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Fleming College Haliburton Campus Overview

Fleming college offers more than 130+ full time curriculums in entrepreneurialism and Information technology, General arts and science, health and community services, law and justice, and environmental and natural management systems. Fee at Fleming College range from $17,324 to $27,098 within a year. Fleming College is the 11th having Ontario and 29th among the top 50 Top research colleges in Canada, by Research Infosource Inc.


About Fleming College Haliburton Campus

Established in 1967, Fleming College is also known as Sir Sanford Fleming College. It is named after Sanford Fleming, a Canadian engineer and inventor who made exceptional contributions to the concept of Universal Standard Time. Fleming College is associated with the Peterborough Centennial Museum & Archives and the Canadian Collegiate Athlete Association. It has four campuses spread across the nation: Cobourg campus, Sutherland campus, Haliburton campus, and the Frost campus. 

The academic structure of this college is quite diverse. It offers over 100 full-time programs in Arts and Heritage, Health & Wellness, General Arts and Sciences, Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences, Business, and Community Development. The diverse range in subjects allows students to explore several courses that may be aligned with their areas of interest.


Fleming College Haliburton Campus Scholarships

Additionally, the Institute offers scholarships to students with an exemplary academic track record and outstanding achievements in extra-curricular activities. The scholarship program is managed by a specialized committee within the institute. Some of the options are:

  • P. Bickell Foundation Scholarship
  • Allan E. Gillis Memorial Bursary
  • Bank of Montreal Student Bursary
  • Bayes Awar


Fleming College Haliburton Campus Services & Facilities

The campus has a world-class infrastructure with all state-of-the-art facilitated amenities. It features state-of-the-art classrooms, residence buildings, athletic sports fields, the Kawartha Trades and Technology Centre, lush green lawns, and more. It is close to restaurants, cafes, and departmental shops. The infrastructure is well maintained and organized by the authorities of this institution, and students face no inconvenience here. 

The faculty at the institute are kind and always ready to help you. They have ample knowledge, which they impart to their students in the classroom and through hands-on strategies. The students get a lot of opportunities for on-site learning programs. As a result, the students are exposed to real-life scenarios and develop skills that are much needed by industries in today’s workforce. There is also an exchange program that allows students to study abroad in countries around the globe while becoming acquainted with different cultures.


Fleming College Haliburton Campus Accomodation

Fleming College offers great campus accommodations for its students, making them feel at home even if they’re thousands of miles away. Fleming College’s Lindsay and Peterborough campuses feature friendly staff, plenty of social activities, and comfortable spaces to help students acclimate to college life. Besides, suite-style rooms have single bedrooms, a kitchen, a shared living room and two bathrooms. In addition, an on-site laundry is also available for students. The college also helps students in finding the right off-campus accommodation options. 


Fleming College Haliburton Campus Notable Alumni

College has a huge alumni network that comprises over 71000 members. Some of the notable alumni of the college are Evan White (Internet Marketer),  Alexander Yarwood (Renowned Actor), (Ig Nobel Prize and Canadian Inventor), Jeremie Kayeye (Well-known professional basketball coach) and Andrew Moriarity (Politician). 


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International Students


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In this program, you will develop a powerful focus throughout the process of looking, thinking, making, and talking about visual artworks. These skills are essential in art making, regardless of your choice of visual media and medium. Experiences in and outside the classroom will expand your perspective on both current art practices, and your pathway into that world. This perspective allows you to make the best choices in your pursuit of future careers in your own studio practice, in the fine art or cultural sector, or in a commercial art enterprise.

You will develop your portfolio and artist’s documents in the VCAD program, which will provide you with a gateway to more advanced studies through our articulation agreements with major Canadian art education institutions.

24 month


$ 17502


Creative Arts & Design

Diploma in Integrated Design

In this three-semester Integrated Design diploma program, you will earn both a two-year Ontario College Diploma (two semesters) and one-year Ontario College Certificate (one semester), while discovering what kind of designer you are meant to be. Our accelerated program is equivalent to two years of study at other Ontario colleges.

Integrated Design is the only foundational design program of its kind in Canada where students can discover and begin to understand the complexities and challenges of our new Digital Age, and find integration and new forms of expression in their work through the machine-made, the handmade and the otherworldly.

This is an innovative and intensive program where you will be introduced to the breadth of design and design thinking through a series of inspirational lectures, collaborative and individual exercises, problem-solving assignments, and hands-on material research. The program is structured around five design principles that form the foundation for a career in any design discipline—Dream (big… and then dream a little bigger), Communicate (effectively… efficiently and with conviction), Collaborate (with the best… but don’t forget the rest), Experiment (with life… but take responsibility for your actions) and Apply (yourself now… make it happen).

Foundational learning acquired in semester one builds to semester two. Semester two is where you will use the extensive studio time to experiment with different kinds of materials and methodologies to find new ways of working while developing your design processes, methodologies, and a culminating design thesis project.

In the final semester, you'll have time to fully explore and focus on a specific discipline. Choose one of our accelerated 15-week Ontario College certificates (equivalent to two semesters of study at other colleges) to complete your diploma:

Throughout the program you will be exposed to a broad range of material practices and design categories including material culture/sustainability; communication/graphic; fashion/ textile; exhibition/environmental graphic; interiors/architecture/landscape architecture and mixed media/public art.

While further education will be needed to advance in a chosen design discipline, graduates will have developed hands-on material experience, their own design voice and a unique skill set that they can parlay into a small, independent art, design or craft practice/business.

Some graduates have turned their design thesis projects into viable design businesses after leaving the program. In this ‘gig’ economy, it is important that students learn entrepreneurial skills, in addition to digital and hands-on skills. Design entrepreneurship is an integral component of the program which prepares graduates to launch successful independent careers.

Futurists predict that within the next ten years, over five million jobs will be lost to automation (and robots). Skills that you will acquire in this program, including creative thinking; problem-solving; and empathy for humanity, other species and the well-being of the planet will be key to your success.

Incorporating our studio-based Ontario College certificates means we are able to provide a one-of-a kind program that weaves together design thinking and material culture in a deep and meaningful way. You'll understand the balance of thinking/making skills, along with sustainability practices, which is not generally offered at an undergraduate level program.

Integrated Design is delivered at Fleming College's Haliburton Campus, located in central Ontario's spectacular Haliburton Highlands region. Haliburton is a welcoming, vibrant community known for its amazing scenery, and is home to an eclectic population of resident artists, designers and craftspeople. You will have the opportunity to get outside your everyday experience, escape the urban world and immerse yourself in your creative practice in a truly unique way.

Our campus is designed for creative people and focuses on providing the best possible studio experience for our students. Class sizes are small, and all our programs are delivered in dedicated, fully-equipped, spacious studios.

You will learn from a large roster of instructors who are all current practitioners and experts in their chosen design fields, including Barr Gilmore (graphic design, environmental graphic design and sculpture); Chris Bahry (Tendril… motion graphics, animation and live action); Joseph Clement (Designland… landscape architecture and documentary filmmaking); and JP King (Paper Pusher… material culture and printmaking); and Jeremy Laing (fashion and industrial design); amongst others.

12 month


$ 17316


Fleming College Haliburton Campus Admission Requirements

Admission to Fleming College - Haliburton Campus is subject to specific requirements, and the eligibility requirements vary per the program a student applies to. However, there are specific requirements that every student must keep in mind before applying to the college:


  • Students should be at least 18 years old before taking admission
  • Students should be proficient in English and must have taken   IELTS, TOEFL, PTE  or other equivalent exams
  • Students must submit their original transcripts from all the academic institutions they have attended. 




Minimum Age

18 years

Language Proficiency Test


Documents Required

Original transcripts from all the academic institutions 


Note: International students are considered on a case-by-case basis; therefore, there can be additional requirements when applying to Fleming College - Haliburton Campus, depending on the program a student applies to.



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Fleming College Haliburton Campus, Canada - Reviews(25)







What Alumni is saying



MFA Photography,, 2018


Hardworking and positive

The teachers at this school are amazing! They are knowledgeable and they truly care about the students. The other students make this school feel like a community. There is always a positive and helpful attitude in the air and it makes college such a rewarding and enjoyable place to be.



MFA Photography,, 2018


Innovative learning experiences

Faculty design and deliver rich and innovative learning experiences for students. It also includes leadership in program development and academic quality assurance.



MFA Photography,, 2018


Great place to learn

Staff and teachers are friendly and helpful. The programs are informative and relate well to real-world situations. I learned a lot from my teachers.



MFA Photography,, 2018


Faculty supports strongly

The staff was passionate about tecahing and constantly provided help in making us adjust to the ways of studying in Canada.



card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Record placements

There are some very nice people working there, and they try their best to help you out with anything. The campus is beautiful, the classes are amazing, and it is an overall great school. This college is one of the topmost colleges in the world. Every year thousands of students come to this college for their full-time courses. The teachers in this college are really very good. This college makes new records in terms of placement. Those who work hard in this college can definitely get a job for sure. I have learnt a lot here from my teachers. I have got a brilliant job because of the kind of education I have got in this college. I am very thankful to my teachers.



MFA Interaction Design

card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

It was a great time that I spent at Fleming College.

The faculty and staff at this college are very good, all that they want is for their students to do well. Fleming has so many opportunities for the students to get the help they need from professors. The placement cell continuously provided assistance with regard to placement and job offers. It provided me with the opportunity to enhance my knowledge, study, and grow over time. The professors are friendly, approachable, and supportive. The campus is lovely, and it offers a variety of professional and personal opportunities. The cafe and the various types of food they provide are my favourite parts of campus. The campus provides a safe accommodation option with all the available facilities.



MFA Interaction Design

card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Workshops here are of great value addition

I had a lovely experience studying at the Haliburton Campus of Fleming College. It is a very clean, well maintained and comfortable place. There are convenient options of public transports for students who live in the nearby areas of campus. All the staff members are really kind and welcoming. Teachers are highly qualified and experienced. Programs are designed to upgrade the present skills of students. Corporate training and workshops help students to gain real-world expertise in an effective manner. Apart from learning, the college also has several recreational facilities for students to enjoy with their friends and other classmates.



MFA Interaction Design

card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Exciting to live and study there

Living in a place like Ontario was a dream. With that, I got to study in an amazing institute. The faculty was supportive and enthusiastic about teaching. The services for students at the Fleming were on point. I felt secure at all times. It was a great place to meet like-minded people. I got to learn that there are so many people throughout the world who have the same outlook on things as I had. My classmates and I worked on some exciting projects and did an internship together. All in all, a nice experience.



MFA Interaction Design

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