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Vancouver Community College Downtown Campus



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Vancouver Community College Downtown Campus Overview

Vancouver Community College provides an extensive selection of full-time programs designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge for employment. The credentials available include certificates, diplomas, associate degrees, bachelor's degrees, and post-degree diplomas programs in various fields such as Baking and Pastry Arts, Business, Culinary Arts, Design, Early Childhood Care and Education, Hair Design and Esthetics, Health Sciences, Hospitality Management, Music and Dance, Technology, and Transportation Trades. Vancouver Community College fees range from $23,800 to $40,796. As of 2022, Vancouver Community College holds a global ranking of 1342, according to the QS World Ranking.


About Vancouver Community College Downtown Campus

Vancouver Community College (VCC), which is located in the centre of the city, provides academic, cultural, and social settings that encourage practical, real-world training and learning. Gourmet restaurants, an auto shop, a hairdresser and spa, and other on-campus facilities enable students to sharpen their skills and training while delivering high-quality, lower-cost services to the Downtown and East Vancouver areas. Inspiring a new generation of students to explore their interests, obtain necessary skills, and learn what it takes to thrive in a competitive workforce is something VCC takes great pride in doing. 

Vancouver Community College (VCC) has had a significant role in the post-secondary educational environment in British Columbia, with over 15,000 students, including an increasing number of Aboriginal and international students, 1,100 workers and a huge annual budget. The relationship of this college to various industries guarantees that their students have direct access to employers, and their model of access, as well as their collaborations throughout the post-secondary sector, aid students in achieving their educational objectives at any step of their journey.


Vancouver Community College Downtown Campus Scholarships

Vancouver Community College provides hundreds of scholarships and awards each year, presented at two annual events. Students are chosen for the bulk of these honors by teachers and staff. Various grants and scholarships are available to help students pay for their studies at VCC. Most funds come from the Vancouver Community College Foundation and community contributors. Here are a few examples:

  • Dr. Bik May Wai Scholarship
  • Pyrrha Scholarship

 Know more about: Canada Scholarship for International Students


Vancouver Community College Downtown Campus Services & Facilities

The main vision of this institute is to provide its students with the necessary skills , so that they can seamlessly integrate into the current job market, and do well in their respective fields.

Outstanding educational quality, excellent student assistance, and responsive, creative and relevant college operations are all priorities of this college. 

This college is committed to increasing accessibility and inclusion for everyone. Students at Vancouver Community College have limitless potential, and it is their responsibility to ensure that their graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their endeavors after graduation. The college has adequate academic resources, medical facilities and food services.   

Vancouver Community College has other very unique services to offer to its students like; Professional and free student counseling, dispute resolution mechanisms for student complaints, fully equipped libraries, student unions etc. 

Apart from these services, there are excellent on-campus cafeterias, restaurants and salons that are available to the students at Vancouver Community College, Downtown Campus. 

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Post Graduate Work Permit in Canada
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Vancouver Community College Downtown Campus Accomodation

No on-campus housing is available; however, several off-campus housing choices in the surrounding area are worth considering. For shared rooms, the average rent varies from CAD 650 to CAD 850 per month.

Apartments and homestays are both available as lodging choices. All the accommodation options have Wi-Fi, laundry, and 24*7 electricity available.

Units are available furnished or unfurnished, with some units requiring a six-month or longer lease.

Students have a wide variety of housing alternatives to choose from. Homestays, furnished and unfurnished rentals in houses, basement suites, condos, and flats are all examples of such accommodations. 

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International Students


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Get hands-on experience in the design and fabrication of jewellery through drawing, art history, gemmology, and business management.

What you will learn

  • Jewellery fabrication (piercing, soldering, doming, texturing, finishing, riveting)
  • Traditional goldsmithing techniques
  • Lost wax casting
  • Stone setting
  • Metal forging
  • Jewellery repair
  • Machinery, tools, safety
  • Metallurgy and alloys
  • Lapidary techniques (cutting, polishing)
  • Enamelling
  • Gemstone identification and testing
  • Gemstone cuts, care, and cleaning
  • Gemstone marketing, buying, and pricing
  • Diamond identification and grading
  • International diamond market
  • Visual awareness
  • Conceptual design
  • Illustration and visual representation
  • Technical drawing
  • Perspective drawing
  • 3D design software
  • History of art, ornament, and costume
  • Art in contemporary society
  • Individuality and artistic expression
  • Meanings of jewellery
  • Business management and entrepreneurship
  • Jewellery-related laws and regulations
  • Promotion, advertising, ethics
  • Production methods and time management

What to expect

  • Two years of full-time study
  • 70 per cent of time dedicated to hands-on, technical training
  • Industry-experienced instructors
  • Cohort-style classes with personalized learning
  • Technical assignments
  • Creative projects
  • Critiques
  • Lectures
  • Technical assignments
  • Exams
  • Demonstrations
  • Group projects
  • Research projects
  • Guest presentations
  • Public showcases and exhibitions
  • Field trips
  • Fully equipped workshops
  • Use of hand tools and torches
  • Networking with industry professionals
  • Award and scholarship opportunities
  • Opportunity to transfer to jewellery degree programs at AUA (Calgary), or NSCAD University (Halifax)
  • Opportunity to transfer to second-year Gemmology certificate and degree programs at Birmingham University, UK

24 month


$ 17593


Creative Arts & Design

Diploma in Dance

Start your career as a professional dancer by learning a full repertoire including ballet, modern, jazz, and flamenco in addition to arts entrepreneurship and administration.

What you will learn

  • Professional, entry-level dance technique in ballet, modern, jazz, and flamenco
  • Artistic dance movement language and repertoire
  • Elite-level rehearsal skills and performance readiness
  • Coordination and skeletal alignment
  • Anatomical efficiency and movement quality
  • Physical virtuosity, balance, and control
  • Classical line
  • Pointe work (women)
  • Muscular and cardiovascular strength
  • Spinal articulation
  • Coordination and isolations
  • Pas de deux and ensemble work
  • Floor work and jump sequences
  • Time-keeping and rhythmical sense
  • Theatricality and musicality
  • Structured and contact improvisation
  • Use of props, set pieces, voice, and text
  • Western European, African, Latin American, and Indian rhythm traditions
  • Anatomy, injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation
  • Emotional health and self-awareness
  • Nutrition and body conditioning
  • Thematic exploration
  • Journaling and composition
  • Information literacy and research skills
  • Critical thinking and creative input
  • Peer evaluation
  • Dance industry knowledge
  • Mentorship and professional dance goal-setting
  • Arts administration and entrepreneurship
  • Ballet and modern dance teaching
  • History of twentieth century Western visual and performing arts

What to expect

  • Studio classes
  • Lectures and presentations
  • Group work
  • Performances
  • Guest choreographers
  • Arts management sessions
  • Performance technology workshops
  • Instructional media
  • Skills demonstrations
  • Practical and theoretical assignments
  • Written examinations

24 month


$ 14197


Hospitality, Tourism, Wellness Leisure & Sports

Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Get a comprehensive understanding of business practices in the hospitality industry. Learn to manage guest services for hotels, cruise ships, convention centres, and fine dining establishments.

What you will learn

  • Top hospitality business and management practices
  • Planning, design, and implementation of hospitality initiatives
  • Business and community impact evaluation
  • Financial and operations management
  • Research and statistical analysis
  • E-business and social media marketing
  • Current events and change management
  • Effective communication in the local, national, and global hospitality market
  • Formal and informal meeting procedures
  • Labour relations, ethics, and hospitality-related law
  • Cultural diversity in British Columbia and Canada
  • Community leadership and issue resolution
  • Entrepreneurship

What to expect

  • Lectures, seminars, and group discussions
  • Oral presentations
  • Reflective writing
  • Research papers and case studies
  • Individual and group projects
  • Computer simulations
  • Quizzes
  • Homework
  • Final exams

24 month


$ 18193


Hospitality, Tourism, Wellness Leisure & Sports

Diploma in Hospitality Management

This program provides a well - rounded curriculum geared to provide initial employment skills and the potential for future management growth. Studies focus on general business management courses applied to hotel and restaurant settings in the first year. The second year consists of hospitality management courses such as food and beverage cost controls, hospitality law, and a Hotel Simulation course. The diploma provides transfer opportunities to VCC's third year degree in Hospitality Management.

24 month


$ 17026


Hospitality, Tourism, Wellness Leisure & Sports

Dual Certificate in Baking and Pastry Arts

Learn professional techniques for artisanal bread and fine pastry production from Canada’s top bakers in a fully equipped industrial kitchen.

What you will learn

  • Health, sanitation, and safety
  • Use of bakery equipment including scales, mixers, proofers, and ovens
  • Knife skills
  • Theoretical baking principles and processes
  • Ingredients and methodology
  • Biscuits and muffins
  • Pie dough and straight dough
  • Aeration and emulsification
  • Cookies, pies, tarts
  • Croissant, Danish, and puff dough lamination
  • Cakes, cookies, sponges
  • Buttercreams, glazes, ganaches
  • Dessert plating and presentation
  • Composition, use of colours and textures
  • Pastries, slices, and squares
  • Quickbreads and loaf cakes
  • Deep-fat frying
  • Yeast doughnuts, cake doughnuts, French crullers
  • Fermentation, leavening, gluten development
  • Wild yeast, sourdough starters, biga, poolish
  • Hearth baking
  • Grains and flours
  • Shaping and molding
  • Mixing and portioning
  • Gluten-free baking and ingredients
  • Meat and vegetable pies
  • Sausage rolls, Cornish pasties, calzones
  • Asian buns and tarts
  • Pita breads and flatbreads
  • Sandwiches
  • Consistency and accuracy
  • Environmental conditions
  • Daily production planning
  • Standard math functions
  • Retail bakeshop management
  • Professional etiquette and personal hygiene
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving
  • Ingredient and equipment suppliers
  • Merchandising, inventory, and cost control
  • Waste management
  • Catering
  • Effective communication

What to expect

  • Eleven months of full-time study over four terms:    
    • Introduction to Baking
    • Applied Baking
    • Artisan Baking
    • Capstone
  • Classes Monday to Friday 7 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (subject to change)
  • Purchase of textbooks and baking tools (available at the VCC Bookstore)
  • Purchase of closed-top, non-slip footwear
  • A fully operational kitchen and bakeshop environment
  • Direct instruction
  • Interactive instruction
  • Demonstrations
  • Problem-solving
  • Cooperative learning
  • Active participation
  • Self-directed learning
  • Three weeks of industry work experience
  • Capstone project
  • Opportunity to take exams for ITA Level 1 certification

24 month


$ 18161


Vancouver Community College Downtown Campus Admission Requirements

Before completing an application to Vancouver Community College, Downtown Campus, students should be aware of the following prerequisites and criteria. The following are some instances of qualifying criteria that are often encountered:


  • At the time of admittance into the institution, the student must be at least 18 years old. 
  • Students from non-English speaking countries must show their language skills by the  IELTS, TOEFL, PTE , or taking any other similar tests. 
  • Before submitting their application, students must produce legitimate transcripts from all academic institutions attended. If the original transcripts are not in English, students must provide translated copies with each original document.




Minimum Age

18 years

Documents Required

Original transcripts, Passport

Language Proficiency Test

IELTS Academic Test, TOEFL iBT, PTE, Duolingo


January, May, and September 


Note: To apply to several programs at the Vancouver Community College, Downtown Campus , applicants might need to comply with certain requirements.


Check the complete information about the Canada Intake Program:

Winter intake in Canada
May Intake in Canada
Fall intake in Canada


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Vancouver Community College Downtown Campus, Canada - Reviews(25)







What Alumni is saying



MFA Photography,, 2018


Exceptional Academics

The academics at this college are exceptional ranging from well-versed professional teachers to innumerable additional learning opportunities.



MFA Photography,, 2018


Motivating teachers

Teachers here are the best as they are friendly and motivating. College is proud to offer a highly hands-on learning experience. There are many ways to engage in experiential education as part of their academic program.



MFA Photography,, 2018


Dynamic learning

The student is engaged in dynamic learning that is driven by research-based knowledge and customized, hands-on activities that take learning outside the classroom and into the real world.



card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Solid Infrastructure

Massive infrastructure and a multitude of possibilities. Students have access to a variety of rooms and amenities, including a girls' and a boys' common room, a waiting room, and a cooperative shop. It has set up separate, fully-furnished labs for fundamental sciences and other divisional labs in accordance with industry standards in order to help in developing the students holistically.



MFA Interaction Design

card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Great atmosphere

Excellent university with a great atmosphere, strong academic infrastructure, beautiful campus, and a chill culture. The Institute was a perfect fit for me. It provided an engaging environment for learning. The campus is beautiful and I feel that the faculty truly wants the students to achieve and do their best. Many opportunities to be involved with the college through intramural and varsity sports teams, and various clubs, Transportation is great, all busses lead to the college. So much space to grow and be yourself and come into a community with others as well.



MFA Interaction Design

card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Overall it was a good experience.

The professors were very knowledgeable, and because of the small class size, they were able to pay more attention to each student. The campus accommodations were very comfortable with all modern facilities like free Wi-Fi and laundry services. Being on campus is a lot of fun. Students can participate in a variety of extracurricular activities while also obtaining free food at a number of events. Student Services is here to help and guide you. There are workshops on resume writing and interview preparation, as well as industry referrals and lifetime career assistance. I joined a few clubs and activities and made lot of friends.



MFA Interaction Design

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