India-Canada Conflict: Why Planning Your Fall Session in Canada Is Still a Smart Move?

India-Canada Conflict: Why Planning Your Fall Session in Canada Is Still a Smart Move?

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By Prabhadri Suman|Updated On - 2023-09-23 09:58:41

Discover why planning your fall session in Canada is a smart move despite the India-Canada conflict. Stay updated with the latest information and make an informed decision.

India-Canada Conflict: Why Planning Your Fall Session in Canada Is Still a Smart Move?

Topics Covered:

  • Impact on Indian Students Who Plan to Study in Canada
  • The Ongoing Political Turmoil
  • Advice from Canadian University Representatives
  • Safety Concerns and Travel Advisories
  • Reassurances from Visa Consultancies and Non-Resident Indians
  • Navigating the Challenges: Tips for Indian Students
  • Conclusion

Canada aspirants are currently in dilemma whether to apply to Canadian universities or not due to the ongoing political tensions between Canada and India. This situation has raised concerns about visa delays and possible disruption of academic sessions.   

Due to the diplomatic tension, Indian students are in a state of uncertainty to study in Canada . As per the current news, there is no ban on student visas.      As per the  CIC News ,      Canada is still accepting new applications, and there is no indication that the country will stop visa processing visas for Indian nationals.   

The Senate report suggests international students can gain permanent residence after completing their studies in Canada.

Students are deferring their admission for the next intake as the spring intake admission might be disrupted, which is scheduled to begin in January, due to a delay in visa processing. But it is sure that there will be no issue to study in fall intake in Canada. 

Vinay Kumar, the head of the visa consultancy firm Surat, said      that students who get their visas can fly as scheduled. The Canadian government will not cancel visas already given to Indian students.

In this article, let's know what Canadian university representatives have to say and more about studying in Canada.

Impact on Indian Students Who Plan to Study in Canada

The diplomatic tensions have left Indian students planning to study in Canada in a state of uncertainty. While there is currently no ban on study visas for Indian students, concerns have arisen regarding the possibility of an unannounced visa ban by the Canadian Embassy in India. Students and their families, who have spent a lot of money pursuing their education in Canada, are anxious due to this uncertainty.

The Ongoing Political Turmoil

Students from India who want to study in Canada are hesitant because of the continuous political unrest between the two countries. The diplomatic dispute between India and Canada stems from allegations made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau regarding India's involvement in killing Khalistan leader and Canadian national Hardeep Singh Nijjar. In response, the Indian government suspended the e-visa facility for Canadian citizens and requested to downsize Canadian missions in India.

Amidst this tension, representatives of Canadian universities have cautioned that visa processing times may pose challenges, potentially leading to delays for Indian students. This has raised concerns among students planning to travel for the spring academic session scheduled to begin in January. The potential disruptions have prompted universities to advise Indian students to consider planning their academic session for the following fall/autumn, August 2024.

Advice from Canadian University Representatives

Representatives from Canadian universities at an education fair in Hyderabad      emphasized the potential visa delays. They suggested that students consider admission to fall intake starting in August 2024. Students must evaluate the on-ground circumstances before making final decisions.

Representatives from  Ontario University stated that the university would wait another week before finalizing admission plans. They will decide to issue admission letters for the January or May sessions or for the fall 2024 session as per the situation, ensuring that students do not have to defer admissions due to potential visa delays.

Safety Concerns and Travel Advisories

In response to the diplomatic tensions, India has issued a travel warning for Indians visiting Canada, citing security concerns. According to Canadian Press Immigration Minister Marc Miller, Canada says that we are the safest country in the world. According to the Global Peace Index, Canada ranked 11th in 2023. 

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Reassurances from Visa Consultancies and Non-Resident Indians

Visa consultancy firms and non-resident Indians who offer accommodation to Indian students in Canada have reassured families by saying there is no immediate cause for concern. They emphasize that, as of now, visa processing for Indian students has not been affected. 

The Future of Study Visas for Indian Students in Canada   

Canada values international students' contributions to its educational institutions and economy. The country has immigration targets and aims to welcome over 500,000 permanent residents annually by the end of 2025. 

Thus, it is doubtful that there will be any visa refusals for Indian aspirants due to this tension. These issues may cause disruptions temporarily, but students must look beyond and focus on other benefits of studying in Canada.

Navigating the Challenges: Tips for Indian Students

Indian students planning to study in Canada can take specific steps to navigate the current challenges. Students should contact their universities and consult with visa consultancy firms to receive accurate information. Moreover, looking for alternate study abroad choices could provide students with backup plans in case something unexpected happens.


While the ongoing political tension between Canada and India has raised concerns about visa delays and potential disruptions to academic sessions, it is essential to navigate this situation cautiously and patiently. 

The Canadian government has not banned study visas for Indian students, and its support of global education suggests that visa acceptance rates won't be significantly impacted. Indian students can successfully manage challenges and continue their quest for a top-notch education in Canada by being aware and prepared.

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