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Matrix College Overview

Matrix College is an educational institution that provides specialized programs in the fields of Business, Technology, and Engineering. With a wide array of IT training courses, including certifications from renowned vendors like SAP, Cisco, and VMware. Matrix College has received recognition from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education as one of the leading private colleges in Quebec, securing a spot in the top 10 rankings. The tuition fee ranges between CAD 15,000 - CAD 20,000.

About Matrix College

Matrix College is a private career institution offering specialized post-secondary level programs in Business, Technology, Engineering and Healthcare. It is conveniently located in downtown Montreal, Quebec. It offers a wide range of vendor-authorized as well as vendor-independent IT courses including training on Microsoft, SAP, Cisco and VMware certifications. 

The college not only offers theoretical knowledge but also provides hands-on industry training to its students. The college's training programs are approved by the Ministry of Education, ensuring that students acquire job-oriented skills. Furthermore, Matrix College is recognized as a Designated Learning Institution under the International Student Program (ISP), attracting students from around the world.

The college is committed to doing everything it can to ensure all students are receiving quality education at reasonable prices. It works every day towards helping each student’s success and making sure that everyone is satisfied with their training experience.

Matrix College offers training that gives students hands-on experience in real-world settings. The purpose is to provide students with the practical skills and techniques required for entry into a career upon graduation.

Matrix College Scholarships

Students can apply for several external awards, scholarships and bursaries offered by private organisations and individuals. 

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Matrix College Services & Facilities

The college provides an incredible range of resources to the students on campus. The library boasts a state of the art e-book system, as well as a vast supply of reading material for students. The recreational facilities include a sports field, multiple gyms, and a pool. 

In addition to this, the college offers a range of student services including a vast variety of social events and activities throughout the month for students to take advantage of such as resume/cover letter workshop, new student welcome party, integration activities for new students, holiday party, immigration information session, cultural celebrations, sports activities and tournaments, donation campaigns etc. 

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Post Graduate Work Permit in Canada

Matrix College Accomodation

The University provides students with options for on-campus accommodation facilities. Students can opt to stay in the residence halls, the apartments on campus, or to live off-campus. While the residence halls are a great place to meet new people and to learn life skills, the apartments on campus provide a more private living space. 

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There is tremendous demand for qualified IT professionals globally and in Canada. Potential employers are seeking skilled employees who have specialized software testing abilities coupled with knowledge of operating systems, databases and programming. Matrix College AEC in Computer Science Technology Software Testing prepares you to be a Computer Science Technician who is capable of understanding business requirements, writing test cases, testing applications, products and solutions using functional and automated testing methods. This program opens up job opportunities for you across banking, insurance, health and manufacturing domain. Students, if they meet the conditions for graduation, are awarded an "Attestation of College Studies"

Key Courses

  • Introduction to IT: Introduction to Operating Systems (Windows)AlgorithmsIntroduction to ProgrammingIntroduction to UNIX, Linux and the InternetDatabase Installation
  • Software Testing: Database Design IIRequirements Gathering using Object-Oriented ModelsManual Software TestingAutomated Testing ToolsBig DataApplied Professional CommunicationsInternship
  • Programming: Introduction to Database DesignInternet I- Internet FundamentalsIntroduction to Object-Oriented ProgrammingInternet II- Web Programming

Skills Gained After Completing This Program:

  • Analyze business problems
  • Determine main functions of an application to solve the business problems
  • Write business cases
  • Program with various programming languages, including Web-based and object Oriented technologies
  • Design databases
  • Write test cases
  • Test application using functional and automated techniques
  • Identify defects and update them into defect tracking tools

24 month


$ 13950


The objectives of this program are to train students to work as Network Administration Technicians. They will understand the architecture of a network, know how to connect a computer with its peripherals, connect computers to each other, implement a network, apply the appropriate network protocols, connect the network to external networks (the Internet, for example), provide support to users in relation to network issues, administer, monitor and expand the network by various means (adding stations, adding a virtual component, etc.).

Skills gained after completing this program:
The Network Administration program trains students to be Network Support Technicians.  Upon completion of this program, students will be able to understand different network protocols, install, maintain network software, troubleshoot and manage a computer network, as well as respond to the network users needs.

  • More specifically, students will be able to:
  • Evaluate the network needs of a business
  • Plan, design and propose hardware and software components for computer network system
  • Install, configure and manage the various components of a network
  • Set up and administer a computer network system
  • Analyze and implement system security.
  • Provide problem-solving services support to network users
  • Obtain computer certifications targeted to Cisco, Linux and Microsoft Technologies
  • Work in team and communicate effectively

24 month


$ 13104


Matrix College Admission Requirements

Admission to Matrix College is subject to certain requirements and the eligibility requirements vary as per the program a student applies to. However, there are certain requirements that every student must keep in mind before applying to the college:

  • Student should be at least 18 years old before taking admission
  • Student should be proficient in English and must have taken IELTS, TOEFL, PTE or other equivalent exams
  • Students are required to submit their original academic transcripts from all the academic institutions they have attended. 



Minimum Age

18 years

Language Proficiency Test


Documents Required

  • Official transcripts, translated if not in English
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Updated Resume


January, May and September 

Note: International students are considered on a case-by-case basis, therefore there can be some additional requirements while taking admission to Matrix College, depending on the program a student applies to.

Check complete information about Canada Intake Program:

Winter intake in Canada
May Intake in Canada
Fall intake in Canada


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Pragya Saklani

Can I earn while studying at Matrix College?

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2 Comment

Braylon Jackson

Yes, you can earn while studying at Matrix College. Part-time jobs are the best to help you pay for basic necessities within your college years that come with a compact schedule that allows students to comfortably fit in other responsibilities

Phuentsho Dorji

Studying at Matrix College allows students to earn their degrees while earning an income. Students can do this by balancing their studies with a part-time job.

Bethzy Martin

How much can I earn while doing part-time in Toronto?

1 Like

2 Comment

Jigme Lhaden

In most cases, the average yearly salary is around CA$42,400 for a Part-Time student. It's not a bad amount at all!

Bethzy Martin

Thank you

Matrix College, Canada - Reviews(25)







What Alumni is saying



MFA Photography,, 2018


Experienced staff

I took a course there and was impressed by the high-quality education and the knowledgeable faculty.



MFA Photography,, 2018


Understanding faculty

The teachers and staff are understanding and make efforts to resolve students' grievances. I found the teachers very helpful.



MFA Photography,, 2018


Well-educated teachers.

Teachers are well-educated and genuinely concerened about their students' education. For improved study opportunities, there are a range of academic clubs to choose from.



card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Dedicated Professors

I'm a freshman at Matrix College and I'm really enjoying it. I chose the college because it seemed like they had the best and most dedicated professors and I was right. They really do care about you and your success. The campus is amazing and the dorms are better than most 4-star hotels. It's really hard to put into words how amazing this school is. I've learned so much and my life has been changed for the better. I'd recommend Matrix College to anyone who wants the best education and the most amazing college experience.



MFA Interaction Design

card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure


Learning here was wholesome. The course curriculum was interesting. The location was cool. Teachers supported us in all the experimental work and provided their guidance for it. The people I met made life at college really smooth. We became good friends and spent studying and leisure time together. I am grateful to have met people from different backgrounds here. It has really widened the way I look at things. My journey as an international student wouldn't have been easy if it wasn't for fellow students.



MFA Interaction Design

card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure


Matrix College is a location where you may find a mix of learning, entertainment, culture, literature, and other life-affirming activities. Faculty members have always helped and encouraged me in my efforts to gain appropriate work experience. I am grateful to the placement cell for giving me with a platform to further my abilities and a chance to show them off. The college places great emphasis on students' overall development. They support us in discovering our hidden potential and evolving into our finest selves. At every stage of our projects, as well as throughout the placement drives, the faculty and training team have offered all of the essential support. We will be forever thankful to college for all of the assistance and support it has provided us.



MFA Interaction Design

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