How to Convert SGPA to Percentage?

How to Convert SGPA to Percentage?

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Learn how to convert SGPA to percentage with our comprehensive guide and easy-to-use conversion calculator. Understand the grading system and assess your academic performance accurately.

How to Convert SGPA to Percentage?

Topics Covered:

  • What is SGPA to Percentage Calculator?
  • What is SGPA?
  • How to Calculate SGPA from Marks?
  • How to Convert SGPA to Percentage?
  • What is CGPA?
  • How to Convert SGPA to CGPA?
  • Difference Between CGPA and SGPA
  • Tips and Considerations for Improving SGPA and Percentage
  • How to Calculate SGPA in Engineering?
  • SGPA Calculator for Different Indian Universities
  • How to Convert SGPA to CGPA to Percentage?
  • SGPA to Percentage Conversion Chart
  • Conclusion

What is SGPA to Percentage Calculator?

An SGPA to Percentage Calculator     online  is a tool that converts Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA ) into a percentage value. It's commonly used in educational institutions to evaluate student performance, compare scores across different grading systems, and determine eligibility for scholarships, internships, or job placements.

What is SGPA?

SGPA stands for Semester Grade Point Average. It's a metric used in educational institutions to evaluate student performance within a specific semester. Essentially, it acts as a numerical representation of your average grade points achieved in that particular term.

Here's a breakdown of the terms:    

  • Semester: Refers to one half of an academic year.
  • Grade Point: Each assigned letter grade (A, B, C, etc.) has a corresponding numeric value (e.g., A = 4, B = 3, C = 2).
  • Average: Calculated by dividing the total sum of earned grade points by the total number of credits attempted in the semester.      

How to Calculate SGPA from Marks?

Calculating the SGPA is necessary before converting it to a percentage. This involves obtaining the scores attained per topic or course each semester, determining what is the highest possible score in every subject/course and finally converting those grades to grade point by reference of your university’s grading scale. To compute SGPA, you should know your grade points for every subject; credit value per topic and the total number of subjects taken. For rapid SGPA value determination, apply the following calculator. SGPA calculation makes one understand how they performed during a semester or academic year. Other SGPA computational techniques are available; hence let’s discuss the easiest one.

  • Calculate the credit points allocated to each subject/course. The number of credit points denotes the scale to which a course is awarded, and it is either mentioned in the syllabus itself or provided by an institution.
  • Multiply the credit points in each subject/course by grade point of that course This will provide you with the weighted GPA for each course/subject.
  • Add the weighted grade points for all subjects or courses within a semester.
  • Add up all the credit points for a semester.
  • Sum the weighted grade points and divide them by the sum of credit points. This will provide you with the SGPA of that semester.
  • Your SGPA final score will be from zero to ten.

You can use the example  SGPA calculation for a semester  of four subjects to better understand how to calculate SGPA.

The credit points for the 4 subjects are:              

  • Subject 1 -  4
  • Subject 2 -  3
  • Subject 3 -  5
  • Subject 4 -  3

The grades obtained in these subjects are:              

  • Subject 1 -  A
  • Subject 2 - O
  • Subject 3 - B
  • Subject 4 - A+

The following table will show the grade points for the respective grades.

Marks Range(Out of 100)               Description               Grade               Grade Points              
90-100 Outstanding O 10
80-89 Excellent A+ 9
70-79 Very Good A 8
60-69 Good B+ 7
50-59 Above average B 6
40-49 average C+ 5
35-39 Pass  P 4
0-34 Fail F 0
Otherwise Absent - -

Now, multiply the obtained grades with the credit scores

  • Subject 1 - 8*4 = 32
  • Subject 2 -10*3 = 30
  • Subject 3 - 6* 5= 30
  • Subject 4 - 9*3 = 27

Next, find the summations of the credit scores and the multiplication values. 

Credit score sum- 4+3+5+3 = 15       
Total score - 32+30+30+27= 119

SGPA = 119/15 = 7.93

You can use the table to understand the calculation better. 

 SGPA = Sum of grade points / Sum of credit points        
            = 119/15 = 7.93              

How to Convert SGPA to Percentage?

Converting  SGPA to percentage  allows for a standardized evaluation and easier comparison with external benchmarks. To convert SGPA to a percentage, follow these steps:

  • Determine the maximum SGPA at your institution. This value is usually on a scale of 10.0 or a similar scale.
  • Calculate the percentage equivalent of your SGPA by dividing your SGPA by the maximum SGPA and multiplying the result by 100        

Example : Suppose your SGPA for a semester is 8.5, and the maximum SGPA at your institution is 10.0 .

Calculation: (8.5 / 10.0) * 100 = 85.0              

So, your SGPA of 8.5 converts to a percentage of 85.0%.              

Please note that the conversion may vary depending on your institution's grading scale and maximum SGPA. It is essential to check with your institution for their specific  SGPA to percentage conversion formula .

Formula to Convert SGPA to Percentage

You can use a simple formula for converting  SGPA to percentage online  mentioned below:

Percentage = (SGPA - 0.75)*10     Or  (SGPA *10)-7.5          

For example , If your SGPA is 8.5, you can compute your percentage as follows. 

  • Take 0.75 away from 8.5.               
  • This is 7.75
  • Lastly, multiply 7.75 by 10 .
  • Your percentage would be 77.5 as a result.

Percentage = (SGPA-0.75)*10  = (8.5-0.75)*10 = 77.5%              

What is CGPA?

The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is the grading system through which educational organizations assess performance and determine admission. CGPA is an educational grading scale that measures the achievements of a student across his or her academic life. The indicator of a student’s achievement in education is the grade, which can be an either alphabet, percentage or figures associated with each country.

The CGPA is obtained by dividing the mean grade points into semesters. The CGPA can be calculated for a particular time period or academic year like the first semester or second.  

How to Convert SGPA to CGPA?

The SGPA is the aggregate grade point of a semester, whilst it can be easily calculated from the SGPA. The CGPA is the average value of SGPA acquired throughout an individual’s educational career.

For instance, if the SGPA for 3 semesters is 7, 8, and 5, then the CGPA will be calculated as follows.

  CGPA = (Total sum of SGPA) / total number of semesters                                                                                               

        = (7+8+5)/(3) =6.66

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Difference Between CGPA and SGPA  

CGPA is a cumulative assessment of student performance in various semesters, while SGPA gives marks during the current session. The key differences between CGPA and SGPA are as follows:  

Criteria   CGPA   SGPA  
Meaning CGPA represents the average grade points across multiple semesters. SGPA represents the average grade points in a specific semester.
Calculation CGPA is calculated based on the credit hours and grade points of all courses taken. SGPA is calculated based on the credit hours and grade points of courses in a specific semester.
Timeframe CGPA provides an overall performance evaluation across multiple semesters. SGPA evaluates immediate performance and progress within a single semester.
Conversion to Percentage CGPA is usually multiplied by a factor (e.g., 9.5 or 10) depending on the institution's scale to convert it to a percentage. SGPA is converted to a percentage using the formula (SGPA / Maximum SGPA) * 100, where the institution determines the maximum SGPA.
Significance CGPA carries more weight as it is longer and is often used for long-term assessment, academic standings, honors, and graduation requirements. SGPA is focused on evaluating immediate performance and progress within a single semester.

Tips and Considerations for Improving SGPA and Percentage

To increase your SGPA and percentage requires discipline, effective study methodology, time management. Here are some tips and considerations to help you achieve better results:

  • Aim high : Set specific academic goals for each semester to increase your motivation and focus.
  • Manage your time : Schedule the study carefully, do not procrastinate on any topics or courses.
  • Seek help when needed : Do not hesitate to ask professors, tutors or classmates for help on difficult topics.
  • Regular revision: On a regular basis, review and revise your course material to strengthen learning while enhancing retention.
  • Engage actively: Also, take part in class discussions; ask questions during lectures and make detailed notes to improve your knowledge.
  • Relax and recharge : Build in hobbies, exercise and downtime to prevent burnout whilst enabling individuals to maintain good overall health.
  • Peer support: Reach out to peers with whom you share the same interests concerning their academic loads and additional obligations.

How to Calculate SGPA in Engineering?

First, the determination of SGPA in an engineering course relies on credit points and grade units. Usually, engineering outcomes are specified in terms of SGPA, CGPA and percent. However, the CGPA is calculated for a lifetime of study while each semester’s SGPA depends on itself. One can use an  SGPA to percentage for engineering  to calculate a student’s percentage score.

SGPA Calculator for Different Indian Universities

Indian universities have implemented the SGPA to enhance students' academic progress. The calculation and conversion of  SGPA to percentage can be done in various ways. To assist you, we have compiled a selection of top universities' SGPA values for percentage calculation purposes.

How to Convert SGPA to Percentage in Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU)?

A 10-point grading scale is used at Savitribai Phule Pune University. We'll use the SGPA and CGPA to illustrate the SPPU results. The following formula is for  SGPA to percentage converter of SPPU:

SGPA = (Sum of (grade point * credit points))/ (sum of the credit points)              

CGPA = (Sum of the SGPA )/ (Total number of semesters)              

SGPA to percentage = (SGPA*10)- 7.5              

CGPA to percentage = (CGPA*8.8          

How to Calculate SGPA in AKTU?

Abdul Kalam Technical University employs SGPA, YGPA, and CGPA as assessment methods. The SGPA calculates an individual's grade points per semester, while the YGPA determines the average grade points earned annually. The final CGPA is computed after the last semester, considering both the overall SGPA and YGPA.

SGPA (Si) = Σ (Ci x Gi) / ΣCi             


Ci - will be the credit points               
Gi - will be the grade points               


How to Calculate SGPA in Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)?

Students' performance is evaluated via the choice-based credit system used at Visvesvaraya Technological University in Belagavi. The terms SGPA, GPA, and CGPA will be found on the transcripts or grade cards delivered by the VTU. You may find out the percentage of the marks you received by using  SGPA to percentage     converter  using VTU.

Here the SGPA can be calculated as,  

SGPA - (Ci1*Gi1+ Ci2*Gi2+ Ci3*Gi3)/ (Ci1+Ci2+Ci3)              


Ci1, Ci2, and Ci3 are the credit points of subject 1, subject 2, and subject 3.        

Gi1, Gi2, and Gi3 are the grade points for subjects 1, subject 2, and subject 3.             

How to Calculate SGPA in JNTUH? 

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, employs a comprehensive 10-point grading system to evaluate the academic performance of its students in various aspects such as semester exams, project work, and yearly assessments. To successfully pass a subject, students must accumulate adequate Grade Points (GP). The UGC guidelines provide a table below that illustrates the percentage of marks achieved, the corresponding grades, and their respective GP values.

How to Convert SGPA to Percentage?

How to Calculate SGPA in Mumbai University?

The University of Mumbai employs two different grading systems: a 7-point system and a 10-point system. Under the 7-point system (CBGS), students' percentage grades are determined by their actual marks in each subject. The 10-point system calculates percentage grades using the following formula:

 Percentage = 7.1* CGPA +11              

The process of converting SGPA to percentage i n Mumbai University is as follows: initially, the SGPA for each semester is determined, then the CGPA is calculated based on the SGPA, and finally, the CGPA is converted into percentages using a specific formula.

How to Convert SGPA to CGPA to Percentage? 

Here, using an example, you will be able to observe how the  SGPA to Percentage calculation is done.

Semester 1:              

Subject Grade Grade points(GP) Credit points(CP) GP*CP
1 A+ 9 3 27
2 B+ 7 3 21
3 O 10 4 40
4 C 5 3 15
Total     13 103

SGPA for semester 1 = (GP*CP)/ (Sum of CP)              

                                            = 103/13 = 7.92              

SGPA to percentage for Semester 1= (SGPA *10)- 7.5              

                                                                   = (7.92*10)-7.5 = 71.7%              

Semester 2:              

Subject        Grade        Grade Points(GP)        Credit Points        GP*CP       
1 A 8 4 32
2 A+ 9 4 36
3 B 6 2 12
4 B+ 7 2 14
Total     12 94

SGPA for semester 2 = (GP*CP)/ (Sum of CP)              
                                            = 94/12 = 7.83        

 SGPA to percentage for Semester 1= (SGPA *10)- 7.5              
 = (7.83*10)-7.5 = 70.83 %              

CGPA = (SGPA for semester 1 + SGPA for Semester 2) / 2              

 = (7.92+7.83) / 2       

= 7.875       

SGPA to Percentage Conversion Chart

SGPA        PERCENTAGE       
10 92.5%
9.9 91.5%
9.8 90.5%
9.7 89.5%
9.6 88.5%
9.5 87.5%
9.4 86.5%
9.3 85.5%
9.2 84.5%
9.1 83.5%
SGPA        PERCENTAGE       
9.0 82.5%
8.9 81.5%
8.8 80.5%
8.7 79.5%
8.6 78.5%
8.5 77.5%
8.4 76.5%
8.3 75.5%
8.2 74.5%
8.1 73.5%
SGPA        PERCENTAGE       
8.0 72.5%
7.9 71.5%
7.8 70.5%
7.7 69.5%
7.6 68.5%
7.5 67.5%
7.4 66.5%
7.3 65.5%
7.2 64.5%
7.1 63.5%
SGPA        PERCENTAGE       
7.0 62.5%
6.9 61.5%
6.8 60.5%
6.7 59.5%
6.6 58.5%
6.5 57.5%
6.4 56.5%
6.3 55.5%
6.2 54.5%
6.1 53.5%
SGPA        PERCENTAGE       
6.0 52.5%
5.9 51.5%
5.8 50.5%
5.7 49.5%
5.6 48.5%
5.5 47.5%
5.4 46.5%
5.3 45.5%
5.2 44.5%
5.1 43.5%
SGPA        PERCENTAGE       
5.0 42.5%
4.9 41.5%
4.8 40.5%
4.7 39.5%
4.6 38.5%
4.5 37.5%
4.4 36.5%
4.3 35.5%
4.2 34.5%
4.1 33.5%

Helpful calculator to Calculate ==>  CGPA to Percentage    


Converting SGPA to a percentage is essential for various purposes, including job applications, scholarships, and higher education admissions. Understanding the calculation process and following the steps outlined in this guide will enable you to convert your SGPA to a percentage accurately. Additionally, improving your SGPA and percentage through effective study strategies and time management will contribute to overall academic success. Always check with your institution for their specific  SGPA to percentage conversion formula and guidelines.

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