Fleming College Frost Campus (Lindsay)

Fleming College Frost Campus (Lindsay)


Kawartha Lakes

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Fleming College Frost Campus (Lindsay) Overview

Fleming College has over a hundred full-time programs under its umbrella, most aligned to Business, Information Technology, General Arts and Science, Health and Community Service, Law and Justice, and Environmental and Natural Resources. The tuition fee for Fleming College is from CAD17,324 to CAD27,098. Several numbers will shock you. According to Research Infosource Inc., Fleming College places 11th overall in Ontario and 29th nationally among the nation's top 50 research colleges.


About Fleming College Frost Campus (Lindsay)

Fleming College, sometimes known as Sir Sanford Fleming College, was founded in 1967 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is an open institution named after Sanford Fleming, a well-known engineer and inventor who lived in the early twentieth century. The Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association, the ACCC, and the Peterborough Centennial Museum & Archives all partner in the institute's endeavors.

In the past, Fleming College and Trent University have collaborated on several projects. Nature surrounds the Frost Campus, which comprises rivers, lakes, and open areas. The student-friendly community of Lindsay, located adjacent to the city's historic downtown in the City of Kawartha Lakes, provides countless options to go out and explore throughout the year, regardless of the season. 

One of Canada's major environmental institutions is located on the campus. It is constantly working to lower its carbon impact and tries to meet the highest industry sustainability requirements. The campus, in reality, is a living, learning lab for our students, with numerous green elements such as community and pollinator gardens, a greenhouse, a green roof, an apiary, a wind turbine, a geothermal heating and cooling system, and a created wetland for waste treatment.


Fleming College Frost Campus (Lindsay) Scholarships

Students may apply for bursaries and scholarships from the college, with roughly $2 million available yearly. The money for these scholarships and bursaries comes from various sources. Fleming College allocates a portion of the tuition fees received to Financial Need Bursary Programs for full-time students who demonstrate financial need.


Fleming College Frost Campus (Lindsay) Services & Facilities

The Fleming College Student Administrative Council (SAC) organizes a variety of environmentally friendly and easily accessible transportation choices, including carpooling, bike sharing, and community riding maps, among others. Bike lending programs are available via the Office of Sustainability for Frost students, who may sign out a bike for up to two weeks. Fleming College has many parking lots on each campus and provides several parking choices, including permits, pay-day rates, and monthly parking, for the convenience of students, professors, and guests. The Hearty Expect is suited for students who plan to consume roughly 6-7 meals per week on campus, which is approximately 6-7 meals per week on average. 

The Sport and Wellness Centre (PSWC) offers a temporary month-to-month membership between September and December for students who desire to use the facility.  The Fleming Sports Complex is located on campus, and students can access the Fleming Sports Complex, which has artificial turf fields awarded FIFA 1 Star status. Other amenities include four changerooms, a multipurpose room, a terrace with views of both fields and a parking lot.


Fleming College Frost Campus (Lindsay) Accomodation

The Fleming College Housing Services team is available to serve all students, both on and off campus, and assist them in achieving their goals.

The on-campus housing buildings provide students with the option of living in same-gender or mixed-gender arrangements, as well as the freedom to cook at home or purchase meals from a selection of campus dining services that are readily accessible.

The location of the accommodation is excellent since it is just a short walk from the campus. It provides a secure living environment with employees on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Residence Life Mentors are available to assist the students in making the most of their experience by giving guidance and support.

Students can volunteer and work in residence to further develop their skills and abilities. Wireless internet, study rooms, on-site laundry facilities, a smoke-free environment, outdoor basketball courts, volleyball courts, and a BBQ area are some of the amenities available. There is also inside bicycle storage and air conditioning in each fully equipped apartment. Disabled-accessible rooms are offered at our properties.



Fleming College Frost Campus (Lindsay) Notable Alumni

Some of the prominent alumni of this college are; Jeremie Kayeye, Andrew Moriarity, Troy Hurtubise, etc.

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Total Students


International Students


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Our School offers the only college program in Canada providing training in Drilling, and we are the only program in the world offering training in so many of the different types of drilling. Numerous sectors rely on drilling skills, so this program opens doors to huge opportunities, many employers, and options to choose which field of drilling you will focus on. Our grads are in high demand. Every year, national and international employers recruit at our on-campus job fairs, and many of our students have employment offers before they graduate.

Currently, these fields offer employment opportunities for drilling careers:

  • Construction Drilling and Blasting
  • Geotechnical Drilling
  • Environmental Drilling
  • Water Well Drilling
  • Resources Drilling, including minerals and oil and gas exploration
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling

In our program, you'll learn the foundational theory, techniques and methods relating to each of these types of drilling, with an emphasis on safe working practices, while you learn to operate a full range of drilling equipment hands-on.

Students entering the program in September may apply to participate in an optional paid co-op. The deadline to apply is at the end of November, where students must submit an Application Form (including a resume) to the Co-op Office. Students must achieve a 70% (2.5 GPA) average, and pass all courses in Semester 1 in order to be enrolled in the Co-op Option. Students who are accepted will participate in a Career Preparation course, and will do their co-op between semesters 2 and 3. The Co-op Option provides the opportunity to:

  • Integrate classroom learning with work-based learning
  • Explore the variety of careers available in the field
  • Network for future job opportunities

The Co-op Option is not available for students who begin the program in January, as they attend classes over the summer.

People may assume that resources drilling, such as for minerals and oil and gas exploration, is the sector where most graduates find work. In fact, there are numerous types of drilling required for a variety of industries and projects, with excellent job prospects:

  • Geotechnical Drilling is required before any large construction project can begin. This involves subsurface investigations to evaluate property for infrastructure development, drilling for soil samples, determining soil type and depth, and ground conditions.
  • Construction Drilling includes drilling foundations and anchoring piles for bridges, roadwork, or for any large building or development.
  • Environmental Drilling involves obtaining samples of soil and groundwater, to control or remediate contaminants. Sites such as fuel service stations, landfills, mining operations, or abandoned infrastructures are examined, to either monitor or to reclaim the land for other purposes.
  • Drilling skills are essential for water well design, installation and monitoring.
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling is used to drill underneath structures such as roadways, foundations, or other properties, or beneath lakes, rivers or streams. The goal is to create a below-ground conduit, providing a transportation solution for waterlines, electrical lines, pipelines, or fibre-optic cables, for example.
  • Geothermal Drilling, to install geothermal heating or cooling systems, is another growing field.

Our well-rounded program provides the courses and hands-on experience you need to begin a career in this exciting and varied sector. A full 80% of the program consists of practical learning sessions - in our state-of-the-art, on-campus Parnham Training Centre, and off-campus in the field. You'll also be challenged to think on your feet and use your problem-solving skills.

  • You'll work on a full range of drilling equipment in our five service bays.
  • Four specially equipped classrooms/labs feature everything from a drilling simulator to hands-on drilling activities.
  • Course work includes an introduction to emerging fields, such as the geothermal industry.
  • You'll get industry recognition for your studies. Our grads are exempt from taking the mandatory Ontario Ministry of the Environment 10-day Water Well Constructed Course. (Ontario Regulation 903 requires successful completion of this training for new well technicians.)


  • Our unique program offers a rare combination of technical training, theory and hands-on experience. Due to our strong connections with the industry, and our geographical location, the program is well positioned to place graduates throughout North America and globally. Employers know our grads have a good foundation of theory and practice, as well as excellent transferrable skills to draw upon for any challenge in the workplace.


  • Following your first semester, you'll begin to explore specialized training in drilling. As mentioned, you'll spend most of your time in labs or field classes, putting your education to work and refining your skills. You'll also take part in field assignments in local quarries and job-related activities. Practical experience in semester four is subject to a criminal records check as required by field placement site management.

24 month


$ 16232


Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences

Diploma in Urban Forestry Technician (Co-op)

2 years at Fleming College + 2 years at the University of New Brunswick = 1 unique opportunity to earn a college diploma and a university degree in just 4 years. Or graduate after two years with your diploma and get a head start on your career.

With the unique Urban Forestry Technician program you can make a difference, focusing on the conservation and sustainability of our urban forests and green spaces.
Urban forestry focuses on the care, protection, and maintenance of trees, forests and green spaces in towns and cities. It's caring for "the green in the gray."

As an urban forestry technician, you will require technical, applied skills, but you will also need the ability to work with people and communities. Your work will involve balancing, integrating, and linking the social, economic, environmental, and conservation-related issues associated with the urban forest and community spaces.

This unique 2 + 2 program blends applied and multidisciplinary skills to prepare for the demands of this emerging field. Professionals are needed who can communicate effectively with the public, understand and interpret legislation and policies, and have a broad perspective on planning and conservation. Upon graduation, you will be able to:

  • Identify and appraise a wide range of species in the urban forest
  • Maintain safe and healthy trees by applying principles of tree anatomy and physiology
  • Recommend appropriate arboriculture practices
  • Use a range of GIS tools and spatial technologies to collect, analyze and model the characteristics of urban forests
  • Understand soil characteristics, watershed dynamics, and wildlife habitats that contribute to urban forest ecosystems
  • Safely operate, maintain and troubleshoot equipment
  • Demonstrate and advocate for an integrated approach to urban forestry management
  • Interpret legislation, regulation and policies relating to urban forestry
  • Plan, budget and implement business practices associated with the urban forestry practitioner
  • Apply practices and principles of urban forest management in an ethical and professional manner.

You will complete three university-level courses (Communications, Math and Introductory Chemistry) during your diploma program at Fleming College, providing an opportunity to determine if pursuing a degree in this field at university is the right choice for you.

24 month


$ 16088


Hospitality, Tourism, Wellness Leisure & Sports

Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Education

The Outdoor and Adventure Education diploma program blends the development of people skills with the technical skills of outdoor pursuits, a dynamic combination that allows graduates to thrive in outdoor education and recreational settings. The program utilizes an experiential learning approach to teaching, allowing students to graduate with a solid resume of outdoor field experiences, certifications as well as other important skills such as facilitation, nature interpretation and adventure-based education strategies.

Trained outdoor leaders and facilitators offer safe, fun and educational outdoor programs and activities. These unique opportunities enable individuals or groups to stretch themselves physically, emotionally and socially in a supportive atmosphere. During this program, you will:

Improve your technical outdoor skills by participating in field courses such as, rock climbing, Nordic skiing, mountain biking, backpacking and bush craft.
Obtain certifications such as ORCKA Flat Water Canoeing Tandem and Solo, Certified Hike Leader, Wilderness First Responder, Ice Safety and Royal Lifesaving Bronze Cross.
Take courses covering diverse subjects including trip planning, risk management, trails design and construction, customer service and leadership.
Improve technical skill competencies in wilderness navigation, menu planning and cooking as well as knots, weather predicting and back country camping.
Increase your nature-based identification skills and improve your ecological and environmental awareness.

24 month


$ 18790


Engineering & Technology

Certificate in Blasting Techniques

The two-semester Blasting Techniques Ontario College Certificate is the only program of its kind in Canada. This is a highly practical, hands-on program, in a rapidly growing industry.

Fascinated by the explosives industry? Do you like to work outdoors, and in challenging environments? If so, you may be interested in exploring a career as a blaster. With our well-developed connections with industry and our specialized resources and drilling compound, students get the hands-on training necessary for their career in blasting.

  • Blasters fill blast holes with explosives and detonate them to dislodge coal, ore, rock, or aggregate, or to demolish structures.
  • Blasters are employed by construction, mining, and drilling and blasting companies, as well as in the special effects industry.
  • You will focus on three types of explosive cuts, and incorporate a wide range of skills in science, mathematics, and communications.
  • Courses include explosives, blasthole drilling, blasting theory, blast design, geology, safety and accident prevention, and environmental issues.

You will spend much of your time in labs, field classes and field assignments, and refining your skills in our state-of-the-art drilling and blasting training centre.


  • Fleming's Blasting Techniques certificate has several advantages upon completion:
  • You will have common core training as a Surface Miner as required by the Ministry of Labour to enter most blasting sites.
  • Upon graduation, you will have the option of certifying with the International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE) in Quarrying, Basic Construction Blasting, and the Fundamentals of Blasting (Level One).
  • Another option upon graduation is to expand your career and job opportunities by continuing at Fleming College in the Resources Drilling Technician diploma program, with direct entry into the program's second semester (subject to availability).

12 month


$ 19768


Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences

Advanced Diploma in Environmental Technology

Learn advanced environmental principles and applications in the Environmental Technology program, in preparation for a career monitoring and improving the natural environment.

Build on your expertise as an Environmental Technician through an additional year of study, and develop even more competence in preventing environmental problems, resolving environmental issues, and providing education to the public.

Your hands-on environmental training will be an excellent complement to your in-class courses. In the Environmental Technology program, you will learn advanced environmental principles and applications. You'll also complete a two-week work placement where you will gain valuable work experience - and employment contacts that can become invaluable when you start looking for a job. In addition, high level skills in field ecology and specialized wetland evaluation training are delivered, to further increase your career prospects.

You'll have plenty of hands-on experience through the use of our specialized facilities, and you will work with others as a team during the field school off-campus, as well as participate in a multitude of class field trips to both outdoor settings and industrial/municipal facilities. Textbooks are not enough when it comes to preparing capable technologists for the field. Your two-week placement will put your skills to the test.

36 month


$ 16076


Fleming College Frost Campus (Lindsay) Admission Requirements

While applying to Fleming College, Frost Campus (Lindsay), students should keep in mind certain standard eligibility criteria like:



Minimum Age

18 years

Documents Required

Original transcripts, Passport

Language Proficiency Test

  • IELTS Academic Test
  • PTE
  • Duolingo


January, May, and September 


Note: Because overseas students are evaluated individually, additional criteria may exist when applying to the Fleming College, Frost Campus (Lindsay) programs.



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Fleming College Frost Campus (Lindsay), Canada - Reviews(25)







What Alumni is saying



MFA Photography,, 2018


Good course material and a student-faculty ratio

The course material was also very good and the student-faculty ratio was very low, so we could always reach out to teachers for clarification. I learnt a lot from this college and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good education.



MFA Photography,, 2018


Collaborative Learning

Students work collaboratively here and support one another in their endeavours. Professors are passionate and helpful.



MFA Photography,, 2018


Opportunities for various types of learning

The teachers foster a positive learning environment by encouraging student participation as well as professional growth. You can participate in a variety of educational programs.



card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Proudly impressed with the curriculum

As a student at Fleming College, I was thoroughly impressed by the curriculum. It was highly industry-linked and was taught by experts from different fields. There were regular guest lectures by top-notch experts and many others who inspired me and motivated me. There was a career and academic counsellor to help me refine my career path and plan my academic future. I feel this college has prepared me well for a good life.



MFA Interaction Design

card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Teachers are entirely dedicated to student success

Fleming has been delivering high-quality education around the world for decades and is committed to learning, innovation, and sustainability. The range of options allows for more flexibility and accessibility, allowing for a better meeting of students' different requirements. Fleming College is a fantastic place to study in Canada. Teachers are intelligent, experienced, and entirely dedicated to student success, and I am proud to say that. Fleming is open to people from all walks of life, nationalities, cultures, and gender identities and preferences. Canada is a wonderful place with a world-renowned reputation for educational excellence. All of its programs involve paid co-ops, work placements, internships, and applied research projects that allow students to get practical experience. At Fleming, students are welcomed with open arms. On-campus, students, educators, and staff form a tight-knit community. Fleming can assist you with both academic and personal accommodations.



MFA Interaction Design

card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Library is good

The professors are amazing, classes are small, rigorous and engaging. This is a college for brilliant passionate and engaged students. I have met some of the most amazing friends here. Has one of the most incredible social atmospheres that I have heard of in a college. A variety of academic groups are available to help you learn more effectively. The college is dedicated to providing students with a safe and secure learning environment. At the college, security is closely managed. The menus offer a variety of fresh and nutritious food options. Excellent meals and coffee is available in the cafeteria. Has a huge library for students to relax and study.



MFA Interaction Design

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