Top Colleges for PG diploma in Canada: Eligibility, Courses, & Fees

Top Colleges for PG diploma in Canada: Eligibility, Courses, & Fees

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Top colleges for PG diploma in Canada: Check benefits, fees, top scholarships, best universities, IELTS requirements, and application process for 1-year & 2-year cheap PG courses, job, etc.

Top Colleges for PG diploma in Canada: Eligibility, Courses, & Fees

Topics Covered:

  • Top PG Diploma Colleges in Canada with fees
  • Why study PG Diploma in Canada?
  • Types of PG Diploma in Canada
  • Top Post-Graduate Diploma Courses to Study in Canada
  • Eligibility Criteria to study PG Diploma Courses in Canada
  • Documents Required for Studying Post-Graduate Diploma Courses in Canada
  • Application Process for Post Graduate Diploma in Canada
  • Scholarship to Study PG Diploma in Canada
  • Job Prospects After PG Diploma in Canada
  • Conclusion

Post Graduate diploma programs in Canada, often called PG diploma courses, are becoming increasingly popular among international students due to their low fees and shorter durations.         PG Diploma Courses in Canada are 1-2 year career-oriented courses with hands-on experience. It's the best option for those seeking lower investment or shorter duration courses. 

To be eligible to study the  PG Diploma courses in Canada, you must get good scores. There are various subjects to choose from if you plan to study for a postgraduate diploma in Canada, such as computer science and information technology, accounting and finance, business administration, engineering and engineering management, biosciences, medicine and healthcare, and other fields and the tuition fee vary from 16,000 and 25,000 CAD. 

After completing a PG diploma, the average salary will be around CAD 35,000 to CAD 90,000, depending on your chosen PG diploma. Let’s understand this in detail the top colleges for PG diplomas in Canada, fees, courses, and eligibility.

Top PG Diploma Colleges in Canada with fees 

The annual postgraduate diploma tuition expenses in Canada range from 16,000 CAD to 25,480 CAD. A tuition fee will be assessed depending on your chosen course and college. There are three ways to charge tuition: per semester, per year, or for the entire course.

College   Popular Programs   Fees (Per Year)  
Algonquin College          PG Diploma in Advertising and Marketing Communications Management 19,100 CAD
Centennial College          PG Diploma in Biotechnology - Advanced 18,000 CAD
Confederation College         PG Diploma in Business Administration-Accounting 19,000 CAD
Durham College         PG Diploma in Accounting – Business 16,000 CAD
Dawson College  PG Diploma in Computer Science Technology 18,000 CAD
Fanshawe College          PG Diploma in Civil Engineering Technology  15,000 CAD
Fleming College          PG Diploma Business Administration 17,900 CAD
George Brown College         PG Diploma Computer Programming and Analysis 16,500 CAD
Humber College         PG Diploma Computer Engineering Technology 18,000 CAD
Sheridan College          PG Diploma Chemical Engineering Technology 16,000 CAD
Sault College          PG Diploma Computer Programming and Analysis 18,000 CAD
Seneca College         PG Diploma Accounting and Finance  15,000 CAD
Mohawk College         PG Diploma Mechanical Engineering Technology 10,000 CAD
North Island College          PG Diploma Global Tourism and Hospitality Management 15,000 CAD
Luther College  PG Diploma Computer Science 42,910 CAD
St. Lawrence College          PG Advertising and Marketing Communications  16,672 CAD
Niagara College          PG Diploma Computer Programming and Analysis 18,721 CAD
Lambton College          PG Diploma Computer Science 26,600 CAD
St. Clair College PG Diploma Business Administration - Finance  15,600 CAD


Why study PG Diploma in Canada?

Check out some of the main reasons why you must consider pursuing PG Diploma Courses in Canada:

  • Find High-Paying Jobs : Postgraduate diploma courses in Canada are reasonably priced. After completing the course, students can look for well-paying positions in prestigious corporations in Canada or worldwide.
  • Various course options : In Canada, students can pick from various PG diploma programs. This comprises advanced degrees in finance, human resources, travel and tourism, and a few more fields.
  • Top Ranked Colleges : Top QS-ranked universities offer Canada's finest postgraduate diploma programs. The best education is available to those who want to take a course at one of the top colleges.
  • Expanded Opportunity for Higher Education:  Students seeking a post graduate diploma in Canada can pursue higher education, such as a master's or PhD, in their chosen fields. Students will also learn a lot about the particular industry, which can assist them in advancing their careers.
  • Options for internships:  For overseas students pursuing a postgraduate degree in Canada, internship options are available, and after graduation, they can take advantage of job offers.

Types of PG Diploma in Canada  

One-year PG diploma in Canada: The one-year PG diploma is a faster and less expensive choice in Canada. The two to three semesters cost roughly 10,000 to 15,000 CAD ( 6.22 to 9.33 lakhs INR). Your employment choices in the chosen field will be improved by the qualifications you receive. Additionally, if you like, you can combine two one-year PG degrees to create a two-year course. Different colleges and universities are offering 1-year  PG diploma courses in Canada.  Depending on your course requirements, you can choose from top colleges in Canada for PG diploma.

Two-year PG diploma in Canada: In Canada, a two-year PG diploma takes four to six semesters and costs between 10,000 and 20,000 CAD (8-13 lakhs INR). It allows you a three-year work stay, which is a considerable perk. Therefore, there are numerous certificate courses and  post graduate diploma courses in Canada that you can pursue. Here are the top 2-year PG diploma universities in Canada.

Top Post-Graduate Diploma Courses to Study in Canada

Now that we have highlighted the great benefits of studying in Canada, you must begin looking into the top programs offered in your area of interest. Here is a list of the best  post graduate diploma courses in Canada in various fields and specializations:

Courses       Course Name         College/University         Duration         Fees for International Students      

Information Technology and Networking


PG diploma in Artificial Intelligence University of Winnipeg 1 year CAD 21,850
Computer Systems Technician – Networking Centennial College 1 year CAD 17,206
Diploma in Network Security The University of Winnipeg, partnership with Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology 1.4 years CAD 16,000
PG Diploma in Information & Communication Technology Douglas college       1 year CAD 18,000
Software and Information Systems Testing Fanshawe College 1 year CAD 16,848

Business Management 


Graduate Certificate in Marketing McGill University 1 year CAD 12,104
Graduate Diploma In Business Administration Concordia University       1 year CAD 32,000
Diploma in Business Administration Co-op (full time) Toronto School of Management , All locations 1 year CAD 12,495
Diploma in Business Management Toronto School of Management, All locations 2 years CAD 13,995
Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (part-time) Simon Fraser University – Beedie School of Business, All Locations 2 years CAD 18,260
Nursing & Health Sciences  Post Graduate Diploma in Health Administration Western Community College 2 years CAD 21,000
Diploma in Health: Science, Technology and Policy Carleton University       1 year CAD 22,281
Advanced Health Care Leadership Lambton College, Toronto 2 years CAD 28,110
Supply Chain Management & Logistics Certificate in Supply Chain Management – Logistics Centennial College 1 year CAD 16,164

Legal Studies


Graduate Certificate program in paralegal Centennial College 1 year CAD 22,000
Graduate Certificate in Natural Resource/Environmental Law – Inspection And Enforcement Sault College 1 year CAD 15,899
Ontario College Diploma in Law clerk Centennial College 2 years CAD 16,164/year
Diploma in Paralegal  Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology 2 years CAD 15,022/year

Agriculture & Environmental Studies


Sustainable Agriculture Co-op Fleming College, Frost Campus 3 semesters CAD 9626.66 per semester
Advanced Water Systems Operations and Management Co-op Fleming College, Frost Campus 3 semesters

CAD 10484.65 per semester


Commercial Beekeeping Niagara College 1 year CAD 25,800
Food and Nutrition Management George Brown College 1 year CAD 18,605
Post-Degree Diploma in Fisheries and Aquaculture Vancouver Island University       1 year CAD $26,400
Financial Planning Financial Management Diploma The University of Winnipeg 2 years CAD 25,800

Biological Sciences


Diploma in Biotechnology (Fast-Track) Centennial College 1 year CAD 17,206
Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Microbiology University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon       1 year CAD 7,176
Diploma in Biotechnology  Humber College 2 years CAD 17,223/year
Biomedical Engineering Technology (Fast-Track) (Optional Co-op) Centennial College 2 years CAD 17,206/year

Tourism & Hospitality Management 


Global Hospitality Management (Optional Co-op) Conestoga College, Waterloo       1 year CAD 14,935
Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Event Management Centennial College 1 year CAD 16,164
Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management Mount Saint Vincent University       2 years CAD 15,200/year
Early Childhood Studies  Diploma In Early Learning and Child Care Norquest College       16 months CAD 33,932
Diploma In Child and Youth Care Norquest College 16 months CAD 38,571
Diploma in Early Childhood Education Centennial College 2 years CAD 16,164/year


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 Eligibility Criteria to study PG Diploma Courses in Canada

The eligibility criteria for  PG diploma courses in Canada vary among universities and colleges, with each course having its own specific requirements. Here is a general overview of the conditions:

  • A bachelor's degree in the applicable field with at least a 65 percent grade point average is required to apply for a postgraduate diploma in Canada.
  • For programs like business administration, management, and marketing, at least two years of professional experience may be necessary.
  • As an international student, you must demonstrate your English competence with the  IELTS  6.5 and the  TOEFL  550 (PBT), 213 (cBT), or 88. (iBT).PTE - 58, Duolingo 115.

Documents Required for Studying Post-Graduate Diploma Courses in Canada

International students must provide documents indicated below as part of the admissions process:

Application Process for Post Graduate Diploma in Canada

There are specific steps to take while applying for admission. The steps are listed below:

  • Visit the official websites of the best colleges and institutions that offer the course after you've chosen it.
  • Make sure you review the admissions process and the requirements for admission.
  • Your application must be sent along with the suggested application fee.
  • Submit all the proper documents, including the transcripts from your academic career and any other supporting documentation.
  • You will be called for an interview round if your application is accepted.
  • Wait for the college administration to make a decision.
  • Once you've chosen your specialization, pay your tuition and begin your course.


Scholarship to Study PG Diploma in Canada

For international students, scholarships for PG degrees in Canada are advantageous because they cover the cost of tuition. Numerous postgraduate degree scholarships are available in Canada from universities as a component of study grants for foreign students. The table below lists some of the scholarships available in Canada for PG degrees.

Scholarships         Benefit   
Forktip Women Innovation Scholarship   2,000 CAD  
Paul Foundation Scholarship 25,000 CAD  
Brokerfish International Student Scholarship  1300 CAD
Humber College International Student Scholarship  2,000 CAD
International Student Scholarship (Niagara College) 2,000 CAD

Job Prospects After PG Diploma in Canada

Finding jobs after  PG diploma courses in Canada  is relatively easy since many career-oriented options are available. A PG diploma will earn you a different salary in Canada based on your position. In Canada, students earn about CAD 42,000 annually after earning a PG diploma.

Job Role         Avg. Salaries (Per year)        
Graphic Designer 46,000 CAD
Marketing Specialist 62,883 CAD
HR Manager 73,877 CAD
Executive Assistant 54,000 CAD
Accounts Manager 44,000 CAD
QA Technician 46,608 CAD
Project Manager (IT) 94,000 CAD
Programmer Analyst 77,216 CAD


Studying one of the postgraduate diploma courses in Canada offers international students a valuable opportunity to acquire practical knowledge, enhance their skills, and open doors to exciting career prospects. Canada is an ideal destination for higher education with top-notch universities and colleges, a supportive learning environment, and ample job opportunities. Consider your interests and career goals, explore the available PG Diploma programs, and take the necessary steps to embark on a rewarding educational journey in Canada.

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