What is a Letter of Enrolment (LOE)?

What is a Letter of Enrolment (LOE)?

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The letter of enrollment confirms your enrollment at the university. The letter is written by the university on its official letterhead and carries the student's name.

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  • One of the key components of admission to a top university in the world is the response to the application form. This official document, usually called a Letter of Enrolment, highlights students’ status as international student applicants.


    Students eagerly await confirmation of admission after successfully submitting an application form for admission to a university in another country. The admissions process is a lengthy one, and ultimate acceptance is only confirmed after a thorough examination of the application and supporting documents.



    Letter of Enrolment

    A Letter of Enrolment is an official letter that confirms a candidate's enrolment at a specific university or college. It is mailed to the candidate on letterhead and includes the following information: the candidate's complete name, ID number, course enrolled in, course type (full-time or part-time), academic year and dates, and semester of enrolment.


    A Letter of Enrolment (LoE) confirms that a student's seat in a certain course at a university has already been reserved. It validates the semester as well as the start date of the course.


    The letter of enrolment is a document issued by the university that confirms a student's enrolment in the course they paid for on the specified start date. The most significant distinction between an enrolment letter and an offer letter is that with the latter, the applicant has paid a fee and has secured a spot in that particular course. The amount that the applicant must pay, however, varies from university to university. Some institutions require applicants to pay only a portion of their fees, while others require students to pay the entire fee. Universities in the United Kingdom and Australia have released this letter. It is also known as the CAS letter in the United Kingdom, and the Letter of Acceptance in Canada.


    What the student will study, the start and finish dates of the course, and how much of the price the student has paid, and how much is left are all included in the letter of enrolment provided by Australian institutions. Students must keep their LOE as well as their Australian Student Visa with them until the end of their degree.


    Procedure for requesting a Letter of Enrolment

    The majority of colleges send the Letter of Enrolment (LoE) to the candidate's registered email account. The time it takes to process an application varies based on the university, the course, the number of applications received by the university, and other factors. In most cases, the university's admissions staff contacts students if any issues emerge throughout the enrolment process.


    While filling out the application form, candidates must double-check that they have entered the correct email address. Most institutions send confirmation mail through email in the form of a Letter of Enrolment (LoE), and no letter is sent to the mailing address. Although the Letter of Enrolment (LoE) is normally received on time, if a candidate believes the processing period has been extended, he or she can write an official email to the communication centers asking for the Letter of Enrolment (LoE).


    Importance of Letter of Enrolment (LoE)

    When applying for a student visa, the candidate's letter of enrolment serves as proof of registration. This letter can be used for the following purposes by students:

    Extend their study permit: Students should always apply for a renewal of their study permit 90 days before it expires.

    SIN (Social Insurance Number): This letter can be used to apply for a Social Security Number. This is helpful for students who are planning a trip to Canada.

    Temporary Resident Visa (TRV): The Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) is renewed via a letter of enrolment (TRV).

    Bank Letter: This letter can be used to apply for an education loan in your native country. Banks will have a better understanding of how much money they need to sanction to the students. It covers all of the information on the tuition fee and any other fees that students must pay at the time of enrolment.

    Letter for a Co-op Work Permit: This letter is used to get or extend a Co-op Work Permit.


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