Cost of Living In Canada For Indian and International Students: Check Monthly Expenses

Cost of Living In Canada For Indian and International Students: Check Monthly Expenses

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Cost of living in Canada - How much you'll need for each monthly expenses for Indian and international students, including living, studying, food, transportation, and health insurance.

Cost of Living In Canada For Indian and  International Students: Check Monthly Expenses

Topics Covered:

  • A glance at the cost of living in Canada as an international student
  • Cost of Studying in Canada for International Students
  • Cost of Accommodation in Canada
  • Public Transportation in Canada
  • Canadian Food Prices
  • Health Insurance in Canada for International Students
  • How International Students Can Save Money in Canada?
  • Cost of Living Canada Prices by Cities
  • Canada vs Other Countries Cost of Living
  • Conclusion

Canada is a wonderful place to grow your career and live. Thanks to its world-class education system, diverse culture, and welcoming residents, that is why students from around the world love studying here.

Despite the high cost of living in Canada, its luxurious experience is worth every penny. Students living expenses are economical and come under a reasonable budget thanks to Ontario's decent tuition rates and standard of living. 

This blog has included all the necessary expenses for Indians living in Canada. We have also given money-saving tips to help you maintain a balanced budget.

A glance at the cost of living in Canada as an international student 

International students' living expenses in Canada are affordable and manageable if you are careful with your money. The average cost of living in Canada as a student is between CAD 15,000 and CAD 20,000, depending on one's lifestyle and preferences. This amount varies across the country's provinces. Most academic institutions in Canada offer courses that cost CAD 15,000 in tuition.        

The living expenses for Indian and other international students in Canada:

Factors        Average Cost of Living in Canada Per Month (CAD)        Average Cost of Living in Canada Per Month (INR)       
Accommodation 400 CAD - 600 CAD INR 24,106 - 36,159
Food 200 CAD - 300 CAD INR 12,053 - 18,079
Transportation 100 CAD - 250 CAD INR 6,026 - 15,066
Internet 30 CAD - 50 CAD/  INR 1,808 - 3,013
Entertainment 150 CAD INR 9,165
Miscellaneous 600 CAD - 700 CAD INR 36,159 - 42,186

Cost of Studying in Canada for International Students

The cost of study in Canada depends on the universities curriculum and institution you select. In Canada, the average cost of a university education is around $6,800 per year for international undergraduate students and $21,100 per year for international graduate students.

Depending on the program and school you choose, vocational schools have different tuition costs. The duration of college courses varies. The length of such programs might range from a few months to several years. Normally, the cost of tuition might range from $7,000 to $22,000 each year.

Cost of Accommodation in Canada

The kind of accommodation you choose in Canada influences the cost of living for international students. There are five common types of student housing.

  • Student Residence- Dormitories and Townhouses 

Most colleges and universities in Canada provide student housing either on-campus or near the institution. Dormitories are large structures where many individuals reside, whereas townhouses are detached dwellings where three to six people live. In addition to in-house food, both have on-site or cafeteria food courts where you can eat regular meals. Both may include utilities like heat, hot water, and internet, or offer them at a reduced price.


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  • Off-Campus Shared Apartment or Condominium 

Students looking for off-campus shared apartments or condominiums can find single-room, multi-occupancy dwellings with a kitchen, bathroom, dining, and living room all in one. Townhouses are similar, typically featuring a single-occupancy bedroom or living area and a shared kitchen, bathroom, dining, and living space.

  • Furnished or Unfurnished Apartment Rentals 

Before moving to Canada to study, you might seek out temporary furnished apartment rentals in various ways. You may consult sites like Airbnb, Craigslist, HouseTrip, or Wimdu for the same. These are usually furnished private apartment rentals. Make sure to look at the ratings and reviews, or ask others who have stayed there for their thoughts.

The following table shows the living cost in Canada for different types of residents:        

Accommodation Type        Cost (CAD)        Cost (INR)       
Dormitories 350 CAD - 600 CAD INR 21,093 - 36,159
Townhouses 250 CAD - 650 CAD INR 15,066 - 39,173
Shared Apartment 400 CAD - 800 CAD INR 24,106 - 48,213
Unfurnished Apartment Rentals 300 CAD - 500 CAD INR 18,079 - 30,133

Public Transportation in Canada 

In Canada, public transportation is efficient, well-connected, and safe. You might consider taking public transit if you want to save money on your monthly expenses. Apart from that, walking or biking to your college, depending on where you live, are also excellent ideas. There are multiple types of public transit in Canada, including buses, trains, subways, and light-rail transit. Showing your student, I-Card will get you a student discount on these transit services. This is a terrific method to cut down on your monthly living costs in Canada.        

The following table outlines the estimated cost of transportation for international students in Canada:

Medium of Transport        Average Cost per Month (CAD)        Average Cost per Month (INR)       
Bus CAD 125 7,486
Subway CAD 80 4,911
Taxi for 1 km ride CAD 45 2,695

Canadian Food Prices

According to the chart below, the average monthly expense of living in Canada for international students, excluding accommodation, is between CAD 200 and CAD 300. This includes food and other daily necessities.        

Food Items Cost (CAD) Cost (INR)
1 liter Milk CAD 2.42 INR 147
1 kg Rice CAD 3.67 INR 224
1.5-liter CAD 1.81 INR 110
1 kg Apple CAD 4.16 INR 253
12 Eggs CAD 3.57 INR 217
1 kg Cheese CAD 12.76 INR 778
1 kg Chicken CAD 13.20 INR 804
Vegetables CAD 5.5 INR 335
Bread CAD 3.5 INR 240

Health Insurance in Canada for International Students 

The cost of living as an international student in Canada includes health insurance. Some provinces provide free or premium health coverage to certain international students. In these cases, international students must apply to their respective provinces. One must purchase a private policy where provincial health insurance isn't available.

The following are some examples of popular privately administered medical plans and their costs:        

Health Insurance Plans        Costs (CAD)        Costs (INR)       
iMED (3-month plan) CAD 220 13,476
BC MSP Program (1-month plan) CAD 72 4,432
AMS or GSS Health & Dental Plan (8-month plan) CAD 175 10,670

How International Students Can Save Money in Canada?

No matter how much the living expenses in Canada, you may live independently by knowing how to spend wisely. We often try to save money and spend less, but the key is to be wise when handling our finances. The cost of living for Indian students in Canada, in particular, can be reduced. Some of these include:        

  • Scholarships available in Canada

 Around 800 scholarships are available for international students and Indian students in Canada. Scholarships in Canada cover stipends, tuition fees, accommodation, travel allowances, and health insurance. The amount of money saved by studying in Canada can be maximized by acquiring any scholarship to fund and support their stay there.  Read also: Top 10 Scholarships for Indian Students To Study Abroad   

  • Student Cards

 India values its students and pays close attention to them to help keep the cost of living down. The country offers students discounts daily to help keep costs down for Indian students. One must show their I-card or student card when shopping or paying for anything. These discounts are available at department stores, bookstores, restaurants, and while using any public transit.

  • Part-time Jobs in Canada

 Indian students can significantly reduce the cost of living in Canada by taking on part-time jobs. On-campus jobs are available for students. After six months of study, you may also apply for an off-campus employment permit. International students with a visa may take up part-time jobs in Canada for 20 hours per week.     

Cost of Living Canada Prices by Cities 

The 10 provinces of Canada make up the world's second-largest country. The cost of living in Canada for Indian students and other international students varies across cities or we can say in all provinces. There are well-known metropolitan centers in Canada and others rich in natural beauty and greenery.         

Here is a summary of the average cost of living in Canada for international students in different cities:        

Province        Accommodation (INR/month)        Food (INR/month)        Transportation (INR/month)        Miscellaneous (INR/month)       
Alberta 28,800 16,900 4,300 20,260
Ontario 35,900 16,190 5,150 17,390
Quebec 25,300 16,600 2,500 19,000
British Columbia 52,200 16,730 6,470 20,500
Newfoundland 29,600 16,130 4,135 14,030
New Brunswick 27,400 14,690 4,257 14,207
Nova Scotia 29,900 14,690 4,077 14,800
Manitoba 29,670 15,170 6,000 18,400
Saskatchewan 33,570 15,530 4,980 18,650

Canada vs Other Countries Cost of Living

Before selecting a country to pursue their studies, international students must carry out an in-depth comparison. Each area will have its own expense when it comes to lodging, tuition, and so on. Let's check out the cost of accommodation for foreign students in different countries.

Country        On-campus Accommodation Cost        Off-campus Accommodation Cost       
Canada INR 4,75,007- 5,93,759 annually (Shared)  INR 23,750 -. 41,563  (Monthly)
USA INR 7,27,559-8,24,072 annually (Shared)  INR 33,408 (Monthly)
UK INR 41,120 –. 61,681 (monthly) INR 61,694 – 2,05,648 (Monthly)
Australia INR 5,488-.13,970 (monthly) INR 4,500 – 21,953 (Monthly)


When it comes to studying abroad, Canada is one of the most economical choices for international students.  For example, the cost of living in Australia or the United States is higher than in Canada, making Canada a popular destination for international students. 

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