Which Intake Season to Choose: Fall or Spring

Which Intake Season to Choose: Fall or Spring

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Fall intake or spring intake has always been a point of debate among prospective international students. It is important to understand what a Fall and Spring semester are before you can decide which one you should choose.

Which Intake Season to Choose: Fall or Spring

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  • Comparing Fall and Spring Intake.

It is difficult to accept so many students in a single semester. Thousands of applications are received annually by international universities, so obviously it will be quite a challenge to admit so many students at once. That is why the intake division exists.

Firstly, there are numerous reasons why many students are not able to apply for the Fall semester. Universities accept those who were unable to apply during the Fall semester, therefore, the Fall Intake class sizes are larger. Because there are more students applying for the Fall semester, the class sizes are consequently larger.

All things considered, let's talk about which semester you should apply and why.


Comparing Fall and Spring Intake.


Universities of higher learning.

It is essential to find out whether the universities of your choice accept applications for both seasons. A significant number of the top 100 universities do not accept applications for the Spring season. Universities' websites can be just as difficult to navigate as a maze, so if you want to apply for the Spring season, you should conduct thorough research to determine which universities offer it. You should assess your eligibility for IELTS, TOEFL, or GMAT exams before you prepare for them, particularly if you want to apply for the Spring season. This will help you determine if you have sufficient time to prepare for the exam.

Compare IELTS vs TOEFL vs PTE Academic exams to see which one to take.


Acceptance rates

Students often wonder how many intakes are available in a certain country, and which one is best for that country. For example, someone who wants to study at a Canadian university might want to know how many intakes there are and which one is best for Canada. It's always a question of whether to go to school in the fall or the spring. Universities usually set quotas for student admissions for each semester. Because the class sizes are larger in the fall, you're more likely to be accepted than if you go in the spring, provided your profile is above average or outstanding. If the opposite is true, you'll have a better chance of getting accepted in the spring.


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Job opportunities

Generally speaking, job fairs and campus recruitment take place in the second year, which means that those in the fall class have completed three semesters and those in the spring class have completed two. Those who have spent three semesters will have an advantage over those who have spent two, since that extra semester will enhance your profile, enhance your academic CV (student CV), and increase your academic CV in general. These little extras will help you gain an advantage over those from the spring semester.


When it comes to on-campus jobs and internships, students may benefit from the fact that the academic session officially begins with the Fall semester. Many professors start their research at the very beginning of the academic year and do not hire new assistants midway through the year. Hence, there are more chances to become a research assistant or a teaching assistant during the fall term.


There are a lot more course to choose from for Fall Intake applicants, which lasts from September to December. It also means that if you are seeking for an uncommon class that is not popular, you may not find it available in the Spring semester. For example, January intake in 2022 in the UK has less subjects to select from than September intake.


Extracurricular activities

If you want to be active in extracurriculars, join student associations, and participate in student clubs during the fall semester, then you should choose to join early in the spring semester. If you join later on, it will be difficult to shoulder leadership roles in student clubs, but if you simply want to be a part of an association, it does not matter much.

The process by which Admission Officers evaluate your application can be determined by your extracurricular activities.



Universities are sometimes flexible enough to allow you to complete your entire post-graduate degree in three semesters. If you can do that, you can start earning sooner. It is, however, easier to finish in three semesters if you are in the fall intake, as you will finish your course by the next spring semester and still have a few months before campus recruiting begins. During those months, you may apply for an internship or any part-time job.


Studying abroad is one of the best experiences of your life.

Whether you are given a student visa or not depends entirely on your overall profile and your university profile, and not on the time at which you apply. Therefore, you may apply for a visa no matter what intake you choose.


It is vital to be prepared.

It is common for students to apply for the fall intake since they have completed their undergraduate degree by then. However, not everyone applies then, and students frequently need more time to settle down. If you don't think you're ready to begin classes in September, don't rush to apply.

It all depends on what you want and what your future plans are. You are the best judge of your career when you apply for a job and therefore what you want out of college education is crucial. There is no harm in applying to any intake season.

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