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Brescia University College Overview

Providing high-quality education at Brescia University College is not limited to undergraduate and graduate degree programs but also various certificate courses. The University offers an extensive scope of classes for students starting from English, Family Studies and Human Development, to Foods and Nutrition, Nutrition and dietetics, Nutrition Management, French, Health Sciences, History, Kinesiology, Leadership Studies, Accounting, Nonprofit Management, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, and Sociology. Brescia University, the cost is quarters, only $37,712. It secures #791-800 in THE World University Rankings in 2024.

About Brescia University College

Brescia University College is a highly-ranked institution of higher education for women in London, Ontario, Canada. It is associated with Western University, a Catholic liberal arts women's institution in London, the region's third-largest university. Founded by the Ursuline Sisters of Chatham in 1919 as the Ursuline College, the university is Canada's only women's university that began its operations in an old converted mansion in downtown Toronto. 

The college underwent significant academic and structural adjustments over the years until renaming itself Brescia College in 1963. In 2001, the institution adopted its current name. It is a member of the Council of Ontario Universities, the Association of Commonwealth Universities, and the International Association of Universities.

Brescia University College offers a range of undergraduate and doctoral programs in management, organizational studies, arts and science, foods and nutritional sciences. It also provides a variety of certificate courses and preparation programs. 


Brescia University College Scholarships

The Brescia University College offers multiple scholarships to students. It provides guaranteed entrance scholarships to students with a final admission average of 80% (equivalent) or higher.

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Brescia University College Accomodation

On-Campus Accommodations: Brescia University College provides on-campus housing for its students, which can accommodate a little over 300 students. Each room features built-in 7-foot floor-to-ceiling closets, a queen-sized bed, an ergonomic and fully adjustable desk chair, and numerous other amenities. The residence is securely protected, with a swipe card entry and front desk security available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Off-Campus Housing: Students have a variety of alternatives for off-campus housing in the surrounding areas as well. Studio flats, paid guest facilities, shared housing complexes, and others are easily available to students.

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Brescia University College Notable Alumni

Brescia University College has around 8,000 alumni worldwide. Some notable alumni members are Margaret Chan Fung Fu-Chun (famous Chinese Physician and former Director-General of the World Health Organization) and Beryl Ivey (Philanthropist).

Brescia University College Services & Facilities

Brescia University College is conveniently located in a beautiful setting for students in every way. Various campus buildings, paths, green spaces, and parking spots exist. The primary building of the institute is the Mother St. James Memorial Building, which contains all of the major classrooms, administrative offices, and a variety of student services. The business office, Mother St. James Memorial Auditorium, The Hive and a computer lab are all there. 

The same building also has the Beryl Ivey Library, which houses a collection of unusual and rare printed and digital resources for learning, teaching, and research available to both professors and students. Smart classrooms, high-tech food laboratories, and administrative offices are available in Ursuline Hall. Students can also access the University of Western Ontario sports and recreation facilities.


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Total Students


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Welcome to the Family Studies program at Brescia University College. As a student in Family Studies you will gain the background to help you become a professional in one of the many careers that positively affect the well-being of Canadian families.

You will learn about many different aspects of family life and your classes will include material on everything from the diversity of families, to how individuals and families change and grow through the life course, to how laws and policies impact different kinds of families. Our students study diverse aspects of families: parenting; marriage; divorce; immigration; family violence; family finances; and more. Our approach is interdisciplinary, drawing upon psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, and other fields.

The Bachelor of Arts (Human Ecology) in Family Studies gives you a foundation to pursue professional careers that work with families, through coursework in Family Studies, Human Ecology, and the Social Sciences.

48 month


$ 28743


The Bachelor of Science (Human Ecology) in Family studies offers the students a foundation to take forward their professional careers to work with families via coursework in Social Sciences, Foods and Nutrition, Sciences, Family Studies and Human Ecology.

The course revolves around multiple aspects of family life and teaches students the diversity of families, how laws and policies impact different kinds of families, family finances, immigration, how individuals and families change and grow through the life course, family finances, immigration, family violence, marriage, parenting and divorce. The course curriculum is highly interdisciplinary, covering topics like economics, psychology, anthropology, sociology, etc.

48 month


$ 28743


Applied Sciences & Professions

Bachelor of Science in Foods and Nutrition

The Bachelor of Science (Foods & Nutrition) is a student-centered program that is committed to the success of the students. The faculty and the staff encourage the discussion and participation of the students in the practical classes, allowing interactive learning. The program involves the students being involved in various volunteering opportunities to gain the required practical experience. 

48 month


$ 28743


The Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies are given an opportunity to experience a variety of learning methods like lectures, case studies, live problems, simulations, field studies and exercises. All the students of the college have access to the MOS internship program under which the students gain the required practical and industrial experience in a 12-16 month work placement opportunity. Besides, the students can join Brescia’s business club, The Pink Ties to gain a sense of community, for skill development and leadership opportunities.

48 month


$ 28743


Health Sciences, Nursing and Emergency Services

Bachelor of Kinesiology

Want to be part of Canada’s most comprehensive Kinesiology programs? Brescia is fortunate to have spaces reserved in Western’s Kinesiology program. What does that mean for you? You’ll take your Kinesiology courses at Western and your electives at Brescia. That means you will benefit from both Western’s exciting Kinesiology courses and also be part of Brescia’s student-centred, invigorating, and leadership-focused community.

What exactly can you study? The options are endless – within the Kinesiology program you will explore diverse areas such as the scientific basis of human movement, dimensions of sport, exercise and dance, and sociocultural and bioscientific aspects of physical activity. Then, combine your Kinesiology major with another major offered at Brescia to complete your degree. This means you’ll be able to study exactly what you want and you will graduate with a degree that’s been custom tailored to your interests and goals.

48 month


$ 38611


Brescia University College Admission Requirements

Brescia University College has different eligibility requirements for various courses. Still, some requirements are standard for every student:


  • Students must be at least 18 at the time of admission.
  • Student from a non-English speaking country must take IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or other equivalent exams to prove their language proficiency.
  • Students need to provide original transcripts from all the previously attended academic institutions before making any application request (if the original transcripts are not in English, students need to submit translated copies of the same and their originals).




Minimum Age

18 years

Documents Required

Original transcripts, Valid Passport

Language Proficiency Test 

  • IELTS Academic Test
  • PTE


Note: Since international students are considered on a case-by-case basis, there can be additional requirements for admission in Brescia University College.


Check the complete information about Canada Intake Program:

Winter intake in Canada
May Intake in Canada
Fall intake in Canada



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Erin June

Can anyone tell me about the famous attractions I can visit near Brescia University College?

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Maahi Gill

Hi Erin. You can explore a variety of parks near this area. Some of the popular ones are Gibbons Park, Victoria Park, Springbank Park and many more.

Randy Phillips

You should definitely go to Wally World at East park. It’s an amazing summer spot to enjoy with friends.

Erin June

Can you please tell me about popular eating joints as well?

Sameer Kohli

You should try The Wave. Their pasta, burger and salads are just awesome!

Mannat Ganguly

I want to know how Diwali is celebrated in Canada? Can anyone tell?

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Parul Garg

I remember my first Diwali in Canada. It was a great experience and the best part was we got to enjoy the festival with students from different countries.

Karan Batra

I used to study in Toronto and every year there was a Diwali mela which I used to attend with my friends.

Mahira Bedi

Since Canada is considered mini India, Diwali is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. You will find decorations on streets and in public transports. Indian stores and restaurants are filled with Indian sweets. People invite friends and family to celebrate the festival.

Mannat Ganguly

Thanks a lot all!

Brescia University College, Canada - Reviews(25)







What Alumni is saying



MFA Photography,, 2018


Professors go extra mile

Brescia university has great professors that are always willing to go the extra mile, and everyone is so friendly.



MFA Photography,, 2018


Encouraging teachers

Every step of the college, teachers are encouraging and supportive of students. They provide guidance and mentorship to students in their academic goals and personal growth.



card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Extremely knowledgeable professors

My experience has been amazing with Brescia University College. Professors are extremely knowledgeable, and they are happy to share their knowledge with students. In the discussion boards, I have a lot of interaction with my classmates and lecturer. This allows me to not only share my thoughts with others but also to expand my knowledge and learn new things. Professors do an amazing job of challenging us, asking us questions and sharing their expertise. There are numerous student-run clubs and activities, as well as a wide range of sports such as tennis, soccer, baseball, softball, and even a computer e-sports team. Brescia University is committed to providing a safe, secure, and orderly environment, with a priority on the safety and well-being of its students, teachers, staff, and visitors.



MFA Interaction Design

card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Happy with the decision of coming here

Choosing to study here was the best decision I could have made. I appreciated how staff members were always willing to assist students and answer their concerns. The college campus is fantastic. Teachers are well-educated, and the teaching quality is excellent. Fees are quite reasonable, and scholarships are given to those who achieve academically. The on-campus housing is really nice, with all of the modern amenities like free Wi-Fi and laundry services.The college's well-equipped food courts sell freshly cooked food. There are a of ways to get involved, meet new people, and have a good time. The part time jobs provide financial assistance to students while also allowing them to gain valuable work experience and skills on campus.



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