their classes.
  • Gain exposure to Africa’s fascinating history in addition to studying the history of Western civilization.
  • Complete an internships for credit if you wish. Past students have worked in such locations as area museums and archives.
  • Explore different worldviews and learn to appreciate Christianity in new ways.
  • Learn from interesting guest speakers who visit classes from time to time, sharing their unique perspectives on world events.
  • Join the History Society, which offers fun opportunities to socialize with other History majors at barbecues, field trips and other gatherings.

48 month


$ 17900


Gain Understanding of Human Development and Behavior
Are you interested in exploring the why behind people’s actions?  Are you intrigued by the workings of the human mind?  If so, the study of Psychology may be an ideal major for you.
When you study for a degree in Psychology at Crandall, you join in our quest for knowledge about individual development and behavior in a social context.  You will learn to evaluate research and grow in your understanding of psychological theories.  Through your coursework, you will think critically and gain insights into yourself as well as others.
By the time you graduate with a degree in psychology, you will be well prepared to work in service and counseling organizations and to pursue advanced studies in psychology or a related field.

What to expect when you graduate
A degree in psychology from Crandall University prepares you to work in certain public service situations such as youth group home worker, and similar entry-level positions. Other positions, like clinical psychologist or counsellor, require further professional or graduate studies. Past Crandall psychology graduates have been accepted into programs like the Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology program at the Université de Moncton, Law at UNB, and Master of Science in Occupational Therapy at University of Western Ontario

Special Program Highlights for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology

  • Explore such interesting academic areas as early childhood development, developmental disabilities, , forensic psychology, criminology, behavior disorders and communication disorders.
  • Assist psychology professors with their research projects to gain valuable first-hand experience.
  • Learn from interesting classroom guests.
  • Get lots of support and mentoring throughout your degree in psychology from your professors in our small class environment.
  • Join the Psychology Society, a campus service organization composed of psychology majors.

48 month


$ 17900


We are looking for students who care about the world around them and want to make it a better place, particularly for the poor and marginalized. That is why we offer a social justice focus as part of our sociology major here at Crandall University. Come work with professors who are concerned about the problems in society and who will think with you about creative solutions to those problems. If you want to make a difference, we think you need to understand society in order to help improve it.

That’s why you should study sociology.

Learning more about the dynamics of human relationships helps you form better relationships. Understanding society’s major institutions (like education, marriage, or religion) helps you understand how you can best transform them. Understanding globalization, patterns of immigration, and relationships between rich and poor countries, empowers you to work towards world justice. With courses in poverty, world population, marriage and the family, gender, religion, and many others, we explore the diversity of our social world.

And, it is not only classroom work that creates difference makers. We invite you to be involved in our community and beyond. You can volunteer with a local organization, or go overseas on a missions/development trip as part of our internship programs. Join the Sociology Society and participate in a food drive or other service opportunities. People are hurting in this broken world. Since we care about people, we are looking for difference makers.

48 month


$ 17395


The Master of Organizational Management (MOrgM) offered by Crandall University is a people-focused program that prepares passionate professionals for leadership and management roles within their organizations. This differs from a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in that it will focus more on working with and through people than on the technical aspects of business administration. 

The Master of Organizational Management is intended for passionate, dedicated, team-oriented working professionals looking to maximize their potential in managing people and leading organizations. Unlike an MBA, which usually focuses specially on the basic business disciplines of accounting, marketing, and operations, the Master of Organizational Management is about developing big-picture strategies and understandings and especially the knowledge necessary to lead and motivate people.

12 month


$ 24950


Crandall University Admission Requirements

Admission to Crandall University is subject to certain requirements and the eligibility requirements vary as per the program a student applies to. However, there are certain requirements that every student must keep in mind before applying to the college:

  • Student should be at least 18 years old before taking admission
  • Student should be proficient in English and must have taken IELTS, TOEFL, PTE or other equivalent exams
  • Students are required to submit their original transcripts from all the academic institutions they have attended. 



Minimum Age

18 years

Language Proficiency Test


Documents Required

  • Original transcripts from all the academic institutions they have attended
  • Additional document (may be required)



January, May and September

Note: International students are considered on a case-by-case basis, therefore there can be some additional requirements while taking admission to Crandall University, depending on the program a student applies to.

Check complete information about Canada Intake Program:
Winter intake in Canada
May Intake in Canada
Fall intake in Canada



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Arjun Mehra

Can anyone provide me with information about Crandall University? I'm pursuing a master's degree in management. What about the degree's acceptance throughout Canada and the prospects of landing a better job once it's concluded?

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3 Comment

Ananya Sharma

Crandall University is a well renowned educational institute in Canada with a very a very strong foundation in academics. Crandall University also has a very good placement record.

Waseem Khan

After earning their master's degrees, do overseas students receive employment offers in Canada?

Ananya Sharma

The type of offers which you will be getting will entirely depend on your academic performance and your work ethic.

Crandall University, Canada - Reviews(25)







What Alumni is saying



MFA Photography,, 2018


Always ready to help students!

They've helped me so much in my studies, and they're always ready to help students with any questions or issues that come up.



MFA Photography,, 2018


Accessible Faculty

This university offers a wide range of academic-oriented activities, and the faculties are quite accessible.



MFA Photography,, 2018


Modern technology to teach

All of the teachers were enthusiastic about their subjects and have a wealth of knowledge. The course material was also taught using modern technologies by the teachers.



card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Positive Experience

I was looking for a university that could educate me in a manner that my personality and aptitude would let me excel in that I would have a positive experience and Crandall University was that place. I have been a student there and it has been a great experience with a lot of positive aspects. The professors are nothing short of amazing and have always been there to help me out when I needed it most. Campus life is fun and I have made so many great friends here. If you are looking for a university that will meet your needs, Crandall University is a great option.



MFA Interaction Design

card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Outstanding Academic Facilities

The institute offers more than what it promises, as it provides outstanding academic and infrastructural facilities to all of its students. Every specialization offered by the institute covers all of the aspects which are required to attain great success in your career. As a student at a large university, you'll have access to a vast library where you may browse digital books as well as print ones. Table tennis and cricket are among the sports that students may engage in. The college's grounds also have a tennis court for students to use. Under the leadership of capable faculty, you are encouraged to study independently.



MFA Interaction Design

card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Family-like atmosphere

I am grateful to the institution because, in this competitive world, I was able to secure a job through a campus interview. This college provides excellent opportunities for its pupils and polishes them in order for them to live a better life. Not only that, but we all benefit from a family-like atmosphere in which to pursue our studies. The college does a fantastic job of educating its students for their future careers. The professors are well-versed in their fields, and the academics are unrivalled. The campus is beautiful. It has such a serene and lovely atmosphere to it. It's been a lot of fun meeting new people at college and getting more involved in my studies. This college also encourages students to get involved in extracurricular activities by presenting a number of events.



MFA Interaction Design

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