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About Tamwood International College Whistler Campus

Wherever you choose to go in life, Tamwood helps you get there. Whether you want amazing life experiences at unforgettable destinations, acceptance into the international university of your choice, or to accelerate your future career, Tamwood helps make your dreams come true.

Founded in 1992, by owners Tamsin Plaxton and Mathew Collingwood, Tamwood runs three divisions and manages a sister company that together offers a range of educational, vacation, work, and travel programs, and other services and support to ensure you learn new skills. These programs help to expand existing abilities, discover talents you didn’t know you had, and forever transform yourself in wonderful ways you can barely imagine.

Tamwood International College - Whistler Campus
Are you ready for adventure? Whistler is where you’ll find it!

  • Campers attending the Tamwood Summer Camp at Whistler Base II do a variety of structured, cultural, recreational, social and sightseeing activities each week.
  • These activities, events and excursions can be grouped into four categories—Day Time (Creative, Sports, Teambuilding, or STEAM), Evening, Excursions, and Optional.
  • Please refer to our weekly schedules for the Whistler Camp to see which activities and excursions are offered each week.

Campus Features

  • Tamwood’s Whistler Base II is located in the Whistler Village, close to everything! Students will take part in activities at various facilities located throughout the village.

Tamwood International College Whistler Campus Services & Facilities

Tamwood International College has established a reputation for itself in part owing to its excellent student services it provides. It offers a range of programmes and tools to help students, including financial aid. Other noteworthy services offered by the college are organising tours for students, providing opportunities to enjoy extra-curricular activities, medical help services, well equipped libraries, state of the art sports facilities and facilitation of cultural and social gatherings. 

Tamwood International College Whistler Campus Accomodation

Tamwood International College offers a wide choice of student housing options to meet a variety of students' financial needs. When a student arrives in Canada, the institute arranges for them to have a place to sleep off their fatigue so that they may start their college experience feeling rejuvenated and without the worry of finding a new place to live. 

Alternatives to homestays are available in places such as Vancouver, Whistler, and Toronto, and also options like student apartments are available in Vancouver and Toronto. All queries are handled on an individual basis and are tailored to accommodate the particular needs of each student. 

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UX design professionals are in high demand. Take this program to set yourself up for a successful career as a UX Design Professional. In this program you will learn the skills, tools, and techniques used in the field of User Experience Design and apply them in a practical professional environment; including design, research, testing of interfaces, websites, products, and applications. This program prepares you for a career in any of the following roles: UX Designer, Information Architect, UX Researcher, Product Designer, and Interaction Designer.

You have the choice of doing the full-time diploma or the work and study diploma which combines the courses in the full-time diploma program with a 480-hour co-operative work term.

Program Outcomes
Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the principles of user experience research, user-centric design approaches and strategy, UX methodologies, information architecture, user behaviours, information structures, graphical user interfaces, visual design, mobile user experience, and usability testing
  • Work in a practical setting and apply techniques such as creating a user-centric design approach for a project using personal development and information design
  • Develop usable wireframes for a website and/or simple application using Axure software
  • Design an intuitive user interface and applying the learned principles of visual design
  • Test and measure the success of a UX design project employing learned user testing techniques

12 month


$ 10499


Every business needs a website and eventually, every website needs a redesign so demand is high for good web developers. In this program, you will learn how to design and code interactive client-facing websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. By the end of the program, you will be able to build dynamic websites using a content management system, produce and consume web APIs, and write efficient code demonstrating knowledge of programming concepts. This program will prepare you to work as a Front-end Developer and in any general web developer position.

You have the choice of doing the full-time diploma or the work and study diploma, which combines the courses in the full-time diploma program with a 480-hour co-operative work term.

Program Outcomes
Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • HTML5 & CSS3: Build a solid foundation of HTML5, CSS3 and responsive web development skills. As well as, write well-structured, semantic mark-up with an eye for accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO).
  • WordPress: Build custom WordPress themes from scratch, mastering WordPress template tags, template hierarchy, custom post types, custom fields, custom taxonomies, plugin development, sidebar widgets, and more. Learn to understand the role of a CMS in managing a website and explore the new WordPress REST API as a means for multi-platform content distribution.
  • Sass: Learn how to use the Sass CSS pre-processor, use CSS best practices to produce scalable and maintainable CSS code, build on and extend basic jQuery and JavaScript skills, interact with popular JSON-based web APIs using Ajax, and use the latest versions of the JavaScript language.
  • Gulp: Learn how to use JavaScript task runners to help enhance and automate your web development workflow.
  • PHP: Learn the basics of PHP, including an introduction to object-oriented programming, best practices for writing modern PHP, and understand the server-side programming language (and how it differs from JavaScript).
  • Git & GitHub: Master version control using Git from the command-line and open-source your projects on GitHub.

12 month


$ 13950


UI design professionals are in high demand everywhere in the world. Take this program to set yourself up for a successful career. In this program, you will learn the practical skills, tools, and techniques used in the field of User Interface & Visual Communication Design, including creative software, layout and composition, colour and typographic theory, visual brand identity, conceptual and strategic thinking, and designing for digital interfaces.

This program prepares you to work in any of the following roles: User Interface Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Communication Designer, Production Designer, Interactive Designer, Art Director, or Creative Director.

You have the choice of doing the full-time diploma or the work and study diploma which combines the courses in the full-time diploma program with a 480-hour co-operative work term.

Program Outcomes
Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Follow the steps of the creative process: research, ideation, execution, and revision
  • Assemble effective colour palettes
  • Select appropriate typefaces considering their quality, legal requirements, availability, and visual language while composing elegant typesetting in view of visual hierarchy, alignment, and spacing
  • Design balanced layouts with clear focal points, balance, and alignment
  • Build designs in Photoshop with the ability to create masks, apply filters, and other relevant tools
  • Draw vector elements in Illustrator using the pen tool, pathfinder, strokes, and other relevant tools
  • Build user interface layouts in Sketch using vector tools, grids, symbols, and other relevant tools
  • Design a visual brand identity such as a logo, colour palette, typefaces, photography, and iconography
  • Lead productive ideation sessions
  • Practice a user-centric approach to problem-solving
  • Recognize the best practices of user experience design
  • Identify limitations and possibilities when working with programming languages such as CSS, HTML, Javascript, Swift, and Java
  • Build a creative brief
  • Confidently and eloquently present creative work
  • Distinguish art and design eras, movements, and trends
  • Constructively critique peers’ work

12 month


$ 10449


Tamwood International College Whistler Campus Admission Requirements

Before applying, students should be aware of the essential qualifications stated below. 


- The student must be at least 18 years old at the time of beginning of the course. 


-Students who do not speak English as their first language must complete language proficiency examinations like the PTE, IELTS, or TOEFL, as well as other related assessments. 


-Applicants must provide authentic transcripts from all academic institutions attended before submitting their application (translated if the originals are not in English).




Minimum Age

18 years

Documents Required

Original transcripts, Passport, Proof of English Language Proficiency Score

Exams  Accepted

  • IELTS Academic Test
  • PTE
  • Duolingo




Note: Because overseas students are evaluated individually, there may be additional criteria when applying to Tamwood International College - Whistler Campus programmes.



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Tamwood International College Whistler Campus, Canada - Reviews(25)







What Alumni is saying



MFA Photography,, 2018


Superb Faculty

The instructors are superb. The variety and quality of the material are excellent. One-on-one interaction and doubt sessions predominate.



MFA Photography,, 2018


Amazing atmosphere

They have outstanding professors and an amazing atmosphere. Many academic clubs and group to choose from.



MFA Photography,, 2018


Professors with real-world experience

You will be job-ready under the guidance and supervision of our industry-experienced academics. You will form a close, supportive community with your classmates, instructors, and support personnel.



card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Assistance in Job Interviews

When it comes to job placements, the institution goes out of its way to help all students receive the help they need to be selected and prepare for interviews. Using industry experts, they hold webinars. Apart from that, there are numerous part-time opportunities for the students which makes their cost of living much more affordable.



MFA Interaction Design

card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

I loved it

More than a college, Tamwood is a family and the staff is very approachable and kind. I had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Taking classes in this kind of environment enabled me to learn more about culture and how people think with different perspectives depending on where they came from. At every stage of our projects, as well as throughout the placement drives, the faculty and training team have offered all of the necessary support. The culture is entirely devoted to the students' overall development. They help us in discovering our hidden potential and growing into our best selves. Will always be grateful for all the help and support they provided me.



MFA Interaction Design

card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Got lot of exposure

My learning has certainly improved the quality of my time at the college. My stay there provided me with a lot of exposure and possibilities to discover and excel in my hidden talents. In addition, the college has presented me with several opportunities to show my abilities. I am thankful to the instructors for their encouragement and assistance in improving my technical and interpersonal abilities. College also provided me with the knowledge and confidence I needed to succeed in my work. The placement department gave me with extensive training in order for me to succeed in my career. The atmosphere is lively and enjoyable. The campus is huge and pleasant.



MFA Interaction Design

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