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About Algoma University Sault Ste. Marie Campus

Established in 1965 as Algoma College, Algoma University was initially an affiliate of Laurentian University in Sudbury. In 1967, Algoma College began offering classes in portable building located at the Cambrian College site, now Sault College site. Algoma College moved into its current location, the former Shingwauk Residential School building, in 1971.

In 2008, Algoma University was granted its charter and with the charter, achieved full autonomous university status as Ontario’s 19th University. Algoma University now offers over 30 academic programs in a diverse range of fields and through three faculties: Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Humanities.

Our Campuses
While our Sault Ste. Marie and Timmins campus offers a truly northern experience, our Brampton campus provides students with an urban experience.

No matter where you study, each campus provides students with the academic background and experience required to succeed. You’ll receive a personalized, hands-on learning experience, and benefit from one-on-one interactions with our spirited faculty. You’ll have endless opportunities for personal growth inside and outside the classroom. That’s our guarantee.

Sault Ste. Marie Campus
Algoma U’s main campus is located in Sault Ste. Marie, a city of 73,000 people in Northern Ontario. “The Soo”, as locals call it, has all the amenities of a big city – shopping, entertainment, sports teams, festivals, and cultural activities – but without the hassle of traffic.

We’re lucky to live in a city surrounded by the great outdoors. With Lake Superior and the St. Mary’s River literally just steps from our front door, there’s always something to do. Come take a closer look.

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Our three-year accounting program is the perfect fit for students who have an aptitude for numbers, organizing, and analytical problem-solving skills.

In today’s global work world, accountants are in high demand. With the economy bouncing back from the recent economic downturn, Service Canada has forecasted accounting careers to be on the rise to mimic the economic upswing. Here at Algoma U, our students have a fundamental understanding of accounting concepts and principles needed to succeed in life and in their future career. Students will gain a strong understanding of managerial accounting, income taxation, finance, auditing, and analysis of general and management practices. Students will develop the intellectual ability to effectively organize, manage and lead teams, analyze and solve complex problems while leveraging new innovations and creative solutions, conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner, and develop and execute business decisions using effective communication techniques.

36 month


$ 18928


Through a culture-based curriculum, students will learn Anishinaabe history, philosophy, and worldview, experiencing and exploring the importance of self-knowledge and the ways in which knowledge creates pathways for interpersonal and intercultural respect.

The Anishinaabe Studies program explores the enduring history of the Anishinaabe, the original peoples of this part of the world. Graduates will understand the relatively recent influence of colonization, consequential social issues, and significant contemporary movements in Anishinaabe society. They will further develop broad cross-cultural understanding, and experience both traditional and contemporary Anishinaabe research methodologies, as they relate to other research paradigms.

This program provides real opportunities for every student to achieve his/her full potential by developing academic study skills, habits, understanding, attitude, and positive character traits essential for making sound choices for self, career, and life. A holistic approach to teaching and learning provides an emphasis on cultural values, respect for tradition in contemporary society, a responsible approach toward life, respect and concern for the beliefs and rights of others, and a willingness to act in the best interests of family and community.

This culture-based education relies on strong ties with the traditional Anishinaabe community. Traditional community involvement is a priority. Students will also learn the philosophy and foundations of Anishinaabemowin, and in particular, the recall and retention of the traditional older lodge language, Gatay Anishinaabemowin, of the ceremonial way of life. Graduates will be able to use introductory-level Anishinaabemowin and they will understand the interrelationship of language and epistemology. The Anishinaabe Studies program will open up a field of opportunity for all graduates. They will be equipped to proceed on to an honours equivalent year and master level programs in a range of disciplines. They will be prepared to work in a variety of sectors that involve interaction with Anishinaabe people and in cross-cultural environments, including social services, governance positions, and education (teaching and advising).

The Bachelor of Arts in Anishinaabe Studies is a degree program proposed by Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig through the degree-granting structures of Algoma University. At present, Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig, through the accreditation of Algoma University, offers a range of courses in Anishinaabe Studies and in Anishinaabemowin.

Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig delivers core Anishinaabe Studies and Anishinaabemowin courses, which are supplemented by a range of relevant courses from other departments including history, law and politics, English, music, visual arts, social work, and community, economic, and social development (CESD). Students who qualify may apply to graduate at present with a three-year BA in Anishinaabemowin or with an Interdisciplinary Aboriginal Learning Certificate. The Bachelor of Arts in Anishinaabe Studies builds on existing Anishinaabe Studies courses that have been offered at Algoma U since 2007. The collaborative SKG-AU approach to the delivery of the Anishinaabe Studies program provides students with a truly unique educational experience, grounded in Algoma U’s special mission “to cultivate cross-cultural learning between Aboriginal communities and other communities.”

36 month


$ 18928


Currently, Anishinaabemowin faces many of the dangers other languages around the world face – extinction. The language was originally passed on by elders to younger generations through oral storytelling; however, this tradition has changed in recent years. The language relies upon a newer and younger generation to become versed in the language and to pass their teachings on to future generations. Thus, by studying Anishinaabemowin, you have the power to revive and maintain the language of one of the earliest peoples in Canada.

Our program offers basic- to advanced-level instruction in the Ojibwe language and culture. Within the program, students gain a functional level of fluency in the language and thoroughly investigate the challenges posed by the written word. They will individually and collectively examine social structures and values within Anishinaabe society, and will also study the Anishinaabe worldview and philosophy. By examining the Anishinaabe’s oral and written history, students will come to understand the grammar and sound of Anishinaabemowin through various written exercises. Our students will also be exposed to Anishinaabe music and social activism, as well as the regional differences that exist in the Anishinaabe culture across Canada.

What makes our program even more unique is the rich cultural history in which Algoma U is founded on. Over 12 per cent of our student body is Anishinaabe (First Nations, Métis, or Inuit), and that number continues to grow. With a special mission and commitment to cross-cultural learning, our Anishinaabemowin program looks to bring Chief Shingwauk’s vision of “sharing, healing, and learning” to fruition. Our campus is located on the site of the former Shingwauk Indian Residential School, and is committed to researching, collecting, preserving, and displaying the history of the residential schools system; developing and delivering projects in relation to Chief Shingwauk’s mission; and bringing about individual and community cultural restoration under the name of The Shingwauk Project. Thus, the educational experience students receive here is unlike any other and is deeply rooted in Anishinaabe culture and history.

36 month


$ 18928


Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Biology

Taking the step to studying biology at Algoma U will grant you a pathway into one of the most mysterious disciplines left on the planet. Scientists estimate that there are between five and 40 million species on the earth, yet, scientists have only identified between one and two million species, meaning that there are still as many as 38 million species to be identified! If you have a questing mind, who seeks to invent, or are in search for answers to complicated questions about the human body, biology could be the perfect fit you.

Our campus location is surrounded by a diverse collection of natural systems. Within the city limits, there are large tracts of forests and fields, fast moving rivers, swamps, bogs, and even the shoreline of one of the world’s largest lakes: Lake Superior. Plus, our city is home to various wildlife including bears, cougars, lynx, moose, deer, fox, weasels, and various bird species. Not many cities can boast that kind of habitat diversity, or the biological diversity associated with it.  Though this breadth of biology can be intimidating, the family-feel of the program has helped motivate students tremendously.

Our program is designed to teach students how to be scientists. The skills required in science, the careful use of research, experimentation, logic, with an understanding of statistics and parsimony, are those that our students can apply to many aspect of their lives. Our past graduates have pursued a career path

in research, healthcare, education, environmental management and conservation, museums, aquariums, zoos, parks, nature centres, biotechnology, forensic science, politics and policy, economics, business and industry, science writing, communication, and many more. The rest is your to discover!  

Student in the biology program have the option to specialize in Health Sciences. The specialization consists of 30 credits from a list that includes courses in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Humanities and Social Sciences. The specialization provides all of the courses students need to get into medical school, pharmacy, dentistry, epidemiology, optometry, nursing, physiotherapy, veterinary medicine, graduate school, and more.

48 month


$ 18928


Algoma University’s four-year Bachelor of Business Administration degree is a unique program, different from other university programs found across the province.

There are countless reasons to study business administration in university. Having a fundamental understanding of business will provide you with the necessary skills needed to succeed in life and is a great investment in your future career.

Networking is one of the most crucial aspects of the job search. For this reason, our business administration students are constantly interacting with business professionals and institutions in Sault Ste. Marie and the surrounding Algoma region. Students work with and alongside businesses, developing business plans and strategies to improve on production, effectiveness, and efficiency. By studying Business Administration at Algoma U, students will be given plenty of opportunities to network and build upon their connections in the business world. Many Algoma U grads have cited these networking opportunities as the keystone to their success, providing them with the opportunity to secure a meaningful career in their field.

In addition, Algoma U’s business administration faculty are experts in the field. Rather than just being educated in business, our professors have experienced risk and success in the work world. From chartered accountants, to certified management accountants, to presidents of influential organizations, and everything in between, our faculty are experts in the business world, and have practical, working hands-on knowledge which they bring to the classroom on a daily basis.

Upon graduation, students in Algoma U’s business administration program will have a strong, well-rounded foundation of business skills and concepts, partnered with the ability to apply these intellectual tools in the challenging and dynamic world of global business. This focus allows our graduates to make a smooth transition from the academic environment to the business world.

48 month


$ 18928



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