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University of Guelph Overview

The University of Guelph provides a wide range of educational opportunities, with more than 100 undergraduate degrees, 48 graduate programs, and 6 associate degrees available in various fields of study , including natural and physical sciences, engineering, social sciences, humanities, business, art, agriculture, and veterinary science.

Year of establishment


Also Known As

Canada's Food University

University Address

50 Stone Rd E, Guelph, ON N1G 2W1, Canada

University Ranking


No.of Campuses


Total International Students


Endowments Value

CA$418 million

Accommodation expenses


Meal expenses

$2,490 -$3,604 per Semester

On-Campus Accommodation


Average Estimated Annual Tuition Fee


Admission Requirements

Admissions Deadlines

  • Winter: November 15
  • Fall: May 1
  • Summer: March 15

Size of Campus

1,455 acres

Alumni Worldwide


Female to Male Ratio


Average GPA


Admission Intakes

Summer , Fall , and Winter

Average Exam Score Requirement

About University of Guelph

The University of Guelph is a public research institution located in the beautiful city of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 1964 as an outcome of the merger of Ontario Agricultural College (1874), the MacDonald Institute (1903), and the Ontario Veterinary College (1922). Since then, it has grown to be an institution accommodating more than 30,000 students studying at its Humber and Ridgetown campuses, including over 1,400 students from 100+ countries and over 800 full-time faculty staff. 

Guelph's primary campus is situated on 350 hectares of land in the center of Guelph, Ontario. The self-sufficient campus comprises of attractive historic structures and modern amenities set amidst beautifully designed grounds, expansive green areas, and the Arboretum, which serves as a captivating backdrop to enhance your graduate journey.

The University of Guelph is a mid-sized university that presents a wide range of academic options, with more than 100 undergraduate degrees, 48 graduate programs, and 6 associate degrees available. These programs cover various fields of study, including Anthropology, Art History, Classical Studies, Creative Writing, Criminal Justice and Public Policy, Culture and Technology Studies, Economics, English, Environmental Governance, European Studies, Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics, French Studies, Geography, History, International Development Studies, Justice and Legal Studies, Mathematical Economics, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Studio Art, Animal Biology, Biochemistry, Biological Science, Chemistry, Environmental Biology, Human Kinetics, Mathematical Science, Microbiology, Nanoscience, Neuroscience, Nutritional and Nutraceutical Sciences, Physical Science, Physics. and Theatre Studies.

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University of Guelph Scholarships

Experiential learning, such as co-op internships and field courses, is emphasised at the university to ensure that graduates have the skills and experience to thrive in their future employment. 

The University of Guelph has a generous scholarship program that recognizes academic achievements and supports students in their continuation of study. Scholarships are given on the basis of meritorious achievement and can include things like extra-curricular activities, demonstrated leadership ability and volunteerism.

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University of Guelph Services & Facilities

The University of Guelph is one of Canada's most research-intensive universities and the largest employer in Guelph, offering more than $80 million in yearly research funding. The university values student interaction, which is critical to learning and research and has a student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1. 

The university's main campus covers 1,017 acres and includes a nature-filled Arboretum and a research park. Students get to enjoy a wide range of facilities. They have access to more than 400 computers and books, magazines, videos, audiovisual and archive materials, government papers, and maps in the six-story McLaughlin Library. The university also offers services including health and wellness, career counselling, fitness and recreational, etc.

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University of Guelph Accomodation

The University of Guelph is known to provide one of Canada's most extensive and well-established university housing systems. The university offers residence facilities at its three sites: South Residence, North Residences, and East Residence. 

Out of all the residence locations, the South Residence Community is the largest and accommodates over 5,000 students on campus. North Residence contains six halls of single, double, triple, and quad room types. The East Residence is made up of three halls with single and double rooms.

Guelph is considered one of Canada's top ten greatest places to live. Located only an hour away from Toronto, Guelph is known for its gorgeous and secure campuses, as well as a warm and supportive atmosphere, as seen by its number one student satisfaction score in Canada. 

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University of Guelph Notable Alumni

Some of the famous alumni who made a difference after graduating from this university are Mark Bourrie (Journalist & Lawyer), Chris Banks (Poet), Laura Bertram (Actress) and Alan Armitage (Renowned Author). Apart from that, notable alumni of the University of Guelph include John Wise (Politician), Edgar Archibald (Agricultural scientist), Roberta Bondar (Canada's first female astronaut), Jackie Perez (Television personality), Alissa York (Novelist), Liz Sandals (Politician), Rupan Bal (Famous Youtuber), and Kathleen Daisy Miller (Popular short-story writer). Guelph alumni are given the tools and abilities to make a difference in the world and are prepared for their future employment by focusing on experiential learning like a co-op.

Fact & Figures


Year of Establishment


Total Students


International Students


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The Bachelor of Arts - Anthropology program allows students to explore human societies and cultures within contemporary global structures through Anthropology. Courses include Contemporary Native Peoples of Canada; Kinship, Family, and Power; Culture, Rights and Development; and the Anthropology of Health, giving you a critical understanding of issues of multiculturalism and the globalization of our daily experience. You can also choose to continue on in graduate studies in anthropology, law, public health, and social work.

48 month


$ 30232


Art history is the study of art and architecture as manifestations of human creativity and as valuable forms of historical documentation. Art history students learn to appreciate the fundamental and varied roles the visual arts play in the lives of human beings, as they become familiar with major works in the Western and non-Western traditions. Toward this end, students learn how works of art embody, but also condition and control cultural, economic, social, religious, political, racial, and gender dynamics. The Art History program covers historical perspectives on the visual arts, study of the methodologies of art history and critical theory, and consideration of contemporary issues in the practice and display of art. In this regard, we encourage broad, interdisciplinary exploration of artistic, aesthetic, and visual traditions in their social, historical, and cross-cultural contexts. We respond to the vision of a learner-centered university by engaging in innovative teaching and providing students with opportunities to travel to museums, galleries, and sites and to discuss their work in a supportive and challenging environment.

Students will take courses dealing with a variety of art-related topics from a range of historical eras, including the Medieval, Early Modern, Modern, and Contemporary periods. There are also opportunities for students to pursue Individual and Experiential Learning components and participate in our annual symposium and publication  ARTHAttack!

Unique features of the programs: Paid research Assistantships are available so that our graduates can demonstrate professional experience in primary and secondary research and knowledge creation and dissemination. Small class sizes for premium interaction with faculty, a dynamic annual Speakers Series, and collaborative events with local art and historical collections.

48 month


$ 30236


Classical Studies is the study of cultural achievements of the ancient Greeks and Romans from the earliest records to the Middle Ages. Their development of critical thinking, political organization and the arts was of the greatest importance in forming the cultural tradition of the West. The Classical Studies student will come to understand the value of the Greek and Roman contribution to modern humanism.

This investigation involves various kinds of inquiry into language, history, literature, philosophy and fine art, among others. The variety of this inquiry imparts a fuller understanding of its subject-matter than any single line of inquiry could, and the student develops the various skills appropriate to the investigation of the different areas.
For this reason Classics is the “discipline of disciplines;” it is the original, and remains the pre-eminent, interdisciplinary study. The study of Classics accordingly makes a central and comprehensive contribution to the integration of many separate disciplines.

48 month


$ 30236


Criminal Justice and Public Policy is offered as a minor in the honours program and as a major in the honours program. It is designed to provide students seeking a career in the criminal justice system, or planning to pursue an advanced degree with a knowledge base that will enable them to pursue their career objectives. The program offers a unique blend of sociological courses dealing with the criminal justice system as well as courses in Political Science dealing with public policy formation and implementation. It also provides students with the conceptual and methodological tools needed for further study.

48 month


$ 30232


As an Economist, you may be called on to explain or predict some of the most interesting and puzzling issues of our time, such as the fluctuations in interest rates and oil prices, the value of the dollar or the implications of continental free trade. Studying Economics within the Bachelor of Arts degree integrates pure and applied economics theories with areas of thought, techniques and critical analysis drawn from the arts. A knowledge of economics helps you understand the implications of global trends and changes to the tax system or health insurance plans. As a student in the Economics major, you will be provided with excellent preparation for a
management career in business or government, or the background you need to pursue graduate studies

As a co-op student, you will gain relevant work experience, build professional networks and develop essential interpersonal skills needed to succeed in the workplace, all while getting paid and earning your university degree. Guelph’s co-op program is unique due to the exceptional level of support provided, including an inclass preparatory course, a personal connection with a Co-op Coordinator to assist you during the employment process, and access to senior student mentors.

48 month


$ 30236


University of Guelph Admission Requirements

The university has different eligibility requirements for different courses. Yet, there are certain requirements for every student to apply:

  • The student should be at least 18 years or older at the time of applying for a program.
  • The student should be proficient in English and must have taken either  IELTS, TOEFL, PTE or other equivalent exams
  • The student is required to submit their original transcripts from all the academic institutions they have attended. If the original academic transcripts are not in English, students need to submit the translated copies of the same along with the originals.



Minimum Age

18 years 

Documents Required

Original transcripts from all the previously attended academic institutions.

Language Proficiency Test 

  • IELTS Academic Test, TOEFL iBT, PTE, C1 Advanced/C2 Proficiency, 

Exams Accepted

Note: International students are considered on a case-by-case basis, therefore there can be additional requirements while taking admission in the University of Guelph.

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Zoya Akhtar

Is there any botanical garden near the University of Guelph?

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Sanaya Irani

The University of Guelph's Guelph Arboretum is designed after Harvard University's Arnold Arboretum, which was created in 1872. The Arnold Arboretum is privately endowed as a Harvard department, just as the Guelph Arboretum is a University of Guelph department. It is inside the University Campus.

Shweta Chinai

Does University of Guelph offer scholarships to international students?

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1 Comment

Ivana Vodirvich

Scholarships, bursaries, and Work Study are among the financial aid options available to overseas students at the University of Guelph. In 2020, the University gave $2 million to undergraduate foreign students and $4.8 million to graduate international students through these initiatives.

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What Alumni is saying



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Dynamic learning environment

The Faculty Teachers make the University of Guelph a dynamic and exciting academic and learning environment. Teachers are engaged and supportive.



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Great faculty
Amazing Infrastructure

Overall nice

University of Guelph is a fantastic institution. The campus is gorgeous, with lots of student participation throughout the year, the people are motivated and nice, the faculty is involved and encouraging, and the teachers and alumni have unquestionably aided at the beginning of my career. I always appreciated how excited the University of Guelph representatives were, as well as the sense of hospitality they offered. They made me feel more comfortable, so I was confident that the transition from high school to the first year would be easy. The sense of community at the University of Guelph is one of my favourite aspects of the university. There are many parties and gatherings that bring students together to celebrate events and interact during a regular school year. The University of Guelph offers a significant scholarship that recognizes academic success and assists students in continuing their education. The people and the food are two of my favourite aspects of the University of Guelph. On-campus, there are various new initiatives, clubs, and other interesting events. This is an excellent location for studying.



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