Top Suggestions for iGens Planning to Study Abroad

Top Suggestions for iGens Planning to Study Abroad

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By Prabhadri Suman|Updated On - 2023-03-02 06:53:06

If you're an iGen and you're thinking about studying abroad, check out these five best tips to make the most of your experience.

Top Suggestions for iGens Planning to Study Abroad

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If you’ve been thinking about pursuing your studies overseas, then this is the right time to take the plunge and get started. Today’s iGen has some of the best opportunities to study abroad, expand their horizons and develop themselves holistically for a successful global career. 


Why study abroad?

Pursuing your studies and living overseas could be a key highlight in your resume, making you stand out from others. It shows to potential employers that you have the ability to survive and adapt to different work environments or people and culture.

This happens because you regularly interact with locals as well as international students in a new country during the course of your studies. Over time, it builds up your people skills, giving you the confidence to interact with any group of people, no matter how different they are from you in terms of language and culture.

That being said, choosing to study abroad is a big step and a major commitment to make. If you have decided on it, then you need to undertake your journey with meticulous planning to navigate the process smoothly and successfully. 

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Tips for iGens Planning to Study Abroad

To ease and simplify the journey of studying abroad, we are sharing some tips to help you prepare better for a great experience. So here are the things to do for a successful study abroad:

1. Choose a destination that resonates with you

Find a study destination that is a good fit for your personal preferences and future prospects. Some of the things to consider are your budget, climate suitability and job opportunities within the country, among others. Whether it’s a laid back Australian state, the warm USA west coast or a bustling city in Europe, with so many options around, you are sure to find a destination that will resonate with you.

2. Select the right university and course

Once you have decided on your study destination, your next step will be to figure out the discipline you wish to study and explore your options in terms of universities and courses to pursue. It might be a little overwhelming as there are many good options, but doing in-depth research here plays a key factor. To ensure that you are making the best choice, take a closer look at each program’s curriculum, academic goals and the career it leads to and see if they are a good fit for you.

3. Consider your financials

This is another critical and practical aspect to take into account. Find out about financial aid and scholarship opportunities at the colleges or universities you are interested in applying to. Also, explore local part-time jobs to finance your living and study expenses abroad, if scholarships are not available. With rational financial planning, students can ensure a stress-free experience in pursuing their higher education abroad.

4. Consider future opportunities

Students must consider the prospect of future opportunities while selecting the university they wish to invest their time and money on. While shortlisting universities, they must check out the internships, hands-on experiences, and research the school provides. This is because having experience in the field you are interested in will be valuable for future careers as it will offer opportunities to expand their network and know what it is to work in the field of their choice. 

5. Identify the immigration rules 

Major changes in immigration rules have occurred since the pandemic. So, this has become an important criterion for choosing a viable university. Interestingly, Canada has emerged as the preferred country due to its open immigration policies. Also, countries like the United Kingdom are relaxing their work permit rules for students from good universities. 

6. Prepare your application 

To ensure that your application is successful, you will need to take some compulsory tests and share documents. Make a checklist of all the required documents and prepare them accordingly. Aim to score a good 100 in the IELTS language test or its equivalent and draft an impressive Statement of Purpose to make your application successful and bag a scholarship too. Applying early is crucial as there are a lot of details that need to be taken care of and you have higher chances of grabbing a scholarship.   

7. Give an impressive SOP

The SOP or Statement of Purpose, is a key document to confirm your admission to your desired university. It is through this that admission authorities get to know the overall profile of the student and their individual merit. A good SOP covers course-related achievements and experiences, brings out the candidate’s talent in a particular field, their active interest in co-curricular and extracurricular activities, as well as their uniqueness in terms of cultural background that would add valuable diversity to the university and class community. Try to draft an SOP that brings out these elements to make your application truly stand out and get approved.

8. Apply for visa

Getting your visa is the first thing on your list to do once your admission gets approved. As it could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to get issued, make sure to apply for it well in time. This way you don’t end up being in a rush at the last minute before taking the flight. 

9. Pack smart 

Packing can be challenging when going to study abroad, but the trick is to optimize and ensure you have every essential you require. Do not go over-the-top with your packing. Avoid carrying things which can be bought at your destination. Check your airline’s policy ahead of the flight to avoid any issues at the airport at the time of departure. 

10. Get ready for the journey

Once all is done, all you have to do is take a pause and get yourself mentally prepared for the upcoming journey. Stop overthinking and be mentally present. Make use of the first week of your university time as an international student to settle in by joining in social situations and making friends.  If you are going to a country where its native people don't speak English, try to learn their local language. This will help you in interacting with the locals in daily life and make new friends easily. 


With these tips in hand, you are sure to succeed in your academic journey overseas. Everything will start to fall into place eventually and soon you will become a self-reliant global citizen.

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