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About CEGEP - Carleton-sur-Mer Campus

The Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles is a public institution of higher learning located in Québec, Canada's French-speaking province, that offers courses in both French and English. This institution of higher education is a home to a student body of over 3000 people and it is also a very culturally diverse educational institute. The Montreal campus is located on the island of Montreal in Ahuntsic, a neighborhood recognized for its riverside, several parks, and high overall quality of life. Students will be well-positioned to take use of the city's many resources from this location. Additionally, Ahuntsic is the home of the University of Montreal's international campus, which is conveniently placed close by. 

Montreal is a beautiful city with a rich and well-known French heritage that dates back hundreds of years. It is a must-see visit. Despite having all of the conveniences and excitement of a big city, it is still a fairly inexpensive place to live for college students. Despite its fast-paced, global character, this city keeps a sense of community, as seen by the exciting cultural events, festivals, and competitive athletic competitions that take place throughout the year in or around the city.

Except for one campus in Carleton-sur-Mer (which is located in Grande-Rivière), the university's other campuses are located throughout Quebec, including the Gaspé Campus, the Îles-de-la-Madeleine Campus, the École des pêches et de l'aquaculture du Québec (Quebec's School of Fisheries and Aquaculture), and the Carleton-sur-Mer Campus (which is located in Gaspé). 

In recognition of the fact that it is located in a rural region known as Gaspésie Îles de la Madeleine, which translates as "Gaspésie Islands of the Madone," the Cegep has chosen the slogan "learn in a unique natural environment’’. It provides pupils with the opportunity to reap the benefits of learning in such a magnificent natural setting. As a consequence of this, the Gaspésie-Îles de la Maddalene area has been selected one of the world's top 20 locations to visit by National Geographic magazine, which is a prestigious honor. 

As students at the CEGEP de la Gaspésie et des Îles, they will get an amazing education in an atmosphere that is tailored to their unique needs throughout their time there. 

Students from across the world appreciate the fact that the Montreal campus is able to offer them with exceptional learning opportunities. Because the university is located in the heart of the city, it is quite convenient to go about. Among the nine attestations of collegial studies available on the Montreal campus, which has a large student population, there are courses like business, technology, health-care administration and management. As a vital component of the learning process,the college believes in  integrating modern teaching methodology in order to benefit all of the students. 

Services and Facilities 

This College has made a name for itself by delivering excellent student services. It offers a wide range of student services to help both new and returning students. The following are some of the services; Services for Health Care, Campus Security Services, Alternatives for Housing 

Transportation, parking, and storage lockers are all available, The Marketplace for Food Service Sharing for Retailers, The Learning Center, The Test Center's Library and Media Center


The surrounding region has a plethora of off-campus student housing possibilities, and students may choose from a variety of off-campus living options when it comes to their living arrangements. Among the housing options available to students are studio apartments, paying guest facilities, shared apartment complexes, and several other kinds of lodgings. 

The infrastructure for student housing in the campus is not complete without the inclusion of homestay programs. The option of choosing home stay accommodations in accordance with their preferences and discretion is available to students, if they so wish. There is a wide range of backgrounds represented among homestay hosts. They range from single people to young couples with children and pets to older couples. Accommodations have been reviewed, and all adults who will be staying at the house have undergone the requisite criminal background checks.


Any student who has proven a high aptitude for university studies are eligible to apply for scholarships at the CEGEP - Carleton-sur-Mer Campus. With the scholarship policy, the goal is to acknowledge, recruit, and give incentives for those who achieve high levels of achievement.

Facts & Figures

  • 1967Founded Year

  • 3000Total Students

  • 0Total International Students

  • CAD $ 11000Avg. Cost of Living

  • CAD $ 12k - 16kAverage Tuition Fee PA

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Sports & Recreation Facilities
Recruitment Services
Peer Mentorship
Library Services
Campus Shuttle
Campus Security
Accomodation (On Campus)
Academic Counseling



Admission to CEGEP - Carleton-sur-Mer Campus is subject to certain requirements and the eligibility requirements vary as per the program a student applies to.

  • The students must be at least 18 years old to apply for admission.
  • The students must have taken the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or an equivalent exam.
  • To be considered for admission, a student must produce authentic transcripts from all colleges and institutions attended. If the original transcripts are not in English, they must be accompanied by translated copies.



Minimum Age

18 years

Documents Required

Original transcripts, Passport

Language Proficiency Test 

  • IELTS Academic Test
  • PTE
  • Duolingo



Certain programs at CEGEP - Carleton-sur-Mer Campus have additional considerations.

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