5 Necessary things to know about Fall 2022 Intake to Study in USA

5 Necessary things to know about Fall 2022 Intake to Study in USA

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<p>International students from all over the world aim to study overseas with the aspirations of brighter future prospects. There are tons of things that a student needs to know before finalizing the right intake. Fall intake receives the highest number of applications, especially in the USA and Canada.</p>

5 Necessary things to know about Fall 2022 Intake to Study in USA

Topics Covered:

  • Timeline for the Fall Intake in the US
  • Application Forms and Deadlines for Fall Intake in the USA

Admission to top US universities is a dream for many students. Thousands of applicants from around the globe apply to these universities each year in order to live their dream, but only a few get to do it. Before applying to these universities as either graduate or undergraduate students, it's essential that one familiarize themselves with the general admission procedure in America.

Usually, admissions take place in two seasons in the USA, Fall and Spring. Additionally, there is also the summer intake but only a limited number of universities offer programs during this season. 

GIven-below are a few details about the intakes in the USA

 Intakes Starts From Duration
Fall Intake USA Late August or September September–December/early January
Spring Intake USA January January–May
Summer Intake USA May May-August

Among all the seasons, fall intake is the major and primary intake season in the USA  and there are several reasons behind this. First, most of the universities offer a wide range of flagship programs during the fall intake. Second, fall is considered as the beginning of the academic year and universities offer a lot of scholarships and other financial aid options for the students. In addition to this, the Fall is relatively easier for students to find employment and internship opportunities. Lastly, this season provides a lot of on-campus activities to students that help students in their all-rounded development.   

Timeline for the Fall Intake in the US 

The application timeline for a Study Abroad begins a whole year in advance. This means that if you want to get started with your education abroad during the Fall of 2022, you would want to begin preparations in the Spring of 2021. Now, because there is so much that needs to be done before actually starting abroad, it's vital you give yourself enough time as a buffer year before you begin your journey abroad. You need everything from official paperwork complete to passports, visa's and tickets ready or at least on standby so when the time comes you aren't scrambling to get it ready.

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English Proficiency Exam 

Students who want to study abroad must need to give any English Language Proficiency Test including, PTE , TOFEL , and ILETS . Most US universities set a high minimum score of 100+ on TOEFL or 6.5+ on IELTS in order to be eligible to apply to the school and enroll in its programs. These exams assess your ability to use written and spoken English effectively and are necessary for admission into a college or university in most countries where the native language is English. These tests give you a practical review of things like sentence structure, grammar, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and vocabulary. Students can take this exam in the month of April or before. The score of these exams is valid for 2 years.

Other Standard Exams 

The other exam needed for master’s admission is the GRE or GMAT exam. These exams play a very important role in your application. The higher the score, the better chance you have at getting admission to the university of your choice. These exams test your quantitative and logical reasoning skills. There are a lot of prep books out there that can assist you but do note that they can't guarantee a 99% or 100%. You'll still need to study hard and take it seriously.

Students can start preparing for these exams in the month of January, then they can appear in the exam in May or June. The test scores of these exams are valid for 5 years. 

Documents needed for fall intake 

In order to submit an application, student needs to submit their academic documents. These include their degree certificates, semester-wise marksheets, and transcripts. An Academic transcript has to be generated by the university itself and sealed and stamped by the registrar of your university.  In addition to your academic transcripts, students will also have to provide 2-3 recommendation letters. These recommenders can be professors, managers that you’ve worked under, regardless of whether or not it was an internship. Those who do not work experience as undergraduate students can all the three letters from their professors. Besides, students may need some other documents as well including, financial documents, resumes, passports, etc. Be ready with all the documents by the end of July.

Be prepared with the essay 

University applications are an integral part of the college journey. Those who stand out from the crowd with their essay get noticed. While those aspiring students deemed to be just average do not get noticed. In such a situation it is important to remember that a great essay will help you make the right impression upon your application to a university that is looking for that one standout quality in its pool of talented students. 

Application Forms and Deadlines for Fall Intake in the USA 

Students can find the application form directly from the university’s website they wish to apply for.  Deadlines and other important dates for the admissions are also available on the university’s website.    

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