TOEFL Preparation: Learn the Best Tips & Strategies

TOEFL Preparation: Learn the Best Tips & Strategies

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<p>In the field of foreign education, TOEFL is one of the most popular and widely accepted tests to assess English language proficiency. A successful application to a program at an international university requires a demonstrable understanding of the English language.</p>

TOEFL Preparation: Learn the Best Tips & Strategies

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    TOEFL is one of the most popular and widely accepted English language assessment tests in the realm of foreign education. It helps to demonstrate that you have the essential English language skills to succeed in programs at international universities. Developing a strategic study plan and using effective techniques would help add fuel to your TOEFL preparation. Through this article, you will learn some helpful preparation strategies, tips, and how to incorporate them into your study plan to achieve the desired result.

    The TOEFL is a popular and important entrance exam for students who wish to study abroad . Here are some of the important tips:

    Preparation Strategies for the TOEFL Exam 

    One must prepare in the right way for the TOEFL with the best techniques. Following are some excellent preparation strategies for you to ace the TOEFL with a high score.

    Study the Test Pattern 

    This is the first thing you must do - familiarize yourself with the TOEFL test pattern & syllabus. Do not rush, take your time while carefully studying the pattern, syllabus and marking scheme. Since this will serve as the basis of your preparation, make sure to study well.   

    Make Your Unique Study Plan 

    Determine your target TOEFL score and follow an effective study plan to achieve that. The right kind of study plan is a must and will help you progress efficiently.

    Take Ample Practice Tests 

    TOEFL practice tests give you the opportunity to know the actual exam-like questions that appear in the exam . They will also help you understand your weaker areas and where you need more improvement. By solving a decent number of practice tests, you will be able to work upon and strengthen those areas. Plus, you will understand the difficulty level of the exam as well. Since these practice tests include all the essential concepts covered in the exam, it is a great way to revise what you’ve learnt so far. And by taking the tests regularly, you will also be able to check your progress from time to time.

    Build up your Reading Speed 

    While you practice reading, time yourself to analyze your current reading speed and improve accordingly. Avoid spending a lot of time reading and understanding every single word and sentence. Just quickly skim through the passages in order to understand the main ideas. This will spare you enough time to answer the questions asked after every Reading passage.

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    Sharpen your Listening Skills 

    Listen to a variety of topics. Begin with listening to familiar topics and gradually move to new topics.  Also, deploy more time in listening to a variety of E-books, podcasts and other helpful listening materials. While you listen to an audio clip, think about the purpose of the lecture or conversation. Then connect and synthesize the main ideas. Once done listening to the audio clip, sum up what you’ve learned from the excerpts and pen it down. Try understanding different English accents. In addition to the North American accent, you might hear native-speaker accents from the United Kingdom, New Zealand or Australia as well. So practice listening to audio in different accents to adjust to all kinds.

    Practice Timed Writing 

    The TOEFL Writing section involves English essays that demand a clear and well-organized presentation of ideas. And to achieve that skill, thoughtful practice is needed. Also, studying a variety of essays is essential to learn how effective essays are composed. Make a list of general topics and write essays on them.

    Master your Speech 

    Developing a hold on your speaking skills will help you crack the TOEFL Speaking Section with a good score. Practice speaking at a normal, steady pace that would make you sound confident while you speak. Improve your grammar and pronunciations. As this will largely affect your scores. Take ample practice tests. It is important to practice answering actual speaking questions. Expand your English vocabulary and include more new words in your responses, this will help boost your score.

    How Much Does the TOEFL Cost?

    Like any standardized test, the TOEFL costs a fee for each attempt you make. The standard test will cost you $205, the computer-based test $130 and the internet-based test $150. If you take any of the versions of the test more than once, you’ll be charged a $27 fee for each additional attempt. If you need to make arrangements to take the test at an accommodation facility, you’ll be charged a $50 fee in addition to the cost of the test. As you can see, these fees add up. You don’t necessarily have to pay them all at once, though. If you’re applying to a handful of colleges or more, you might choose to budget for the test fees by applying for a loan from your bank or taking a short term loan from a company like Lending Tree. If you don’t end up taking the test, make sure you cancel your score and repay the loan as soon as possible to avoid interest charges and late fees.

    To check your progress, take mock tests or practice tests from time to time. Make sure that you choose reliable sources in order to practice for the exam. Above all, make yourself well-prepared and aim at delivering your best. Good Luck with your TOEFL!

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