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Nipissing University Overview

Nipissing University offers 200+ programs in Business Administration, Criminal Justice, English Studies, Biology, Economics, Liberal Science, History, Geography, Anthropology and Computer Science. The undergraduate tuition fee at Nipissing University is CAD $14,538, while the postgraduate tuition fee is CAD $16,831. For diploma programs, the tuition fee is CAD $12,761.

About Nipissing University

Formed in 1967, Nipissing University was initially considered part of Laurentian University in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. It is best known for its small class sizes with innovative and supportive teachers who give students every chance to research and help them learn outside the classroom. In 1992 the university began functioning as an independent university, granting Baccalaureate degrees to its students. 

The Ontario Legislative Assembly passed a bill in 2001 to revise the university's charter to allow it to grant graduate degrees. Nipissing University provides a wide range of courses, with over 200 options available. These include subjects such as Anthropology, Biology, Child and Family Studies, Classical Studies, Computer Science, Data Science, Economics, English Studies, Environment and Physical Geography, Environmental Biology and Technology, Environmental Geography, Fine Arts, Gender Equality and Social Justice, Geography, History, Indigenous Studies, Liberal Arts, Liberal Science, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physical and Health Education, Political Science, Psychology, Religions and Cultures, Sociology, Education, Professional Studies, Business, Commerce, Criminal Justice, Nursing, and Social Work.

Additionally, the university provides a variety of programs jointly with Canadore College to provide high-quality education to students all across the globe.

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Nipissing University Scholarships

University offers multiple scholarships and helps students who are in financial need. Some of the scholarships provided by the university are: Narotam Sekhsaria’s Scholarships, Hani Zeini Scholarship, Harvey Fellowship, Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarships, just to mention a few.  

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Nipissing University Services & Facilities

Nipissing University has a lot to offer. Not only is it a reputable school with various programs and degrees, but it’s also got an excellent infrastructure. There are many things to do on campus and most students are satisfied with their experience. The gym, for example, is a great place for students to get in shape. 

The library is full of resources and the tutoring center is excellent for students needing extra help. The campus is full of events and several organizations are available for students to join. It's a beautiful campus and the buildings and facilities are in top condition. Besides, the campus brims with multiple cultural events like theatrical performances, art exhibitions, concerts etc, throughout the year.  

The campus has a student development and services office to help students with various career-planning services, including group workshops, counseling sessions, individual mentorship, and much more. Office staff members are highly trained to help students in every field.

In addition to their regular curriculum, the university has multiple exchange agreements with countries like Barbados, China, Netherlands, Norway, India, Sweden, Ireland, Japan, France, Germany and Finland to provide the students with a holistic education and global exposure. 

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Nipissing University Accomodation

The residences of Nipissing University have some of the best on-campus accommodations in Canada. All the apartments and private residences at Nipissing University have beautiful, spacious rooms where students of diverse backgrounds, ages and interests can get together and make fast friends. 

All rooms are private, and students who receive full-time admission directly from secondary school are guaranteed a suite on campus with a shared kitchen, lounge, and bathrooms. Additionally, the university offers meal plans for international students.

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Anthropology is a fascinating and interdisciplinary field that will have you investigating the vast scope of human experience. Questions that concern anthropologists are widespread and include: Why do some cultures construct different explanations for sickness and health? How do people throughout the world determine who is related to whom? What are the patterns of inequity and stratification from one society to another? How do human beings decide to organize themselves and why?

Your studies will range in focus from the origin of our species and the development of the first known human civilizations to language and the diversity of cultures that exist today. Your studies will provide you with fundamentals, principles and theories as you explore the human experience from cultural, historical, geographical and sociological perspectives. Your curiosity may unearth new knowledge as you find yourself immersed in hands-on fieldwork and conducting applied research.

48 month


$ 21000


Welcome to the Child and Family Studies (CHFS) program within the School of Human and Social Development at Nipissing University. The Child and Family Studies Program is unique with a particular focus on two thematic areas of study:

  • Human Development and Learning; and
  • Child and Family Well-Being: Issues, Services, and Social Justice. Students can pursue a Major, Specialization or Honours Specialization

Further, you want a career within child and adult developmental and/or behaviour services, health/mental health services, child welfare, education, justice, government, or even the private sector, and have a real appetite for social justice and making a significant difference. You may choose to complete one of our 2 Applied Certificates in Applied Behaviour Analysis or our Program Evaluation and Applied Research Certificate (PEAR) as you learn to improve systems and services for children, youth, or adults, across the social and human services sector.

48 month


$ 21000


The Classical Studies program, offered as part of the Humanities, provides a broad understanding of Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations including their history, philosophy, archaeology, art, language and literature. You will be introduced to Ancient Literature, Latin, Religion, Military Traditions, Mythology, Philosophy, Art and Architecture, Social and Political Thought, and differing theories developed by various historians.

The Classical Studies degree program provides an excellent education in culture, history and language for people who are interested in pursuing a graduate degree, attending law school or considering a degree in teaching.

48 month


$ 21000


The primary way human beings communicate is through storytelling. Almost every interaction we have involves exchanging and analyzing stories, ideas, impressions and emotions. Given this fact of human culture, we see English Studies as teaching essential skills for life beyond the university.

In English, we challenge simplistic or superficial modes of thought—or non-thought—by finding out how texts of all sorts work. We learn from the past by reading classic works of literature, such as novels, plays and poetry. We also engage with contemporary culture by considering the texts that shape our current lives, such as movies, television, web-culture, graphic novels, theatre, and other media forms. With analytical reading, research and writing practice, we equip the citizens of the future with the skills of discernment, focus, resilience and adaptability that they will need to build their own careers and communities.

Delivered with an emphasis on dialogue, our courses reflect faculty research interests and the shape of our discipline by being a mix of tradition and innovation. In first year, you can choose from among a number of topics courses. In upper years, you may take courses in British literary history, such as Shakespeare or Victorian literature, as well as choosing from a broader range of subjects such as children’s literature, Canadian and American literature, the graphic novel, postcolonial and indigenous literatures, Harry Potter, fan vids or disaster films.​​​​​

48 month


$ 21000


Geography is the interdisciplinary study of our world, its physical characteristics like water, landforms, vegetation and climate as well as the relationships between people and the environment. You can choose between one of our three Geography degree options. The Bachelor of Arts in Geography provides a solid foundation in physical and human geography with a focus on the cultural, economic, political, and social influences. The Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Geography concentrates on the causes and effects of various environmental issues. The Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Physical Geography focuses on geography as an earth science and integrates mathematics, biology, geology, chemistry, and physics with geography-specific courses.

48 month


$ 21000


Nipissing University Admission Requirements

Admission to Nipissing University is subject to certain requirements and the eligibility requirements vary as per the program a student applies to. However, there are certain requirements that every student must keep in mind before applying to the college:

  • Students should be at least 18 years old before taking admission
  • Students should be proficient in English and must have taken IELTS, TOEFL, PTE or other equivalent exams
  • Students are required to submit their original academic transcripts from all the academic institutions they have attended. 




Minimum Age

18 years

Language Proficiency Test


Documents Required

  • Original transcripts from all the academic institutions they have attended
  • LOR: Needed for few courses
  • CV: Needed for few courses
  • Additional documents: Required



January, May and September 


Note: International students are considered on a case-by-case basis, therefore, there can be some additional requirements while taking admission to Nipissing University, depending on the program a student applies to.


Check complete information about intake programs in Canada:

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May Intake in Canada
Fall intake in Canada


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What Alumni is saying



MFA Photography,, 2018


A lot of clubs to spark innovation among students

The administrative staff, as well as the teachers, are very hardworking and genuine about their jobs. There are many clubs and we always find time to make new innovating and useful projects for the betterment of college life and to keep the creative and innovative spark alive.



MFA Photography,, 2018


Supportive teachers

They taught everything in a very practical way which helped me understand course in a better manner. Small class sizes also allowed us to interact freely with all the teachers.



card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Awesome features

Nipissing University is a great place for higher education. The College campus is the best and has awesome features, the students engage themselves in different activities like singing, music, sports, dance, role plays, skit competition, modelling, debate etc. The teachers are well-qualified and the research being done on campus is world-class. The campus is very well-maintained and it has a lot of on-campus facilities. The environment is very friendly and it has a lot of clubs and organizations which allow you to make new friends and get involved in extracurricular activities.



MFA Interaction Design

card banner
Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Library was my best go-to place

It is a great school, and all the staff members are amazing. Programs offered here are small and interactive, allowing you to learn more than traditional concepts. Teachers are highly qualified, and their teaching methods make learning an absolutely wonderful experience. I loved spending most of my time at the library with my friends. My residence was awesome, and I loved the local environment there. I met so many new people and made some really good friends. I was enrolled in the work-study program, which allowed me to work on campus and gain valuable work experience while working with the staff.



MFA Interaction Design

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