Timeline for Fall (September) Intake in UK 2024: Deadlines & Universities

Timeline for Fall (September) Intake in UK 2024: Deadlines & Universities

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Check out the deadline for fall Intake UK September 2024 along with the top UK fall intake benefits, courses, documents, exams, universities, and UCAS timelines

Timeline for Fall (September) Intake in UK 2024: Deadlines & Universities

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  • Timeline for UK Fall Intake 2024
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The September or autumn intake in the UK is widely considered the primary intake period because most universities begin their academic year in that month and offer a comprehensive range of courses. The Fall intake, also known as the September intake, commences in September and extends until December or early January. In the UK, the application deadline for the September 2024 intake falls between February and May. It is important to note that this deadline may differ depending on the institution.

UK has become a highly sought-after learning destination for Indian students. The number of Indian nationals enrolling in British universities has increased; presently, approximately 30,000 Indian students are studying in various  universities in the UK

The September intake sees a significant influx of applications worldwide, placing students under considerable time constraints as application deadlines approach sooner than expected.             

The main intake for admission at UK universities is in September, marking the start of the academic year. However, additional intakes in January and May cater to students who still need to attend the Fall intake. Around 80% of applicants choose to apply for the September intake due to its popularity. It should be noted that each intake has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

As an international student, now is the perfect moment for you to begin organizing your educational voyage and make the most of numerous possibilities.            

Obtaining a place at one of the best universities requires a carefully and thoroughly planned application. This gives you enough time to collect all the necessary documents and finish the visa process before the deadline. To help you pick the right school, we have created a guide. Let's delve into the specifics concerning leading universities, the timeline for admissions, as well as important dates and deadlines for enrolling in UK programs starting in September!

Overview of Timeline for September Intake 2024

The following timeline will help you finish the application procedure to study in the  fall intake universities in UK 2023:

Timeline                     Activity                    
April - September 2023 The fall intake timeline 2024 will help you finish the application procedure to study in the UK in September 2023.
June - December 2023 Prepare for the standardized tests and take them.
August - December 2023 Prepare the application materials, such as the SOP , LOR , CV, transcript , etc.
December 2023 - July 2024 Complete the application forms
April - July 2024 Accept the offer, fill out the form for a UK student visa, and make financial arrangements.

UCAS Timeline for UK September Intake 2024

Students should submit an application to UCAS (The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) if they intend to enroll in undergraduate programs in the UK. The deadline for the September intake to study in the UK in 2024 are shown below:

Deadlines    Activity   
16 October 2023 The deadline for submitting applications to the medical, dental, and veterinary programs at Oxford and Cambridge.
31 January 2024 Deadline for submissions to get equal consideration.
30 June 2024 Post-expiration applications are considered for clearance.
28 September 2024 Last day to submit a UCAS application.
18 October 2024 Clearing choices must be made by the end of September.

Benefits for Fall Intake in the UK 

For international students studying in the UK, the September or Fall semester in the UK 2024 intake is chosen over the other two intakes. In the UK universities, where the majority of students enroll this term, more than 80% of applicants are for the September intake. This is also due to the fact that this term offers additional course options.

It's also important to keep in mind that thousands of applications from institutions all around the world are received because this intake is more well-liked, boosting the level of competitiveness. Therefore, all overseas applicants should plan ahead and submit their applications as soon as possible. 

Popular Universities and Courses Available for September Intakes in the UK

It is the ideal time to choose a few universities that offer international courses since the application process for admission to UK universities for the September intake typically starts in April. The following are some of the well-known September intake universities in UK for a range of graduate and undergraduate degrees:

List of UK Institutions Offering Undergraduate Admissions for September 2024 Intake  

During the September intakes each year, have a look at the list of some of the prominent universities offering prestigious undergraduate programs and annual fees for international students in the UK.

University                    Popular course                    Annual Tuition Fee(INR)                   
Queen Mary University of London                     BS (Econ) (Hons.) Economics, Finance and Management 13,86,300 - 23,05,900 
University of Essex                    BS in Information and Communication Technology 12,95,800 - 17,95,300
University of Leeds                   BE in Electronics and Electrical Engineering 17,56,000 - 35,12,000
University of Stirling                  

BS (Hons) Biology 

BA (Hons) in Business Studies

11,50,700 - 19,17,800
Liverpool John Moores University                    BS (Hons) Computer Studies BS (Hons) Biomedical Science 10,16,700 - 14,88,000
University of Chester BE Mechanical Engineering 10,16,700 - 11,32,200
University of Birmingham                   BS Computer Science 16,59,900 - 26,78,400
Coventry University                   BBA (Hons) with Placement year 8,62,600 - 17,19,100
Manchester Metropolitan University                   BA (Hons) International Business Management 12,06,100 - 15,71,200

List of UK Institutions Offering Graduate Admissions for September 2024 Intake  

If you are planning to study in UK for September 2024 intake, it is recommended to check a list of top universities in the UK that provide graduate programs for international students:

University                    Popular course  Annual Tuition Fee(INR)                   
University of East Anglia MS Operations and Logistics Management 14,69,500 - 18,66,900
University of Bristol   MS in Advanced Computing 15,25,000 - 26,61,700
University of Westminster 

MA Interior Design

MS Health Psychology

11,55,300 - 18,02,200
Queen's University Belfast Masters in Law 12,41,300 - 19,87,100
University of Lincoln      ME (Hons) Mechanical Engineering (Control Systems) 14,14,100 - 14,78,800

Step-by-Step Timeline for UK September (Fall) 2024 Intake

Refer to the easy step-by-step process for successfully applying to the September intake in UK 2024:

Timeline for Fall (September) Intake in UK 2024: Deadlines & Universities

April - September 2023: Universities to be shortlisted  

Once you have settled on the desired program of study, begin exploring the courses and specializations offered by various universities. Choose a few universities which best suit your academic objectives and devise your application plan accordingly:

  • Check the program's and university's admission requirements and eligibility requirements.
  • Explore the scholarships that the universities that made the shortlist are offering.
  • Verify additional facts such as international acceptance of the program, permission to keep working after completion of the course in the nation, and the perspectives of the course, such as job prospects and the capability to work while studying in the country.
  • Find out what exams the universities you want to apply to require, then start the application process.

June - December 2023: Standardized tests should be taken  

Once you have decided on the college and course you wish to apply to, take the following actions:

  • Based on the exam specifications specified by your shortlisted universities and courses, take standardized qualifying exams like the SAT or ACT for bachelor's degrees and the GRE or GMAT for master's degrees.
  • According to university criteria, be ready for and take the standardized English proficiency exams, such as the IELTS , TOEFL , PTE , and Duolingo .
  • You save time and earn good grades on the first try, make sure to adequately prepare for the tests.
  • If you don't do well on your first try, repeat the test within the same time frame.

August - December 2023: Compile Application Documents  

Along with the application form, some mandatory documents must be presented, including but not limited to:

December 2023 - July 2024: Complete application forms  

All applications from abroad can be completed through the internet. International students should get started filling out the forms as soon as possible to give themselves sufficient time for submitting a visa and making travel arrangements.

To submit an application, please follow these instructions:

  • Create an account on the university's or UCAS's official website to access the application form for a particular program and finish it.
  • After paying the application cost and uploading the required paperwork, submit the form.
  • Make sure to submit the application before the deadline set by the relevant university.

April - July 2024: Visa application and financial planning  

You will receive an email with an offer letter from the university as soon as it accepts your application. Accept the letter of offer, then apply for a student visa.

Follow these steps:

  • Receive a valid offer letter from the university before submitting a study visa application to the UK.
  • Check the terms and conditions of the offer letter very carefully before accepting them.
  • For any updates relating to the admissions process, keep checking the registered email address.
  • Start setting up money for your tuition and living costs. During this time, you can also apply for an education loan and look for scholarships for overseas students that are offered by particular universities, courses, or nations. 

July - August 2024: Make a Travel Plan  

  • When all the paperwork is ready, you can order your tickets and make travel arrangements.
  • Additionally, you must make housing arrangements or residential stays before travelling.
  • To ensure a hassle-free trip and visit to the UK, be sure to read the travel recommendations and follow the directions.
  • If you are thinking about fall semester in UK 2024 start dates, then it will most probably end August and starting of September.

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Timeline for UK Fall Intake 2024

UK institutions use two intakes a year to admit international students. The first and second sessions get underway in January or February and September or October, respectively.

UK Intake     Admission Timeline     
January/February Intake      June & September
September Intake February & May
April/May Intake      January & February

When to apply for fall intake 2024 in UK?

If you are looking to attend a university for the fall semester in UK 2024, then experts recommend applying between December and June. The UCAS portal typically takes applications from international students until June 30th, so you should have enough time to send your paperwork. It is important to note that late submissions may come with additional costs.

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