Masters (MS) in Business Analytics in UK: Course Details, Universities & Jobs

Masters (MS) in Business Analytics in UK: Course Details, Universities & Jobs

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Masters (MS) in Business Analytics in UK- Know course details, requirements, the application process, Top affordable BA universities with deadlines, living costs, scholarships and jobs at Edmissions

Masters (MS) in Business Analytics in UK: Course Details, Universities & Jobs

Topics Covered:

  • Course Highlights
  • Why Choose Business Analytics?
  • Why Pursue MS in Business Analytics in UK
  • Course Details
  • Best Universities for Business Analytics Masters in UK
  • Master's in Business Analytics in UK Eligibility for Admissions
  • Masters in Business Analytics in UK Scholarships
  • Masters in Business Analytics in UK Placements
  • Conclusion

As various types of data are getting uploaded on the web every minute, it is interesting to see how this data can be utilized meaningfully to derive consumer analysis and actionable insights for businesses to grow and succeed. This is done with the help of business analytics. 

Business Analytics is a way of deriving, analyzing, processing and understanding vast amounts of data to produce meaningful insights, observations, and informed data-driven decisions. Today, business analytics is applied to drive highly personalized, result-oriented end-user experiences in diverse industries, from healthcare to entertainment, e-commerce to finance. 

Let’s look more about the MSc Business Analytics in the UK course details, top universities and more. 

Course Highlights 

Programs Offered      
  • Master's in Business Analytics      
  • MS in Business Analytics and Management Science      
  • MSc in Business Analytics and Decision Science      
Program Duration       1-2 years      
Minimum Overall Average       60%      
Standardized Test Score       90th percentile in GRE or GMAT       
English Proficiency       IELTS: 7.0 with 6.5 in each section      
Annual Tuition Fee       21,900 to 37,300 GBP       
Annual Average Salary       36,000 GBP       
Top Professions       Cyber Security Engineer, Credit Controller, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Risk Manager.       

Why Choose Business Analytics?

With the growing necessity of data-driven business decisions, analytics is now becoming a significant skill to run a successful business that understands its market closely. Whether your specialization is in finance or operations, research or sales, learning Business Analytics can help you to analyze real-time market data to make reasonable decisions for your business. 

A degree in Business Analytics is suitable for fields like finance, marketing, sales, operations, research, and data science, human resources among many others. IT professionals also need better understanding of analytics to understand IT data better. In other words, working professionals from all domains can learn Business Analytics, and apply them in their field of specialization. 

Business Analytics courses are open for all students from freshers to undergraduate students, and postgraduate students looking to enter the highly competitive job market. This course is also beneficial for working professionals who want to improve or are looking for a new career line for themselves. This course can be equally helpful for the self-employed, entrepreneurs, business owners, and startup aspirants who want to implement data analytics in their businesses.

Why Pursue MS in Business Analytics in UK

 Business Analytics is one of the most rapidly growing job categories today, not just in UK, but across the world. All over the world, businesses and organizations are trying to leverage their in-house data resources to study market trends, understand and interpret customer response, and draw patterns that are taught in Business Analytics Masters in UK. 

No doubt, employers in UK and abroad are always looking to hire highly skilled, dedicated candidates with MSc Business Analytics UK or MS in business analytics in UK universities . To fulfill this market requirement and build a robust career, it is ideal to take up a Masters in Business Analytics in UK, a high-demand course with an outstanding placement rate. 

Course Details

The Business Analytics Masters in UK is a segment of Data Science where techniques are specifically applied to studying business data. The course is a well-balanced combination of business studies, mathematics, and technology. 

Since a Business Analytics course in UK aims to turn big data into actionable intelligence, computational skills, machine learning, and predictive models have become a part of Masters in Business Analytics in UK.

The course includes a variety of statistical and quantitative methods, with a broad knowledge of finance and its impact in the corporate world, and the economy.  It covers computer languages like Python, R, SQL, and Tableau, which have become crucial in business analytics.

During the course, students also work on real-life data science problems with industry experts and get training in leveraging the big-data insights that companies need. 

 Best Universities for Business Analytics Masters in UK

Below is the list of top universities for Business Analytics in UK, along with their minimum IELTS score requirements along with masters in business analytics cost or we can say tuition fees:         

University          Programs          Application Deadlines          Annual Tuition Fee (GBP)         
Imperial College London MSc Business Analytics Round 2: January 20, 2023 | Round 3: March 31, 2023 | Round 4: May 26, 2023 Fee: 37,300, Deposit: 3,730
University of Manchester     Masters in Business Analytics No official closing date | Students are advised to apply early 31,000
University of Edinburgh Masters in Business Analytics Round 3: February 8, 2023 Round 4: April 26, 2023 Round 5: June 7, 2023 29,500
University of Leeds     MSc in Business Analytics and Decision Science Accepted throughout the year 27,500
University of Warwick     MSc Business Analytics August 2, 2023 33,000
University of Southampton     MSc in Business Analytics and Management Science Rolling admissions 26,352
University of Essex     MSc Business Analytics Applications open for 2023 20,350
University of Surrey     MSc Business Analytics September 2023 (12, 15 and 24 months): June 1, 2023 February 2023: 20,800
September 2023: 1 year: 22,000 | 15 months: 23,500 | 2 years: 22,000
Lancaster University     MSc Business Analytics June 30, 2023 26,500
Aston University     MSc Business Analytics September 2023 intakes are open 22,750
Durham University     MSc Business Analytics June 12, 2023 33,500
University of Kent MSc Business Analytics December 11, 2022 21,900


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Who can apply

The Business analytics courses in UK cater to students from all backgrounds and not just computer science. A master's in business analytics UK can be an option for those in political science, or economics. However, the best Business Analytics programs in UK, conducted over a period of 1-2 years, on a part-time as well as full-time basis, expect students to meet the demand for intense academic rigor and curriculum to earn the master's degree.

Master's in Business Analytics in UK Eligibility for Admissions

Admission Requirements for MS Business Analytics in UK:
  • Undergraduate degree in quantitative discipline like Mathematics, Economics, Statistics, Computer Science etc.
  • At least 60% overall score / 3.5 GPA on a scale of 5
  • GMAT or GRE score (some universities)
  • 1 professional LOR and 2 academic LOR 
  • Personal statement
  • Updated CV
  • 3 years of work experience
  • IELTS score (at least 6.0)

IELTS Test Score Requirements for Admission in MSc Business Analytics UK                         

University Name          Required IELTS Score         
University of Edinburgh 7.0 (at least 6.0 in each section)
University of Exeter     7.0 (with 6.5 in each section)
Imperial College London 7.0 (with 6.5 in each section)
University of Leeds     6.5 (at least 6.0 in each section)
University of Manchester     7.0 (at least 6.0 in each section)
University of Warwick     7.0 (at least 6.5 in each section)
University of Southampton     7.0 overall with 6.5 in each section
Durham University     6.0 (at least 5.5 in each section)
Lancaster University     At least 6.0 overall
University of Nottingham     At least 5.5 overall

Masters in Business Analytics in UK Scholarships

Considering the expense of Masters in Business Analytics in UK Fees, it may be difficult for some deserving students to apply for admission to Masters in Business Analytics in UK. However, there are quite a few scholarships available to ease the financial burden of meritorious students. 

Following are the master in business analytics in UK scholarships available for international students to get up to 25,000 GBP (24.71 lakhs INR)  to fund their tuition fees and related expenses:

Scholarship Name          Sum Awarded          Eligibility         
Imperial Excellence Scholarship Up to 10,000 GBP All successful applicants at Imperial College London may apply
University of Edinburgh Business School International MSc Scholarship 5,000 and 10,000 GBP Meritorious students from all countries can apply
The Dean's Business School International Excellence Scholarships (Leeds University) 

50% tuition fee waiver


Self-funding international students can apply
The University of Manchester GREAT scholarship At least 10,000 GBP For meritorious students applying to 1 year program
University of Manchester Global Futures Scholarship 6,000 GBP For self-funded meritorious students from South Asia

Masters in Business Analytics in UK Placements

Masters in Business Analytics in UK is a field of study that has been an important addition to a company workforce and is not restricted to a particular sector. Masters in Business Analytics in the UK degree holders will be able to find work in companies as Cyber Security Engineer, Credit Controller, Business Analyst, Risk Manager, Project Manager, Enterprise Architect, Consultant etc. The program has proven excellent return on investment with graduates earning average annual salaries up to 57,000 GBP (55.63 lakhs INR). Some of the top recruiters employing Masters in Business Analytics graduates in the UK are Deloitte, Barclays, Citi, Accenture, HSBC, Amazon, Citi, Accenture, HSBC among others. Check out masters in business analytics salary in UK.         

Job Profile          Average Annual Salary (GBP)         
Cyber Security Engineer 47,000
Enterprise Architect 57,000
Credit Controller 24,000
Business Analyst 34,000
Risk Manager 47,000
Project Manager 44,000


The United Kingdom is a major hub for commerce in Europe. Due to the growing need for Business Analysts worldwide, the UK has become a leading nation in producing high-caliber graduates with a Master's degree in Business Analytics. Considering the quality of education, grant options, and job prospects, the UK is currently among the best places to pursue a Masters in Business Analytics.

Studying business analytics in the UK provides many advantages, including opportunities for work with leading corporations nationwide, degrees that are recognised around the world, high-caliber research, etc. It's time to pick the best choice now that you have all the necessary knowledge.

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