Importance of socio-economic diversity on campus

Importance of socio-economic diversity on campus

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<p>Socio-economic diversity is an important part of every college because it enhances the learning environment and promotes mutual respect and teamwork. Students in a diverse setting are prepared to become good citizens in a complex and pluralistic society.</p>

Importance of socio-economic diversity on campus

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    It has become more important than ever to have socio-economic diversity in university campuses as it provides ample opportunities for international students to learn and grow. With thousands of reputable colleges across the world, students are making use of this opportunity and have been exploring options of studying abroad. 

    Socio-economic diversity in institutes matters significantly to them as it aids in producing positive education outcomes for students with diverse backgrounds. A study was published in 2002 which found that the interactions that peers have with other racial groups improved their learning outcomes tremendously. It means that socio-economic diversity directly helps students, making them better intellectuals, thinkers, and citizens. This type of diversity helps peers in having enhanced self-motivation, critical thinking, writing, intellectual and cultural engagement, etc.

    Another study came up with the conclusion that socio-economic diversity helps people in cognitive development, which was better than interactions among students with a different classes, gender, etc. It has also been found that socio-economic diversity on University campuses has an everlasting effect on the overall development and well-being of the student in his or her life.

    Students get to learn from one another as one can learn from the difficulties other students face in their lives due to the difference in social class or economic status. It has also been found that children of working-class people have better communication skills and other students can learn from them, which might not have been possible in a situation with no socio-economic diversity.

    It is easier for teachers and professors to make students understand a point of view or concept involving a situation that only certain students may be able to understand, because of their distinct socio-economic status. In certain situations, those students can step up and make others understand the concept, using their personal experience. 

    Universities with social-economic diversity tend to have many co-curricular groups that can be of great help to International Students in trying out things which they haven't been able to experience due to their background. Such volunteer groups help students come out of their comfort zones and learn new things.

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    Diversity not only helps the students but also universities while marketing their courses and programs as it is one of the best USPs (Unique Selling Proposition) to showcase the diversity on the University campus. Many International Students aim to get into a college or university with a better diversity as it provides many opportunities to learn and grow. 

    In the changing times where more and more scholarship opportunities are available for international students, it has become quite easy for students with lower family income to get admitted to a world-class privileged Institute. Such opportunities have made it easy for everyone to learn in the same Institute, college or university no matter what their socio-economic class is. 

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