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Trent University Peterborough Overview

Trent University presents over 100 diverse and dynamic academic programs covering various fields such as arts, sciences, social sciences, and professional programs. The cost of tuition at Trent University ranges from $20,000 to $28,200. Trent University has been ranked #34 for reputation among Canadian universities in the Center for World University Rankings 2023.


About Trent University Peterborough

Trent University is a liberal arts university in Peterborough, Ontario. It is one of Canada's most well-known and well-respected public universities that came into existence in 1964 after John Robarts (Ontario Premier) approved the establishment of a new institution in the area. It initially attracted roughly 100 students, but by the following year, that number rose to 250. The institution provides students with a transformative experience through its two main campuses. Trent University Durham GTA, based in Oshawa, offers a variety of professional degrees in the social sciences and arts and hands-on learning opportunities for its students. The Peterborough (Symons) campus is situated on the banks of the Otonabee River and features spectacular architecture and stunning scenery. This campus spans over 1400 acres and is about a half-hour drive from downtown Toronto. 

Accounting, African studies, anthropology, arts and science, archaeology, and biology are among the university's certificate, degree, diploma, and specialty programs. Apart from Ph.D. and graduate diplomas, it provides thesis-based and course-based master's programs. Specializations in multidisciplinary fields such as aging studies and feminist and gender studies are also available at the university.


Trent University Peterborough Scholarships

Trent University supports international students with a few scholarships to study in Canada. In addition, students can apply for external scholarships the Canadian government offers. 

Trent University provides a range of international scholarships and awards for students who meet the eligibility criteria for undergraduate studies. These scholarships are highly competitive and offer valuable opportunities for financial support. Entrance scholarships are given automatically without the need for an application. On the other hand, prestigious scholarships and awards require students to apply. These opportunities are exclusively available to undergraduate students.

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Trent University Peterborough Services & Facilities

Trent assists international students by providing resources for academic, financial, housing, and health insurance. It also conducts various sessions for students to receive advice and help. Trent, which employs almost 2000 people, offers various job options in various sectors, whether part-time, full-time, or non-academic.

The university's campus has several cutting-edge amenities, ranging from a library to a gallery and studios. There are various workshop possibilities in 3D printing, laser cutting, and digital printing. Students can also pursue their interests on campus in areas such as animals, biomedical engineering, animation, and architecture.


Guide to studying in Canada for international students

Canada Student Visa

Post Graduate Work Permit in Canada
Part-time jobs in Canada for Indian Student

Trent University Peterborough Accomodation

There are eleven residence halls and one residence building on the Peterborough campus that offer traditional or suite-style housing to international students. Living on-campus offers international students a learning community where they can get along with other students in the same academic program or with similar interests. All the rooms have a closet, bed, desk, wardrobe, shelves, desk light, dresser, desk chair, and other amenities.

The university has also partnered housing providers to assist students in finding appropriate and convenient housing off-campus.

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Trent University Peterborough Notable Alumni

The university has generated a long list of illustrious alumni leaders in their industries. Tim Cook (historian), John Horgan (Premier of British Columbia), Stewart Wheeler (Ambassador to Iceland Chris Hodgson (Ex-Ontario Cabinet Minister), Nancy Anne Sakovich (model and actress), James Orbinski (Doctors Without Borders, Nobel Prize Winner), and Richard Harrison (businessman and reality television personality) are just a few among them.

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International Students


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Build your future career by uncovering the ancient past, studying in one of the most robust archaeology programs in Canada. Your studies will focus on the history of human beings, examining artifacts, human and animal bones, architecture, and plants. You’ll learn the field methods and lab techniques used to study these materials, as well as theories archaeologists use to understand the ancient cultures and past civilizations of the Americas, Europe and the pre-Classical and Classical Mediterranean world.

Environmental Archaeology Specialization:-
Become an expert in the intriguing relationships between past civilizations and plants, animals and even climate change in this one-of-a-kind Archaeology specialization. You’ll gain hands-on experience applying geological, biological, and physical sciences concepts to archaeological field studies, expanding the extraordinary complexity of humanity's long-term relationship with our environment.

Resume Boosters:-

  • Get your hands dirty studying comparative zoological collections and animal bones from archaeological sites
  • Gain professional experience applying Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technologies to archaeological case studies
  • Build an understanding of laboratory methods for measuring stable isotopes in archaeological materials
  • Build knowledge of core concepts and ideas about ecology and its relationship to human culture

48 month


$ 24250


Knowledge in both arts and science is key to understanding the complicated issues of today’s world – from global warming and medicine to human rights and politics, and everything in between. In this unique program, you will gain the skills needed to take on the most complicated subjects and communicate about them effectively – key attributes of success for lawyers, doctors, journalists, business leaders, and environmental scientists. Here, you will have the opportunity to experience the very best of both areas of study, while benefiting from the ability to customize your degree with flexibility. The options are virtually endless.

Resume Boosters:-

  • Develop a broad knowledge-base and skill set that is highly adaptable to any career path you choose
  • Gain professional experience performing and presenting independent research for the Arts and Science Colloquium
  • Take advantage of several internship opportunities within one or more of your chosen majors
  • Participate in a community-based research project with guidance from faculty members in a variety of disciplines

48 month


$ 24250


Cultural Studies is a deep, critical dive into modern culture that will help you to uncover the hidden politics of everyday life. As a student in this program, you will gain the tools to critique and create cultural objects and practices – everything from games to graffiti, print to painting, and music to film. You’ll study culture by reading, talking, and doing, taking lecture and workshop courses in literature, fine art, media, and theory. And you’ll ask (and seek answers to) the questions about how culture shapes our lives, and vice versa.

Integrated Arts
Learn from professors who are actively practicing artists, musicians, actors, and directors through this dynamic specialization for Cultural Studies majors. Explore how culture, history, media, and politics all intersect in modern, contemporary, and experimental visual art, music, theatre and film, while enhancing your understanding of the world and your future career paths.

48 month


$ 24250


Computing Systems
When you study Computing Systems at Trent, you'll get a chance to develop your skills in designing, implementing, and integrating software applications - everything from supercomputers to game boards. This degree will equip you with the skills required for a successful career in the ever-changing tech sector. Get advanced use of the latest science and digital technologies, with assistance from professors who are experts in their fields. You can also work with real-world clients from industry, government, and education through a third year internship course and fourth year project course.

Media Studies
Earn credit for doing as well as thinking, gaining hands-on experience by fabricating 3D-printed objects, bending circuits, shooting on 16mm film, creating fake social media profiles, and more. In Media Studies, you'll examine the influence of advertising and ideology, the political economy of media corporations, and the principles of multimedia design. You'll also benefit from our interdisciplinary curriculum, learning across subjects from the humanities to the sciences, and taking workshop, internship, and community-based research courses with your professors and media professionals.

48 month


$ 24250


Gender and Women's Studies explores gender relations across cultures, throughout history, and in contemporary societies. In this program, you will explore a broad range of feminist perspectives on labour, health, history, popular culture, law, the environment, social policy, literature, and globalization. You will develop an interdisciplinary understanding of feminist thought and practice, including dynamic intersections with critical race, disability, decolonial and critical sexuality studies.

Resume Boosters:-

  • Put your knowledge to the test outside the university through a community-based gender research project
  • Enjoy awards and bursaries exclusive to Gender and Women's Studies students
  • Engage with guest lecturers, authors, and leaders in the field

48 month


$ 24250


Trent University Peterborough Admission Requirements

There are specific requirements which every student must keep in mind before applying to the university:

  • The student should be at least 18 years of age.
  • International applicants who do not speak English as their first language must give proficiency tests like  IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. to prove their English proficiency.
  • The student must submit the original transcripts from all the previously attended academic institutions (If the transcripts are not in English, the student must submit the translated copies along with the originals).




Minimum Age

18 years

Documents Required

Original transcripts, Passport

Language Proficiency Test

  • IELTS Academic Test
  • PTE
  • CAEL
  • C1 Advanced 


Note: International students are considered on a case-by-case basis; therefore, additional requirements can exist while taking admission at the Peterborough campus of Trent University.


Check the complete information about the Canada Intake Program:

Winter intake in Canada
May Intake in Canada
Fall intake in Canada


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Trent University Peterborough, Canada - Reviews(25)







What Alumni is saying



MFA Photography,, 2018


Very helpful and friendly

I was looking for a college with a friendly faculty, but I also wanted quality education. I was really impressed with the staff at the college. They are extremely helpful and friendly, and they are always willing to go above and beyond to help their students.



MFA Photography,, 2018


Challenging academic environment

Trent has excellent teachers with engaging faculty. At Trent, you'll find a challenging and inspiring academic environment, as well as friendly professors and faculty.



card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Truly international

My experience of Trent University Peterborough is good. The campus is small and has a really welcoming environment. The campus is pretty big and there are a lot of places to hang out with your friends. The campus has a lot of facilities including a gym, a swimming pool, a soccer field, a library and also a cafeteria where you can enjoy a meal. The library is pretty big and you can find different kinds of books there. There are a lot of good teachers at this university that are helpful and teach you in a way that you can understand easily. The teachers are quite friendly and they know a lot about the subject they teach. There are a lot of opportunities for an international student at this university. The university has a lot of clubs and societies for international students. The university is small, but it has a lot of things going on.



MFA Interaction Design

card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Experiential learning

Trent University Peterborough is a fantastic place to further your education. The campus is particularly lovely in the fall. Trent University offers a tough and inspirational academic environment, as well as personable professors, a thriving student life, and much more. Through experimental learning and hands-on research, you will receive significant real-world experience by working side-by-side with top faculty on research projects on campus, in the community, and around the world. Because of the lower group sizes, each student gets to know their teacher on a more personal level, which makes it much easier to ask questions and generate ideas. The Employment Team was really helpful in making sure that my CV was of the highest possible quality and in preparing me for interviews. Trent has a fantastic library and a serene atmosphere. There are over a hundred clubs and groups to choose from, allowing you to explore and enjoy a wide range of interests. The teachers are polite and helpful, the rest of the staff is lovely, and the food is decent. Trent University offers a small number of highly competitive international scholarships and awards to students who have been admitted. I recommend it to all new students.



MFA Interaction Design

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